React Native vs Native App Development: Which Will be The Best Choice?

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React Native vs Native

The clash of React Native vs Native app development has been a talking point for quite some years. A large section of users had their eyes fixed on developing an app in the Native approach. On the other hand, some have completely taken advantage of the bountiful benefits of the React Native framework

There’s no correct answer to this debate because each one has its pros and cons. The choice between React Native and Native app development depends on many factors, like the type of application you want. 

This blog will weigh in on the combat between React Native vs Native app development. It will also give you a clear idea on which framework to choose to build a swift and robust app.

React Native vs Native App Development: Picking Out the Correct Framework for App Development

Let’s dive in and take a look at all the factors which play an important role in app development. It will give you a clear idea of whether you should choose Native or React Native for mobile app development to get a plain-sailing experience.

  • Time of Development

This is one of the prime factors while comparing React Native vs Native app development. In Native app development, separate codes are penned down for two different platforms, Android and iOS. As a result, two separate teams are involved for app launch.

If you look at React Native, developers of a React Native app development company need to write a single code for developing the app, and launch the app on both platforms. 

React Native’s “Hot Reload” feature makes app-building hassle-free, as developers don’t need to rebuild it, thus aggravating the development process. If you want to choose between Native and React Native for mobile app development, trust the React Native way.

  • UI/UX Experience

The role of UI/UX plays an all-important role in the process of app development. This is a vital factor that helps you to settle while choosing between Native or React Native for mobile app development.

As codes can be reused and platform-specific codes are written down individually, the React Native framework creates an intricate and perplexing user interface. 

It becomes quite arduous for the developers to satisfy end-users with flawless and impeccable transitions, custom views, etc. Hence, it fails to deliver a quality UI/UX experience on iOS and Android Platforms.

If you select the Native framework while developing apps, you’ll get a smooth and flawless UI/UX experience. It is so because every screen is planned and sketched separately for iOS and Android devices.

So, if you have to pick between the React Native vs Native app development in terms of the UI/UX experience, go for the former.

  • Cost-Effectiveness

Cost is an important factor to consider while picking out the accurate tech stack for your app development project. Researches suggest that React Native for mobile app development can cut down your cost significantly compared to the Native app development.

By leveraging the power of React Native framework, you can launch an app on both platforms, thus reducing time, effort, and money. Cross-platform frameworks while building an app are necessary as they allow you to display your offerings to users on two different platforms.  

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  • Performance

Your app’s performance is another point to take note of in the debate of React Native vs Native app development. React Native’s use of JavaScript deals with a single device strand. It cannot multi-task simultaneously. 

The trending features and modules are not held up while developing an app with the React Native framework. This makes it unable to adopt native functionalities and state-of-the-art technologies.

Apps built with Native framework, on the other hand, are high on performance. As developers use Swift, Kotlin, and Java programming languages, they can build cutting-edge and robust apps with the latest features. This is the most preferred framework for developers to build any type of apps.

To sum up, Native stands out as the clear winner when choosing between Native and React Native for mobile app development.

  • Future-Proof

While choosing between Native or React Native for mobile app development, a crucial factor to consider is its future-proofing. 

Native frameworks allow fixing errors, adding trendy features, and launching updates to better the app’s functionality and effectiveness. Top tech giants, namely Google and Apple, rely on Native frameworks to build future-ready apps.

React Native, contrastingly, does not attempt to stronghold updates as their prime concern. With this framework, the tools and updates don’t float with Google and Apple, which makes it quite troublesome to build future-proof apps. It raises the question of surety and backing of the app for the long term. 

Thus, choosing Native over choosing React Native for mobile app development will be the sound decision to build future-proof apps. 

  • Security

Your app’s security should be the highest concern while choosing between Native and React Native for mobile app development. React Native is a JavaScript-based framework and Native is an OOPs language. Native’s usage of Java, Kotlin and Swift make the app quite secure in comparison.

React Native’s usage of APIs and third-party plugins and libraries make it challenging for developers to point out errors in the process of app development. If it comes to security, then Native stands out tall. 

  • Scalability

One must consider scalability when it comes to Native vs React Native for mobile app development. Your app’s growth is directly linked to your business’ growth.

When using React Native developers are exposed to many opportunities that enable them to develop robust and highly-functional apps. However, apps built on Native framework won’t scale in flow with your business, as they can’t process copious tasks.

So, in the battle of React Native vs Native app development, the latter is the most reliant among the developers. 

  • Interactivity

Interactivity is another necessary factor to judge the accuracy between Native app development or React Native for mobile app development. It is a cakewalk for the Native framework to merge with the additional native applications and gain control of their data for a remarkable user experience. 

React Native, in contrast, heavily depends and banks on third-party libraries to connect with the additional Native applications, and in turn, reduces the data flow.

Concerning interactivity, React Native for mobile app development isn’t the accurate solution, because a business app needs uninterrupted interactivity with the other native mobile applications like GPS, AR and VR, etc.

React Native vs Native App Development: When to Choose

Still, confused? Don’t worry! Here’s an insight into when to go for native app development, and when to select React Native for mobile app development.

Choose Native when :

  • For a continuous update to better app functioning;
  • If  you want to build a complex and high-end messaging application;
  • For an app heavily reliant on native functionalities of your device;
  • To launch your app on a specific platform;
  • For a breathtaking and visually appealing native user UI/UX.

Choose React Native for Mobile App Development when:

  • If  you want to build a straightforward and uncomplicated app;
  • You plan to launch your app on multiple platforms, namely Android, iOS, and Web;
  • To launch your app as quickly as you can to gain a competitive edge;
  • If  you are planning to build a social networking application;
  • If  you have strict budgetary limitations.

The Key Takeaway 

Every framework is unique. No framework is the cure-all tablet to your demands. A traditional Native framework or React Native for mobile app development should be chosen based on your project’s requirements. Consult a mobile app development company to make an informed decision.

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