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Organizations are attempting to improve and market your merchandise and administrations from as numerous possible angles. There are numerous stages accessible for showcasing, for example, TV, radio, papers, pennants, and so forth. In this line, the cell phone has turned into a powerful instrument for promoting. These days, cell phones have turned into a key thing for a great many people over the globe. Individuals utilize the cell phone to get to a lot of substances accessible on the web. They likewise utilize the cell phone for purchasing items and administrations. With Apple being one of the main cell phones on the planet, the IOS App Development is increasing in significance. Presently given us a chance to investigate a portion of the essential advantages of application advancement for the IOS stage.

Numerous entrepreneurs are in a problem on whether to build an application for Android or IOS. The two stages are great, in any case, there are a few reasons why one should start with IOS.

Despite the fact that Android holds the real offer of Smartphone advertisements, Apple clients have more paying limits than Android clients. It indicates that the iOS App has a better chance of getting sold than the Android App.

Companies and businesses are attempting to awe their clients by making a perfect portable application. Apple phones have a fantastic UI, which gives a rich encounter. Similarly, the IOS App likewise works amazingly on the Apple telephone, leaving an incredible impression to the end clients.

Today many users are attentive to new trends in applications and look for the latest developments that are within their reach to make things easier. Therefore, if it is possible to reach these users, we are closer to winning a large number of potential customers.

Before we discuss some of the key benefits of having an iOS-based app for your business, let’s have a look into the Best iOS App Developers in Toronto.

  • AppStudioAppStudio

     AppStudio is an award-winning full-service Mobile Application Development Company offering services in Native iOS App Development (Swift), Native Android app Development (Java and Kotlin), React Native Development, Software Development & Unity Game Development. They have collaborated with Fortune 1000 companies, Startups and Mid Sized firms across a spectrum of industries, ranging from Healthcare & Finance to On-Demand App Development Services, to create Mobile apps actively being used by millions of users across the globe. In addition, their services include strategic consulting, UI/UX design, development, Quality Assurance and maintenance.

    List of Services:



    Zazz is an American digital mobile agency that has been at the forefront of software design & development innovation. As an industry leader, Zazz team pride ourselves in adopting, iterating & investing in the latest technologies, seamless processes and creative talent.

    At Zazz leverage a bottom up approach to software development, whereby the user is the centre of our universe - It’s their journey, footprint and engagement metrics that define the over arching digital experience.

    List of Services:

    Be it a scaling startup looking to A/B test an MVP, an SME looking to optimize a set of processes, or an enterprise seeking a digital transformation, Zazz have the experience and resources to facilitate your project’s end to end needs.

    Zazz has architected and maintained digital solutions for hundreds of VC backed Startups, government agencies and fortune 500 companies. Visit our website for detailed case studies, or grab a coffee with one of our consultants (They’re always down to geek out on the latest tech).

  • Guarana Technologies logoGuarana Technologies

     Established in 2011, Guaraná Technologies is a top mobile app development agency based in Canada, with offices in Montréal and Toronto. Although they specialize in building native iOS and Android applications, building over 40 apps every year has equipped their talented team of engineers with in-depth expertise in many new technologies such as React Native, IoT, Beacons, Apple Pay, Apple Watch, and tablets, among others.

  • Leadweb LogoLeadweb

     Established in 2012, Leadweb is a technology company focused on building B2B applications that require the latest technologies, specifically projects involving Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data and Connected Objects (IoT). We have assembled a great roster of in-house talent. We master most major programming languages and frameworks such as React, Angular, Node, PHP, Python, Go, iOS (Swift) and Java (Android). Our developers can work either on turn-key projects or integrate our clients' teams directly on-site or from our offices in downtown Montreal.

  • Synergo Group LogoSynergo Group

     The Synergo Group is a Canadian custom software development agency with offices in Canada, USA, U.K., Denmark, Romania, Germany, Brazil, and South Africa. They provide know-how for the software products in all phases: concept, design, development, deployment, support. They develop and manage the software for their customer.

  • Vooban LogoVooban

     Vooban builds custom software and web applications for the enterprise, specializing in agile methodologies and focusing on dev. Core expertise lies in insurance, financial, banking, public security, logistics, and manufacturing. We specialized in system re-engineering and smooth transition.

