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More than a decade ago, the benefits of virtual reality (VR) were already anticipated by businesses. They were mainly in segments of medicine, video games, or for training purposes. It will have a substantial impact on business and, said by experts, change the rules of the game in companies.

VR is a virtual world generated by computer technology in which the user has the feeling of being immersed. He can also interact with the said environment; this is possible using a virtual reality headset or glasses. As app developers, we are very passionate and excited about the future of VR in industries and companies. This concept is in the goal of large technology providers such as Facebook and Google. Organizations intend to adopt it to differentiate themselves from their competitors.

Advantages of Virtual Reality

Virtual reality headsets are everywhere: in congresses and salons, in the media, but also increasingly in homes. Initially powered by the video game industry, virtual reality is revolutionizing the way businesses use it.

Large groups have already realized that most functions can reap vast advantages of virtual reality from these powerful technologies:

  •  Production teams can benefit from immersive Training, the strength of which is to deeply anchor information in user memory. Companies are already looking for professional VR Developers that can provide them with an edge over their competitors. Effective for risk prevention or training teams before a change in your workstation. In any case, this is the opinion of Walmart, which bought 17,000 Oculus Go helmets. It will train 1 million of its employees in virtual reality.
  •  Design offices gain in performance and speed, in the design of their prototypes. The French National Space Center says it has achieved 12 months on a 4-year project, using virtual reality. The tool allowed the company to develop new models of gondolas in just 42 months instead of 60!
  •   The marketing department turns its product catalog into a virtual showroom, which will become a new sales channel tomorrow. Go to Decathlon! Thanks to the VR products, they transport tents instantly in the forest or on the edge of a mountain lake. Still more of a salesperson than visiting a tent set up in the store parking lot in the middle of the cars…
  •  Sales management equips its sales force with lightweight and easy-to-use VR headsets. It ends errors and omissions during product demos, which is one of the enormous advantages of VR.
  •  The Communication Department uses virtual reality to animate its professional events. Examples are trade fairs, seminars, agency evenings, or product launches. Companies in the tertiary sector have understood the benefits of materializing or illustrating their services in a fun way.

Every business should try to take advantage of virtual reality before it becomes practical in their industry. There is an exceptional role of VR in Gaming; however, it has expanded its benefits to other sectors. Currently, there is a lot of help from the regions or the BIS, to finance these innovative projects.

Some of the other examples of the application of Virtual Reality in businesses are:

Virtual reality Applications in Healthcare and Training:

The US Army has implemented virtual reality programs as part of their Training. It can also help doctors and medical practitioners as virtual reality applications in healthcare are very vast.

Architectural Projects:

Virtual reality establishes models for architectural projects and buildings before construction begins.

Savings on Business Trips:

A VR meeting could make it seem like the manager is face to face, when he is alone in the office. It would represent a reduction in travel costs for companies.

VR in Gaming and Sales:

If someone is interested in buying a car through virtual reality, he could purchase different models before deciding on one. It is a known fact that VR in Gaming has already transformed the gaming industry.


The goal is to offer better customer experiences. In the case of a restaurant, you could have a face-to-face meeting with a waitress. VR will help her show you the menu and assist you make your order.

A Business Partner

And on the commercial side, the contribution of virtual reality is undeniable. For example, a customer in a specialized sector, such as B2B graphic printing, clearly has to explain the machine’s advantages. In turn, you must be able to detail variables such as maintenance, supplies, performance, etc. For these types of expensive purchases, product visualization helps to clear up doubts efficiently. It saves costs of moving machinery to B2B fairs or factory visits and speeds up the purchase decision.

The Future of Virtual Reality for Companies

Virtual reality opportunities for companies are endless as VR in Gaming, and other sectors are already very progressive. Especially when stakeholders have a clear vision of the benefits, this commitment to innovation brings.

The industrial sector encourages VR, who have already dared to follow this path have noticed the great benefits. It is possible that in a few years, virtual reality gets into the production, training, and customer acquisition processes.

Meanwhile, companies that dare to be the pioneers in the sector will undoubtedly succeed. They will shine against the competition and put themselves in the lead. We at AppStudio provide those companies with amazing features and practical applications of VR in their existing apps.

If you are looking to develop VR solutions for your business and are confused about where to start, contact us. We assure you that we apply the industry’s best techniques and will guarantee the most favorable results.


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