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The cinemas IMAX virtual reality has been a failure. From the beginning, it has been a difficult technology to fit. Very promising and ambitious, but still far from becoming something massively used. Despite this, the years have passed and fortunately, we have seen multiple creators who have taken advantage of virtual reality.

This is a compilation of those videos, games, and virtual reality experiences that are worthwhile. From 360 videos hosted on YouTube, applications available for some platforms or games that can be purchased and allow you to immerse yourself in this virtual reality that, well taken, can bring amazing styles and narratives.

‘Pearl’, Google Spotlight

Google closed Spotlight Stories, but the content is still there. With ‘Pearl’ we have the story of a young woman and her father as they cross the country chasing their dreams in their beloved family car. A story by Patrick Osborne with which they won an Emmy in 2017.

‘Dreams of Dalí’

Available on Steam, the world created by artist Salvador Dalí fits perfectly with virtual reality on this tour of one of its museums that has won several awards including the Cyber ​​Golden Lion of Cannes.

Björk ‘Notget VR’

The Icelandic singer Björk presents a new music video in virtual reality within her album Vulnicura. Notget is the latest single and has a video produced with CGI. The video is a representation, the album ‘ Stonemilker VR ‘ is available to purchase.

The Lost Key of Tralla La, Disney

A Disney and DuckTales experience created in 2017. A small animated adventure of about two minutes long.

‘The Battle Within’, Cirque du Soleil

Cirque du Soleil always offers a show and with virtual reality, they have found another way to give it. Here a small 360º video of the warrior saga. In Samsung Gear VR you can enjoy it completely.

‘Lions 360 °’ | National Geographic

National Geographic has enough 360º videos to watch with virtual reality glasses. One of the most classic is ‘Lions’, which puts us in front of a lion cub and his mother. Created by reporter Martin Edström.


Through three virtual reality chapters, SYFY and director Jeff Buhler offer us science fiction and horror stories based on the novels of George RR Martin.


Within is a highly recommended place to find all kinds of virtual reality stories and documentaries for platforms as diverse as Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear VR, HTC Vive, Sony PlayStation VR or Google Daydream.

La Liga, football and celebration of FC Barcelona

The Football League offers since early 2019 a space called La Liga Corner, located in El Corte Inglés centers. From there we can find exclusive videos of 15 minutes in virtual reality to immerse ourselves and see how the interior of the changing rooms is and how football is lived from the field.

‘Pearls of Africa’

Victoria Falls, located on the border of Zambia and Zimbabwe, is one of the most amazing landscapes in Africa and with this virtual reality video, they manage to transmit it.

BBC Earth: ‘Life in VR’

An experience created by the BBC to get to know the Californian coast and underwater life. A documentary with animated graphics focused on the little ones but with lots of information. Available on Google Play for Daydream.

‘Wild with Bears’

If you like nature, Wild with Bears is created by Discovery VR and available for most virtual reality platforms.

‘Video Game Vehicle’

Not all experiences are created by large studies. But some are amazing. This is the case of ‘Video Game Vehicle’, a 360º video that shows us the possibilities of virtual reality. A mini video game created by SoKrispyMedia that takes us inside a Kia and combines real actors and animation.

‘Do not touch’

Sokrispymedia surprises again with a video that takes us to an art museum, where the paintings seem to take on a life of their own and we can immerse ourselves in them.


Winner of an Emmy in 2017, the director of the film ‘Madagascar’ offers us a colorful virtual reality story with two adorable little aliens.

‘A Surfing Journey’

Virtual reality helps us to explore extreme situations and surfing lends itself perfectly to it. Here a video of Jeep during the ‘WSL Championship Tour’ of surfers Jordy Smith and Malia Manuel.

‘The Female Planet’

Production of the Daydream team. The series ‘The Female Planet’ teaches us the story of Tiera Fletcher, an aerospace engineer at Boeing and NASA who works designing rockets.

‘The Joel Embiid 360 Experience’

If you like the NBA and want to see how a professional basketball player trains, Joel Embiid shows us in virtual reality.

NASA: ‘Cassini’s Grand Finale’

The Cassini probe visited Saturn’s rings and NASA offers us a virtual reality video of that trip. Some images that transport us to an almost unexplored place.

‘Galactic Center’

Even more impressive is the visit to Sagittarius A *, a monstrous black hole that we can visit in virtual reality thanks to an 8K simulation created by NASA.

‘Solar eclipse’

It is the first 360-degree video of a solar eclipse recorded from space, at 38,000 meters high. A spectacular video of the program ‘BBC Earth from Space’.


Seeing the world through the eyes of an animal is the goal behind this fascinating virtual reality project. We can experience it through the project website.

