What is Flutter? Is Flutter Good for App Development?

Flutter App Development

The Flutter Mobile Application SDK is a new way to create beautiful native mobile applications that are separate from the cookie-cutter applications. Mobile apps that were predictable, recycled, not unique and so common in the past. Like with every new program, people want to know what makes Flutter special, or put it another way: What’s fresh and exciting about Flutter? In this blog post, we will dig deep into some of the amazing benefits of Flutter and provide answers to all of your queries regarding Flutter’s popularity.

What is Flutter App Development?

Flutter App Development

When we talk about Flutter, we refer to a software development kit (SDK) created by Google with the aim of creating high-performance, multi-platform native applications. That is, with the Flutter development process you can create an app for different operating systems with the same source code. In addition, thanks to the update and consolidation of Flutter it is possible to make applications in mobile, web, desktop, and embedded versions through the same code base.

There are few companies that have comprehended the flutter development process well. It’s simple but to avail, maximum benefits from it demand a high level of expertise and command. Majority of agencies are using Flutter for creating simple apps but companies like AppStudio are bringing innovation. We are based in Canada having our stronghold in Latin American cities. Our developers from Montreal, Edmonton, and especially app developers Toronto prioritize creativity above all.

Amazing Flutter Widgets

Flutter has a new architecture that includes nice-looking widgets that are fast, customizable, and extensible. That’s right, Flutter does not use platform widgets (or DOM WebViews), it provides its own widgets. All that Flutter requires from the platform is a canvas. In which to render the widgets so that they appear on the device’s screen, and access to events (taps, timers, etc.) and services (location, camera, etc.). It’s probably the biggest advantage of Flutter and transcends what is flutter development.

Moving the widgets and the renderer to the application affects the size of the application. The minimum size of a Flutter application on Android is approximately 4.7 MB, which is similar to the minimum applications created with comparable tools. It’s up to you to decide if Flutter’s benefits are worth it, so the rest of this article discusses these benefits. It will also throw light on why is Flutter used? And Is Flutter good for app development?

1. Layout

Flutter includes quite a few layout widgets, not only columns but also rows, grids, lists, etc. Additionally, Flutter has a unique layout model that we call the “silver layout model” that is used for scrolling. The layout in the Flutter development process is so fast that it can be used for scrolling. Think about it for a moment. The scrolling should be instantaneous and so smooth that the user feels as if the image on the screen is stuck to his finger while dragging it across the physical screen.

2. Hot Reload

One of Flutter’s most popular features is its fast-hot recharge. You can make a change to a Flutter app while it is running, and it will reload the code for the changed app. And let it continue from where you left off, often in less than a second. If your application encounters an error, you can usually correct it and then continue as if the error never happened. Even when you have to do a full recharge, it’s fast because of the Flutter development process.

3. Compatibility

Because the widgets (and the renderer for those widgets) are part of your application, not the platform, “compact libraries ” are not needed. Your apps will not only work, but will work the same way in recent versions of the operating system: Android Jelly Bean and later, and iOS 8.0 and later. This significantly reduces the need to test applications on previous versions of the operating system. Also, your applications are likely to work in future versions of the operating system.

4. Expressive and Flexible user interface

Flutter allows you to make use of graphic elements that respect the design structure of each of the existing operating systems. In this way, we can find Material Design for Android format and Cupertino Style for iOS version. AppStudio Canada is already utilizing this UI flexibility to create amazing designs for mobile apps. Thus, excellent user experience is achieved and an interface design totally in line with that of the apps developed for the different OS.

What is flutter app development? It’s a revolution in progress. There is no better way to save time than developing apps with Flutter. It has high-FPS, captivating UI & UX” –Bing Sun from Alibaba Group.

Why has AppStudio Adopted Flutter?

Flutter is fun for developers and clients. We at AppStudio just love the idea of its smooth creation and enticing creativity options. Why is flutter used? Take a look at these salient points:

  • The advantages of reactive views, without the JavaScript Bridge
  • Fast, smooth and predictable; code compiles AOT with native code (ARM)
  • The developer has full control over the widgets and the layout.
  • Comes with beautiful and customizable widgets
  • Excellent development tools, with an incredible hot-reload
  • More performance, more compatibility, more fun

As we have seen throughout the article, Flutter is a technology that allows us to benefit from numerous utilities. It offers the possibility of creating a project compatible with any operating system in an easy way, with a simplification of costs and creation time. Developing mobile apps in a limited budget is no doubt a relevant point concerning why is flutter used?

What did you think of this article on Flutter? Did you already know its existence and the advantages it offers to the world of applications? Leave us in comments, we are looking forward to reading from you. If you would like to create an application to take advantage of Flutter, do not hesitate to contact AppStudio. We will design a custom project based on your interests and those of your business. Tell us about your project, it’s time to start your transformation!

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