Did You Know The Role of React Native in Mobile App Development?

React Native
Role of React Native

Today the mobile world is providing huge opportunities and amazing new business horizons. However, every other company is interested in a low budget, shorter development time, and superb performance. React Native is one of our companions in providing these amazing benefits to our clients. AppStudio has excelled in delivering top-tier mobile apps based on React that gives our customers a competitive edge. Let’s start with what is react native?

Understanding React Native for Mobile Apps

React Native is a framework developed by Facebook teams from 2015 to accelerate the development and maintenance of their mobile applications. This cross-platform technology has gained immense popularity since its launch and is one of the most popular projects on Github with more than 2,000 contributors.

Several factors are necessary to ensure the sustainability of new open-source technology: a large community that uses it, contributors who improve it every day, and the support of major web players. React Native meets these 3 criteria of success, and even if no technology is eternal, its history and prospects show that it still has a bright future ahead of it! AppStudio has built the largest team of React Native experts in Canada to best support you on this technology.

Why Choose React Native For Mobile App Development?

Here, in this section, we explain the benefits of using react native in mobile application development. Let’s have a look: 

Offers Cross-Platform Mobile App Development

It allows you to use the same code to develop both Android and IOS applications. Therefore, it offers the same performance result without additional changes. In no time, you can design a mobile application for your type of business. The need for different languages ​​like JAVA, Swift, C ++ or any other is no longer required. All you need is a JavaScript developer that is deep with the native UI library, API, and hybrid mobile app development.

The focus is on the user interface and access to the native API.

In this way, one can make the user interface look exactly like a JavaScript and less like a framework itself. It is a pattern that is used to simplify the process and make the user interface work smoothly to provide fast, high-response results. Create a mobile application for your company without any complexity.

Works Under Strict Budget Constraints

When you start your business, money is the most important factor that you care about. All startups want quick returns to survive in the tech-savvy market. One needs to grow quicker and stay longer. The big reason to hire the React Native developer is that you will save time and money by choosing React Native for mobile app development. Despite any other framework, react native pays off. If you don’t think so, check out the React VS Flutter blog.

Comparatively Less Memory Usage

It is compatible with third-party plugins and React Native tools provide a smoother runtime. The lucrative framework, with its well diversified modules, the participation of third parties is made much easier. Without using WebView, one can easily connect the module to the plugin through the native module. This phase is directly related to the results functions of the application that allow you to give a faster response. The native React for iOS and Android platforms uses much less memory space as no cross linking is required and most of the code is used during runtime.

How to Create Brilliant React-Native Apps

  1. Register for an API key
  2. We must have Node, npm, or yarn at our disposal before even going for the development phase.
  3. After involving CRNA and Expo for Android and iOS and engaging command-line utility, we move towards the next step.
  4. Install dependencies like React-Redux, React Native Router Flux, React Native elements, and others.
  5. Create a folder structure and move towards Configuration.

Developing react native mobile apps demand expertise, the know-how of new components, and extreme talent. AppStudio is very fortunate that we have best in class developers having command over React. We offer premium react based services in a much cost-effective budget and always do agile development to ensure rapid and smooth creation of any app.

How to Hire a React Native Development Company?

First, Create Your Specifications 

Don’t just visualize your project. Try to understand and write down all aspects of the application on paper. This will help you to notice if you have added unnecessary functionality or forgotten important elements in your application. Also, your react native developer will be able to better understand your application if he can read a clear and concise technical sheet.

Portfolio and References

If there is one thing of primary importance, it is the portfolio. Whichever agency is chosen, it is important to always check the projects already carried out. Check the quality of mobile applications (user experience/user interface design/bug reports) and don’t hesitate to call and chat with your developer’s former customers.

Watch the Experience

Developer experience is an important criterion to look at while going to create react app. Be sure to find out about their experience and look at the work they have done. Experience matters when it comes to mobile app development and other digital solutions. An experienced company already knows how to provide you services and satisfy you while having practical knowledge of your industry.

Focus on Communication

Your application will not be well created if there is no clear communication. In addition to qualifications & experience, find out how you and potential application developers hear and understand each other. There should be no language barrier and always hire a development agency that prioritizes communication. Enquire about the practice of sharing reports and timelines sheets.

Available Technologies

Ask your development agency regarding their expertise concerning the latest technologies. This modern world is all about trending technologies, the things which are impossible today could be possible tomorrow. React Native for mobile app development demands impressive technologies with master skills that should be provided by your hired company. Ask your developer, how they are going to engage future technologies into your existing mobile app.

Why AppStudio is Best for React Native Mobile App Development

Tailor-made development for your organization

At AppStudio, we never execute template-based applications. Before starting a development process, we simultaneously ask our researchers to study your organization and market. We have hired skilled data scientists and analysts that are present in every meeting always guiding the whole team. We listen to them & implement modern techniques to create an app based on React that is a tailor-made solution for you & your customers.

Best Minds and the Latest Technologies

AppStudio never compromises over the quality of an app that is the reason we have hired the best react-native based developers from all over the world. We apply the latest tech stack and make sure that our apps are best and ensure productivity for our clients.

Cost-effectiveness but Supreme Quality

We are a company that is not here only for business. App development is our passion so we apply all of the cost-effective strategies to ensure that our client gets the best products in a budget. However, we never compromise over the quality of any product. There is a reason that popular Latin American companies are acquiring our app development Toronto services. We guarantee that our react based apps are unrivaled in quality, features, and all that in a low budget.

Faster Development

We believe that the mobile world is in a process of continuous evolution. If an app is late, it loses its market competitiveness and even the sole purpose of creation. That’s why we have developed a unique react based development process that is swift as well as free of any bugs. We have a testing team that ensures smoothness and compatibility of apps on different platforms without taking much time.

Support & Maintenance

We are the only company in Toronto, Canada that has a dedicated team just for providing support & maintenance to our clients. We have engaged the world’s best experts in providing maintenance facilities. Our support staff is always at toes and checks the system thoroughly instead of waiting for failures. We are available 24/7 and always ready to assist startups to capture new market sources. Contact us now!

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