  • Hyperflow Labs Inc LogoHyperflow Labs

     Hyperflow Labs creates custom mobile applications and augmented reality & virtual reality experiences. Using emerging technologies we create products, services, and engaging experiences. We can work with you through every step; Ideation, Prototyping, UX/UI Design, Development, Launch, Support.  

  • ITM House LogoITM House

     ITM  House Inc -  is a technologically agile software development company headquartered in Toronto, Canada.ITM House Inc. is constantly targeting more value for there clients, putting their interests ahead of ours and delivering value that goes beyond the contract. Their expertise is rooted in years of direct, front-line experience as well as deep industry knowledge to ensure our clients' success. ITM House Inc. provides a spectrum of services in developing software products for various purposes and areas of application – from mobile device apps to complex systems customized for work with electronic documents and databases. ITM House Inc. also has the number of successful projects in the area of outsourcing with partners around the globe.    

  • NuBinary LogoNuBinary

     NuBinary is a software development shop based in Toronto/Waterloo corridor. It specializes in building custom Cloud and IOT web-scale Applications, Mobile applications, MicroServices, Cloud Infrastructure, and tech Consulting. We help our customers with market discovery, strategy, and building customer-driven software applications. They believe and breath in Agile Software development and bring about decades of cumulative experience in large scale cloud, web and mobile application development.

  • Digia LogoDigia

     Digia is a team of software veterans, founded in Toronto, Canada, and our mission stands to focus on creating a tailed software solution, designed to accelerate the adoption of your vision in the digital world. We use the power of leading-edge technology and proven methodology to bring quality, cost, and agility to an optimum.

Development Time and Costs

According to an Infinium report, an Android application needs approximately 28 percent more time to develop than its iOS counterpart. As such, many could imagine that Android developers often charge more to bring their applications to fruition.

This, anecdotally, leads to more outsourced and low-quality development, which in turn makes the problem worse. The fact that Android applications have a reputation for having less quality than iOS apps, finds its answer in the explanation of this problem.

Only 0.7 percent of Android users are using the latest version of the operating system, while almost a third of Google’s operating system users are still using a firmware version that is too old. That is why it is difficult for many developers to use degradation methods and adapt their applications to 6 or 7 different versions of an operating system.

The problem is complicated by the large number of Android devices on the market, with their different large collection of screen sizes and its resolutions, as well as unique features of each devices.

The iOS apps have the advantage that 76% of users of iOS have their upgraded to the latest version smartphone, so segmentation problems just make an appearance.

Better Development Tools

Apple’s support for iOS application developers is well known. The company presents a more than a firm commitment to the programmers of its operating system in the face of Google’s rather apathetic view of problems known to Android application developers.

Also, Apple engineers are responsible for studying and analyzing all iOS apps that are presented to them, aware of the quality seal that the brand carries in its associated entrails.

The fact that the manufacturer of the devices and the development of the Mobile Operating System is the same, is a great advantage for iOS, since knowing the iDevice thoroughly, the OS adapts perfectly, always obtaining the maximum performance.

Additionally, each new version of iOS, no matter how minor, is tested on all devices, and patches that are designed especially to each model are released.

In the case of Android, each company modifies the operating system, adding applications and changes that reduce performance.

New applications are released first on iOS

Developers tend to launch their new applications on iOS and, weeks or even months later, arrive with them on Android. This is because they do not need to create versions compatible with the characteristics of hundreds of models.

Also, the iOS user downloads more applications and is less reluctant to pay for them. Once the application was successful, it just adapts to Android. That happened with Vine, Instagram and new versions of popular games.

Almost non-existent malware

While there is malware for iOS, this corresponds to a marginal percentage of what exists on Android and usually attacks those who install pirated applications, outside the App Store.

Apple makes very thorough reviews of applications before accepting them in your store and the regulations to follow are quite strict.

On Android, the malware is infinitely greater than in the Apple ecosystem.

Why Toronto?

The city of Toronto has been chosen by Sidewalk Labs, a firm owned by Alphabet, Google’s parent company, to build a new technological city on its dock. The technological city is becoming one of the great bets of the future. Many companies find in the big cities an important source of exploitation in search of the creation of safer, healthier and more fun societies. A bet that is already present in many parts of the world, and now also launches in Canada.

You will not find more talented and creative developers anywhere else in the world right now due to the government’s backing and administration’s approach here.

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