Why React Native is Good Choice For Mobile App Development in 2022?

React Native
React Native for Mobile App Development

Today in this article, we cover why React Native is a good choice for mobile app development. As we all know, this framework’s main distinguishing feature is that React Native apps work like native apps.

They are no different from apps built in Swift, Objective-C, and Java; they use the same essential UI elements as native iOS or Android apps. But with React Native, developing a mobile app is less expensive and much faster.

Don’t Jump out and proceed further to understand React Native and the benefits of using it for Cross-platform application development in 2021.

What is React Native?

React Native is the ingenious idea of ​​Jordan Walke at Facebook. Combine the best React snippets with Facebook’s JavaScript library to target mobile platforms. Developers can use a single code base on multiple platforms, such as Android and iOS, for React Native app development.

React Native is an innovative framework that brings improvements to the hybrid application platform. It is prevalent and provides a broad spectrum of new techniques for creating mobile applications. Several innovative applications, including Snapchat, Instagram, and Netflix, have used the framework to develop mobile applications. The developers call it the future of cross-platform mobile app development.

Why Opt React Native For Mobile App Development 

Cross-platform Usage

Native development requires developers to create separate applications for each platform. React Native enables faster and cheaper development by allowing developers to create a single application that runs on all platforms, saving time, money, and effort. Combining ReactJS with the native UI library and native APIs creates a single code base for Android and iOS.

Time And Cost Efficiency

Mobile apps need enough time for development and testing before launching in the app stores. Companies are often torn between developing an app for Android or iOS. React Native provides a time-efficient solution to the conflict that also saves money.

React Native saves app building experts the hassle of developing various editions of an application. A lengthy mobile app development process means higher costs. When you make a hybrid app, you only need one developer than two different mobile app creators for Android and iOS. Rapid mobile application development means that you can start your application as quickly as possible.

The Hybrid-Native Experience

React Native bridges the gap between a hybrid app and a native feel. Offers multiple native components. App builders can implement these functions in the cross-platform app to give it the real native feel. The hybrid app’s native UI is so seamless that users won’t tell if the app is native or hybrid.

The native capabilities of the hybrid application improve the agility and overall performance of the application.

Hot Reload Feature

During mobile application development, developers benefit from real-time feedback on the mobile application. React Native has the hot reload feature that provides accurate data. The developer can run the application while they implement new changes. The live preview window shows the modifications made to the application simultaneously.

Guarantees the Quality of Applications

A React Native application may seem complicated, but that is not the case. Hybrid applications have simplified data bindings with a flow that prevents children from affecting parent data. It means that a developer can easily modify, change or update the application components as needed. The application is stable, and the functionality is not affected.

Offers Easy Debugging

One of the main benefits of using React Native is the debugging process. An RN application does not require recompilation to test each change, unlike a native application. The developer only needs to update the application on a simulator or device to observe the changes. React Native’s iteration cycle is fast and does not have a negative impact on productivity.

Other Alternative Framework Similar to React Native 


Ionic is an open-source software development kit created to develop hybrid mobile apps. Ionic uses HTML, CSS, & Javascript to develop its applications. These applications are built with web technologies, rendered using web views.

The original version of Ionic was released in 2013 and has grown into a sizable developer community online. To get started with Ionic web development, you can connect with our professionals.


Flutter is an open-source user interface toolkit that uses the Dart programming language to create applications for mobile, web, or desktop devices. It is also cross-platform like React Native and uses a single code base shared between Android and iOS.

Google develops Flutter, and there are a ton of resources available online for learning Flutter. We suggest that you start with this tutorial step by step.


Xamarin is Microsoft’s answer to building cross-platform applications that use the .NET Framework. Xamarin applications can be written on a PC or Mac and then compiled into native application packages. Xamarin has been used to develop a variety of applications, including Story, Olo, and Insightly.

While these are some of the few alternatives to using React Native, you may also wonder if it is beneficial to follow the native way of developing your mobile application.

Concluding Thoughts

React Native is an invention driven by the idea of ​​simplifying affordable app development. It offers companies the option to create a single application for the price of two.

However, React Native is the potential future for hybrid mobile apps to end the holy war between iOS and Android. It offers two platforms, but it is expected to support more platforms in the future. Ready to invest in a futuristic cross-platform application? Contact us to hire React Native developers to create an attractive application for your business. So mobile apps are the future!


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