The 7 Most-Popular iOS Programming Languages for Enterprises in 2022

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Almost every internet business now requires a mobile application. And hence, every business is looking for the best programming language for app development. According to the most recent StatCounter data, mobile devices account for up to 56% of all online connections, surpassing tablets and laptops.

Furthermore, in the pertinent report, iOS gadgets alone account for over 27 percent of the connections. As a result, we do not doubt that an iOS app development company is a worthwhile investment. You’ve come to the correct spot if you’re wondering which iOS development language is suitable for this task.

This page contains all of the most important information on the subject, including:

  • Considerations to make before beginning to develop iOS apps;
  • The most efficient programming languages for developing iOS applications;
  • The greatest mobile cross-platform tools for developing apps for several OS systems simultaneously.

The following are the top seven languages for developing iOS apps

Top 7 Programming Languages For iOS App Development

When you’ve figured out the answers to all of the above questions, it’s time to pick an iOS application programming language to write your app in. What is the significance of this, and how to make an iOS app? Because if your app is popular, you’ll want to add additional features and even offer more devices. 

That’s why it’s crucial to outline your long-term goals before hiring an iOS app developer and deciding on a programming language that will help you achieve them.

Follow this app programming guide for iOS app development to create an app that provides a flawless UX and accelerates your ROI.

  1. Swift

At the 2014 Apple WWDC presentation, Apple revealed the Swift programming language’s development. The programming iOS language was hailed as a step up from Objective-C. The new language does bring several improvements to performance and user experience.

Swift is the most widely used iOS scripting language for app development today. Apple frequently prioritizes Swift regarding new features and upgrades. Many apps and development tools, on the other hand, continue to use Objective-C, a more mature programming language. 

According to the Survey put forward by Stack Overflow, Swift is the 17th most popular programming language globally, with 5.9% of developers using it. 

When should you use Swift to create an iOS app?

Swift is a wonderful choice if you want to construct an application that you can expand on later rapidly. The language is simple to learn and use, allowing for a quick development cycle and the creation of secure and dependable code. 


Objective-C is an object-oriented programming language established as an extension to the C programming language. It’s a general-purpose programming language largely used for Apple’s operating systems, such as OS X and iOS, and their associated APIs, Cocoa, and Cocoa Touch. 

The Objective-C language for app development is placed 20th in the Stack Overflow popularity poll. One can say that it is not the greatest programming language for iOS apps because just 4.1 per cent of iOS app developers use it globally.

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When should you write an iOS app in Objective-C?

When comparing Swift to Objective-C, there are just a few instances when Objective-C is the preferable option. It’s an advanced language, perhaps even a little outdated (the last version was released in 2016). Because of its dwindling popularity, finding developers who can program in this language might be difficult.

So, when is Objective-C going to be the superior option? Ask your mobile application development company to use it only if you want to develop an app that works on all iOS versions, including those that Swift doesn’t support. 

  1. C#

C# is a high-level, general-purpose, object-oriented programming language. It was created as a reaction to the Java programming language by Microsoft. C# is tightly integrated with the.NET platform, including a framework and a runtime environment.

C# is a widely-used programming language for Windows computers that Microsoft invented. However, given that the.NET framework is accessible for Linux and Mac computers, one can easily build the native software written in this language for practically any platform, including iOS.

C# is the world’s seventh most popular programming language, with 31.4 percent of software engineers using it.

When should you use C# to create an iOS app?

Creating the Xamarin platform for building Android and iOS apps were crucial to mobile C# development. Mono operates on all major operating systems, an open-source version of the NET platform. 

This is a great option if you’re looking for a programming language. You have C# engineers on your team, and you want to make mobile apps for Android consumers as well. 

  1. HTML5

HTML5 (HyperText Markup Language 5) is the fifth and most recent major HTML version—a technology for creating and presenting webpages by specifying the meaning and structure of their content. 

This language is often used with CSS and JavaScript, and the three are referred to as the “big three of the front end.”

Because of technologies like Apache Cordova and the aforementioned Visual Studio for Mac, HTML5 knowledge is also beneficial for designing iOS apps. In 2023, HTML and CSS are predicted to be the second most used technology.

When should you utilize HTML5 when creating an iOS app?

If you want to rapidly create a basic iOS app that can also be used offline, HTML5 is your ideal iOS app development language. If you have HTML5 experts on your team who can create such an app, this is a good option to explore. 

  1. Java

Java is one of those developer favorites, and it is a programming language that happens to be of general purpose. In other words, it is object-oriented as well as class-based. What’s more, its code can operate on any platform without requiring a recompilation.

Java is also one of the most popular languages for creating Android apps. However, you may use it to create cross-platform programs because of its versatility.

When should you use Java to create an iOS app?

Java is not a popular choice for iOS app development, despite its ubiquity and versatility. If you already have a Java-based Android mobile application, you should also consider employing the same programming language for the iOS version.

  1. Native React

In 2015, Facebook released React Native, a cross-platform framework. Native iOS app language has successfully made its position in the most popularly used cross-platform apps. It creates native JavaScript applications, allowing software developers to construct mobile apps using website technologies. 

Because it is used by companies like Facebook, Snapchat, and Instagram, you can be confident that this solution is reliable.

When should you use React Native to create a mobile app?

If you want to create a mobile app for iOS and Android simultaneously and your team includes JavaScript or React Native professionals, React Native is the way. 

Engaging android app development services for this solution will allow you to save time and money, and it is one of the most popular smartphone apps in the world.

  1. Flutter

This framework is an app SDK, widely known as the software development kit. The SDK incorporates a lavish variety of widgets and high-tech functionalities tested several times to ensure they are perfect for use.

This tool makes it simple for Flutter developers to create aesthetically appealing, natively built mobile, web, and desktop apps with only one codebase.

When should you use Flutter to create a mobile app?

Flutter is a popular iOS programming language and worth considering, too, especially if you want to produce a desktop and web version in addition to an iOS and Android app. 

Closing Statement 

Choosing the appropriate programming language for iOS is a critical choice that may significantly influence the success of your project. As a result, you should establish your requirements and expectations before deciding on the ideal option. 

Our certified experts at AppStudio would be delighted to assist you with a quick rundown of the key distinctions between the top 7 languages for your project if you are still confused and can’t decide on your ideal language for iOS development. You can Book a free consultation here.

Frequently Asked Questions 

What language to use for app development?

  • The languages Swift and Objective-C are used to create apps, especially iOS apps

How does Swift vary from Objective-C in terms of features?

  • The ecosystem of the language: 
  •  User Interface Tools 
  • The development experience 
  • The development environment.

Which programming language is ideal for creating current iOS apps?

  • When developing apps for Apple gadgets, the Swift programming language has several advantages.

Can I develop iOS apps on windows? 

  • Sometimes it is better to leave the complicated things in the hands of qualified experts. Let us take the pain and trouble of developing a high-performing app for your business. 

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