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There is no doubt that Calgary has become a technological hub in Alberta and is constantly gaining higher ranks among the best cities for technological innovation in Latin America. If you are looking for a developing agency here, check out the top 10 react native development companies in Calgary.

Here is The List of Top 10 React Native Developers in Calgary

Since its release, React Native has undergone an extremely aggressive development: While the GUI stacks of the two platforms were initially completely separate, standardization has now taken place, even if only partially. If you can use JavaScript competently and are not afraid of manual work, you can use React Native applications for android, iOS and – unofficially – even create the Universal Windows Platform.

In addition to smartphones and tablets, your program even comes to Xbox One. Since articles on working with Android and iOS are now widely used, this starts with Windows: The majority of the concepts discussed here can, however, also be transferred to the other two platforms.

Benefits of React Native

Some may be wondering what the benefit of React Native is if you have to implement two designs again. This is where the slogan from above comes into play again: “Learn once, use everywhere.”: It is NOT about reaching as many platforms as possible with one code base, but about being able to develop with the same library for different platforms. However, it is a nice side effect that you can use most of the components for iOS and Android, which in turn saves a lot of time.


We come to ReactiveX (RX for short) without any transition, since neither React nor React Native have anything to do with RX. RX is an API for asynchronous programming through observer streams, which is available for a list of programming languages and platforms or frameworks. Simply put, RX enables any supported language to be expanded with the Observer pattern. This means that all variables and actions can be represented as streams of events. You can watch these streams and you can react accordingly.


With this idea of building applications React Native provides us with the following functionalities:

Cross-Platform Compatibility: since most of the React Native APIs are by themselves, which helps react native app developers themselves to create applications that can be run on both iOS and Android simultaneously with the same base code.

Native functionality: Applications created using React Native work in the same way as a real native application created for each of the systems using their own native language. The union of React Native together with JavaScript allows the execution of more complex applications smoothly, even improving the performance of native apps and without the use of a WebView.

Instant Updates (for development and/or test):

With the JavaScript extension, developers have the flexibility to upload the changes contained in the update directly to the user’s device without having to go through the app stores of each system and its tedious cycles of prior mandatory processes. It should be clarified that this one is exclusive of development or test versions, it is illegal, and it can lead to penalties that reach the final withdrawal of the application if direct changes are made to code with applications already published and in production. The Apple store has very thorough control over these types of practices.

Simple Learning Curve:

React Native is extremely easy to read and simple to learn since it is based on the fundamental concepts of the JavaScript language, being especially intuitive for those already experts in that language or even for people without experience in it, since which provides us with a very wide range of components, including examples such as the typical maps and filters that have always been used.

A Positive Experience for the Developer:

Although the learning curve we have said is simple, the language itself motivates and helps us when it comes to evolution as we increase our knowledge and mastery of it. It offers several important features, such as Hot reloading that refreshes the app at the moment we save changes, and offers us a great advantage for the development and testing of new versns, as we have mentioned above. Or the use of the flexbox layout engine thanks to which it allows us to abstract from many of the tedious details of the generation of each of the layouts corresponding to iOS and Android. As well as the use of the debugger of the developed tools of the Google Chrome browser, facilitating the task of code debugging.

These are five of the main features that React Native gives us by default if we choose it as a framework for our development. A priori they sound great right? Later, throughout a series of articles, we will see that everything that glitters is not gold and that all these characteristics are not always fulfilled, or not one hundred percent, in all cases.

What is next for React Native?

It is a complicated question to answer in the medium term. In the short term, based on what we know that at the moment it is being prepared, we have two novelties to highlight as important impact points for the development of React Native, and they are:

The announcement by Facebook that they are working on the re-architecture of the large-scale framework, in order to make it more flexible and integrate it more naturally with the native infrastructure of the target platforms.


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