Top 7 Augmented Reality SDK’s For Mobile App Development

Augmented Reality SDK’s

Nowadays, every business is adopting augmented reality (AR) techniques for their growth. If you also want to use AR for your business, you must know how and where to start. Developers check many factors while applying any technical approach to your project. 

Augmented reality plays an essential role in almost all types of industry. The consumer and enterprise demand for AR apps is increasing with the advancement of technology. You must understand the platforms and appropriate SDK as they play an essential role in this process. Check out some top Augmented Reality SDK from this article.

How will Augmented Reality SDK Benefit your Business?

An augmented reality SDK (software development kit) is a software engine that helps develop the latest AR apps and experiences. It performs many non-trivial tasks of fusing digital content and information. Because of its features and functionality, SDK plays a significant role in your AR application. 

It is crucial to choose the right platform that is dependent on your project. It is responsible for various application development components, like AR tracking, content rendering, picture recognition, etc. Each AR SDK varies from another because of its properties that help Augmented Reality developers in many ways. Developers can easily recognize, render, and track the application in the best way using SDK’s.

7 Best AR SDK Softwares for Mobile app development in 2021

7 Best AR SDK Softwares for Mobile app development

Check all the top and popularly used AR SDK from below: 


Apple released an ARKit application in 2011 along with its iOS 11. ARKit is the best AR technology tool as it helps developers provide unique experiences in iPhone and iPad devices. The functionality of ARKit SDK is the same as that of most other AR SDKs. It enables various digital information through largely unparalleled accessibility and also increases the number of existing devices.

ARKit helps developers in developing an AR application in many ways. Meanwhile, many developers use ARKit and associated optimizations via third-party 3D engines like Unity, Unreal Engine, and SceneKit

ARKit can help your business in the following ways:

  • SLAM tracking and sensor fusion
  • Ambient lighting calculation
  • Scale estimations
  • Vertical and horizontal plane estimation along with necessary boundaries
  • Fast and stable motion tracking


ARCore is a popularly used AR SDK developed by Google. It is similar to ARKit and enables mobile app development companies to develop AR apps for Google smartphones and tablets. ARCore also supports iOS-enabled devices and possesses the following three significant features: 

  • Calculates the real-world lighting conditions
  • Detects the size and location of all the surfaces
  • Work as per the phone’s position relative to its surroundings

All the above features enable developers to merge the real world with the virtual environment. ARCore is free to use for developers, and it is compatible with many Android and iOS-enabled devices, specifically smartphones and tablets. 


Vuforia is a famous augmented reality SDK that can provide high fidelity, mobile-centric, immersive AR experiences to your businesses. The Vuforia SDK helps developers to quickly identify and track image targets and 3D objects in real-time. It also enables 3D models and digital information to the environment via any AR-enabled device. 

Vuforia SDK supports many 3D and 2D targets, like 3D multi-target configurations, markerless image targets, and fiducial markers known as ‘VuMark.’ It provides APIs in many programming platforms, for example Java, C++, and Objective C++, and .NET .


Wikitude is an SDK mainly designed for AR mobile apps and the development of their prototype. This SDK was initially designed with a core objective to enable AR developers to create location-centric experiences via the Wikitude World Browser app. Later on, Wikitude has released its SDK with geolocation features that can track and recognize images from multi-geographic locations.

Users can use Wikitude SDK on multiple platforms, and currently, it supports Windows OS, iOS, Android, and several HUD’s (heads up displays). It is known as the first-ever SDK to focus entirely on a location-based approach for creating AR apps for cross-platform mobile AR development.


The EasyAR SDK is available in the following two packages: EasyAR SDK Basic and EasyAR SDK Pro. The basic package provides enhanced APIs, workflow to developers that in result increase compatibility. The Pro package has many exclusive features that are not available in the basic package. Developers can freely actress the basic package to develop AR applications for all OS. 

EasyAR supports the Java API for Android, the Swift API for iOS, and supports Windows OS. The basic package has some advanced features like video playback, transparent video playback, QR code scanning, etc.


Onirix offers various techniques for mobile AR development for providing a fast and intuitive experience to its users. Onirix-studio offers many advanced features for each new AR project based on location, routes, wayfinding, 3D models, etc. 

This SDK provides a cloud-based platform that provides the optimal level of resource and performance to the mobile user. It also supports and documentation for iOS, Android, associated ARKit, and ARCore libraries.


The MaxST platform provides various functionality like instant tracking, visual SLAM, object, and image tracking, marker tracking, QR/barcode scanning functionality, etc. It also offers several advanced features like cross-platform development capabilities, by which it can efficiently run on platforms like Mac OS, iOS, Android, Windows, etc.


To develop such augmented reality applications for your business or brand, you must have a better idea to get started. AppStudio is a leading augmented reality app development company that provides applications for different usage. 

If you have commercial elements of your project and face problems in deciding which SDK might be the right fit for your next AR project. Feel free to contact with AR Team to get answers to all your queries.


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