‘The Displaced’

The New York Times delves into virtual reality for one of its documentaries. With ‘The Displaced’ he explains the story of three of the more than 30 million children displaced from their homes.

‘Wear the Rose’

O2 brings us a story for Oculus Rift where it takes us inside the current English Rugby team, in a training session of Mike Catt and with the different professional players.

‘Mosul From Above: Fight against ISIS from the sky’

The BBC accompanied Iraqi army pilots for a flight over Mosul while fighting ISIS. Reporters Joe Inwood and Nafiseh Kohnavard give us an image of the conflict like never before.

‘A Moon For All Mankind’, Samsung

In its Samsung Gear promotion, the company offers us ‘A Moon For All Mankind’. An experience in collaboration with NASA that recreates the space mission to the moon and what it feels like to have lunar gravity.

Textron Aviation, HTC Live

Aviation and virtual reality get along very well because we have plenty of room to see after all. HTC Vive shows us how the Textron aviation team works and the design of its new jet.

‘Volvo – XC90 Test Drive VR’

Also, driving has taken advantage of virtual reality to teach us closely what it feels like to drive any of your vehicles. Here is the sample of Volvo with its XC90.

‘The Art of Patron’

Do you like Tequila? Although it is not the case, the work of Patron Tequila is excellent and thanks to virtual reality we can explore its Treasury. Available through its website for over 21 years.

‘The Under Presents’, Oculus Quest

‘The Under Presents’ is an Oculus story presented at this year’s Sundance Film Festival. It allows us to interact with other participants in a kind of vaudeville trapped in time. An experiment to limit the possibility of virtual reality. Available in Oculus Quest at the end of the year.

‘Kamchatka Volcano Eruption’

National Geographic visited the Klyuchevskoy, one of the highest active volcanoes in the world and recorded it in 360º to offer us an impressive virtual reality experience.


Richard Browning set a Guinness record for “maximum speed in a body pushed by a suit and a jet engine.” Here one of his trips with the jetpack recorded in 360º.

‘The Invisible Man’

A short film produced by The Secret Lab and Midnight Pictures winner of multiple awards at film festivals. We have a history of drug traffickers and Russian roulette. A story that according to the authors we must see a few times, from different positions, to understand the different details.

‘It Float’

Because sometimes the trailer is almost as good as the movie itself. To promote ‘It’, from Warner Bros. they created this little cinematic experience in virtual reality that puts the creeps.


We continue with horror movies. In this case, it is Paramount who offers us a similar virtual reality experience but for the ‘Rings’ movie. The 360º video is entertaining, but with VR glasses the feeling of overwhelm is much greater.


A movie available for Oculus, HTC Live and PlayStation VR. ‘Allumette’ is the story of a girl who lives in a city in the clouds. Inspired by “The Little Match Girl” by Hans Christian Andersen, the film is created by Penrose Studios and its 20 minutes are short, as explained by Variety.

‘Star Wars: Jedi Challenges’, Lenovo

Lenovo Mirage Solo is standalone glasses that combine augmented reality with virtual reality. And precisely on this border is where Star Wars Jedi Challenges is, an experience that every Star Wars fan will want to try.

‘VR Challenger League’

The VR league tried to gain a foothold in the biggest electronic sports event in Europe. Oculus and Intel allied to show that elite players could also be with VR glasses.

‘Zelda: Breath of the Wild’ and ‘Super Mario Odyssey’, Nintendo Labo

Nintendo Labo is the virtual reality kit for the Switch and despite some complicated beginnings, it is now updated with two essential games. ‘Zelda: Breath of the Wild’ and ‘Super Mario Odyssey’ can now be played in virtual reality. They also have exclusive missions.

‘The Persistence’

‘The Persistence’ is a horror first-person shooter, exclusive to PS4 and PlayStation VR. If you have virtual reality glasses from the Sony platform, this title is one of the most complete virtual reality games that best fit this technology.

‘Hombre de Hierro’

Who wouldn’t like to put on the Iron Man suit? Well, that. A new game for PlayStation VR that represents a perfect example of all the possibilities of virtual reality.

Firefox Reality

Firefox Reality is a different browser, specifically designed to be enjoyed in virtual reality. With it, we can “explore the immersive web” with versions available for HTC Vive, Oculus Rift and Google DayDream.

Google Earth and Street View VR

Google is one of the companies that has most opted for virtual reality and, how could it be otherwise, one of its most important applications is also compatible. For years, Google Earth allows us to explore the world in virtual reality. However, since 2017 there are also some places where Street View also allows you to do so. A unique way to immerse ourselves in hundreds of places throughout the world.


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