Impact of the Coronavirus Pandemic on Digital Marketing

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Digital Marketing Impact of Marketing during Covid-19

I am not going to tell you how the Coronavirus is affecting companies because you will be experiencing it in the first person. Modifications, delays, cancellations, ERTEs … desperation. But not everything has to be wrong. Your brand is facing a unique opportunity to add value to society if you know how to take advantage of digital channels. Marketing plays a vital role amidst the COVID-19 pandemic since we can add value to customers from the single point of contact with them. It is time to take over from the marketing department and run for all our colleagues who cannot do it. In this coronavirus crisis, your digital marketing can help business development more than ever. 

Unlike what we usually do, we must have a strategic vision of the future, and we must not forget that this coronavirus Impact on business is seasonal and, sooner or later, we will get out of it. For this reason, understanding behavior patterns and their implications are crucial to developing a digital strategy in times of uncertainty.

In Times of Crisis, the Internet Could Help

Our shopping habits had already started to take other directions, due to the immersion in our lives of companies like Amazon or Ebay, as the new Coronavirus sweeps the world. Consumers are now forced to change their consumer behaviors dramatically and purchase, depending on digital connectivity to carry out practically any management. To answer, what is Digital Marketing Impact of Marketing during Covid-19, we have to comprehend the sudden increase of digital usage.

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According to Alibaba, the number of grocery orders placed by users between the ages of 50 and 60 has been four times higher during the pandemic, and Miss Fresh, another online retailer in China, claims that users over the age of 40 have increased by 237% during Covid-19 confinement.

With these figures, we cannot look the other way. For markets with developed and developing e-commerce, the scenarios created by the COVID-19 Impact of IoT Market 2020 are essential indicators of what this can mean for their businesses.

In Canada, if we compare the week of March 24, 2019, with the same in 2020, there is an increase of 60% for online consumable sales, and in France and Italy, it already exceeds 80%.

Your Client is More Online than Ever Amidst the COVID-19 Pandemic

Your clients, like you, are experiencing a particular situation, and every communication you make with them must be especially sensitive to their reality. A reality that has unified the status of users, companies and professionals, resulting in a single macro -customer profile. The obligation to stay in homes has surprisingly increased the use of the Internet, reaching 85% yesterday, according to data from the technology consultancy Akamai. Therefore, your client has more time to consume digital content.

Global economy is in recession according to famous economists.
Source: Reuters

What is Digital Marketing Impact of Marketing during Covid-19 and How to Mitigate it?

The business opportunities in this new digital ecosystem are endless, and it is only because of having new users learning to use online tools and companies that are forced to look for alternatives to traditional advertising, this opens an immense door for agencies of marketing.

If besides, we adapt our Coronavirus Pandemic effect strategy to retain this new client, we can earn it for life, but how?

  • Display Ads: Due to the need to know the last hour, the ads in digital newspapers offer us much more visibility than before.
  • Promote themselves on social networks: Indeed, amidst the COVID-19 pandemic their use and consumption is increasing, now more than ever we must bet on them.
  • Develop more video content and use YouTube: by initiative or by sending between people and groups, curious videos are trending. If they are done minimally well, you can ensure high visibility and significance. It will help you understand what is digital marketing impact of marketing during Covid-19 and take necessary measures.
  • Consider having a page or section dedicated to the Coronavirus Pandemic effect.

Dare to Try New Things

Does the bug of creating more innovative and different content itch? Now is the time! The level of information saturation, and even that of tension, has dropped. Users are more permissive. We have a complete guide regarding where to find App Developers in the times of lockdown and quarantine. It is an excellent opportunity to try new initiatives. Of course, always aligned with the identity of your brand, please.

Show Your Brand Values

These days we see many actions of companies that end up going viral. Committed companies are very well received by users. These actions position them as more humane brands and leave a very positive memory in the minds of each of us. This Coronavirus Pandemic effect will pass, and the concrete actions will be forgotten, but there will be an emotional connection that the brand will have left there.  

In the Company, the Marketing Department has the Ball

As we have discussed, production may stop. It is not the time to produce, or even to sell, but if you manage the marketing of your company, you have a great responsibility. Digital marketing plays a vital role since we can add value to customers from the single point of contact with them. It’s up to you to bring your brand closer to users and pave the way so that, on your return, the start is as fast as possible.


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