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React Native Development Hamilton

Do you know react native is the first choice of all businesses to build their mobile apps?

Yes, it is. The credit goes to the React’s framework that speeds up the development process and gives you more in-depth control. Facebook has revolutionized the app market by introducing react. If you want to invest in React native applications, bringing the right team on board is crucial.  We have simplified this process for you.  

We have reviewed hundreds of companies to select the top 10 ones for you. However, it’s important to understand the basics first before we talk about the companies. So let’s start with the basics first

What is React Native?

Let’s imagine you want to invest in a mobile app for your business.  If you take the traditional route, there’s so much work that needs to be considered. Native applications are the traditional way. You need to hire individual developers for ios and android and invest in 2 different teams. This means more work, time, and money is required. 

React native simplifies all this for you. It’s a cross platform framework that gives you the privilege to build applications for all the platforms. 

Know The Role of React Native in Mobile App Development

Why React Native Stays Ahead in The Game?

There are many cross platform frameworks in the market. But the React-native’s highest performance makes it beat the crowd. Applications built on react native have a native presentation and feel. With react native,  mobile app developers build high performing apps that beat competitors. No wonder, many tech experts believe react native is the future of mobile apps. 

We have reviewed over a hundred existing companies dealing in React native. Out of many, we have picked the top 10 companies that deserve your attention. The companies are analyzed based on their work history, portfolio, expertise, clients, feedback, and other factors. 

Let’s start with the List of React Native App Development Companies and see why we have ranked them on top of our list. 


Appstudio is a leading react native app development company in Hamilton, ontario, Canada . Their team of experts have vast experience in supporting the product lifecycle at every stage. All the projects have a user-centric approach that become its USP. You can hire react native developers to build your next scalable application. We have ranked them on the top because they understand the world of the react-native technology well. The team spent the time understanding your idea and then made a roadmap for custom react native app development.


Zazz is a well-recognized application development company using react. They follow a user-centric approach to build highly scalable applications that entice the user to take action. This US-based company has a team of experienced react native app developers who understand the business needs and goals. Based on their assessment, their team offers robust react native app development services for the project. 

Essential design

We placed essential design as third in our list. It’s a leading mobile app development company in Canada. They have an experienced team of developers who build engaging mobile applications to meet the business needs. We have found that their company has expertise in react native, virtual reality, and other cross platform app developments. 

Over the years, this team of developers has delivered robust, reliable solutions for various verticals. That’s what makes them known for. 

SynergGo Group

SynerGo Group is a premier application development company. They have been delivering solutions for a long time now. The company has a large team of highly qualified and experienced IT professionals. Their reliable team is their real backbone! The team has delivered the best technology-driven solutions and consulting services to different business verticals. 

Quantum Mob

Quantum Mob is ranked in the fourth position on our list. They have an efficient team to strategize and develop react-native solutions. Over the years, the company has delivered many successful react-native projects to many big brands. They develop applications with a unique approach that fit’s with the business model well. 

DOIT software:

This company provides consulting, strategizing, design, and development services to business. They have a proven track record of delivering successful applications. With a skilled team of developers, they have developed many interactive and user-focused applications on a budget. 


It’s a trusted design and development react-native company. Based in Canada, they have a team of meticulous and curious minds that deliver successful solutions. Over the years, their team has developed many websites, applications that have enhanced the digital experience for business verticals. 

Paper leaf:

The company is known to build solutions that drive the business forward. Hailing from Canada, they have a fantastic team of designers, developers, and product strategists. Over the years, the company has achieved expertise to quickly understand the user’s requirements. They have delivered some successful projects to leading businesses across the globe. 

Cheeky Monkey Media: 

A complete app design and development agency. Their office is based in Canada. They have been developing react native solutions for a very long time now. They create software’s not to just launch but to solve real problems. So they invest deeply in the development process to achieve the business goals.

Surge Software: 

A certified team of mobile app developers and designers. This experienced team of developers wants to translate interesting ideas into custom mobile applications. So various parameters are considered before handing over the software to the clients. From strategy, design, development to testing and maintenance, they cover everything. 


A reliable development company for many small, medium to large corporations. They have helped many startups launch successful react native mobile applications. Their team has experienced developers and designers to support the applications at various stages. 

Wrapping Up!

That’s it! These were our top 10 best react-native companies you can look for your next big project. We still suggest going through their clutch reviews and research a bit more before bringing them on board. Discuss your project requirements and see what they can bring to the table. You can get in touch with us to discuss your project requirements. Our team of developers are known to bring something interesting to the table. 


Welcome to AppStudio: a leading mobile application development company that is disrupting the status quo by leveraging the power of technology and user-centric design. Renowned brands such as Riyadh Season, Settlyt, Skills Competences Canada, Amy Macedo, and others have partnered with us & attracted millions of new users on their platforms. We are the architects of creating unique digital & mobile experiences and empower our clients to trigger unstoppable success. Connect with us to script an amazing success story! Android | iOS | React native | Flutter | IoT

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