How Digital Marketing Trends and Innovations Evolved in 2020-21

Digital Marketing
Digital Marketing Trends

What are the most prominent digital marketing trends and innovations for 2020? More like more content, more web videos, more influencer marketing, and more of what will get digital consumers to engage with your brand online.

Here are seven critical small business digital marketing trends and innovations. You should consider investing your time and resources to be successful in 2020.

Here, in this segment, some app developers disclose top digital marketing trends for small businesses. Have a quick look:


Chatbots are expected to grow and drive roughly 85% of customer service this year. Since we now know the powerful benefits of personalization in digital marketing. However, you can understand why the conversational element of chatbots is just as powerful. Businesses using chatbots have the opportunity to connect with customers in real-time and meet their specific needs.
With the advanced intelligence that AI has introduced into chatbots. The technology is capable of simulating an in-person conversation, which is typically preferred by a customer. A competent chatbot app development company claims a chatbot’s AI give it the brainpower to market relevant products throughout the conversation.

Innovative Search Engine Optimization

Another exciting trend for 2020 is the use of structured data in search engine optimization to increase traffic to commercial websites. SEO services are used for a long time. However, the lack of content optimization has caused most businesses to lose a lot in terms of revenue.

This year, more companies focused on success will adopt the use of structured data in their SEO strategies. The implementation will facilitate several changes in the type and mode of content delivery by these companies.
The zero position ranking will be on the minds of most marketers. As they strive to get their content to appear at the top of search result pages. According to some SMO service providers, many companies will review their content strategy to generate more clicks on their websites.

Personalization – Email Marketing

To ensure the success of your company’s digital marketing campaigns, you must adopt personalization as one of your strategies. Not only will it help build a relationship with each of your clients, but it has also proven to be successful in converting potential buyers into dedicated clients. To integrate personalization with email marketing services, many companies send abandoned cart notifications.

Every time a consumer buys from your site and leaves without buying any of the items they added to their cart, they can send an abandoned cart email. By doing so, you are highlighting the products that a specific consumer added to their cart. The email will be completely different from the email a customer receives about their abandoned cart, which is what makes it personalized. However, this is not a way to exhibit a digital marketing campaign.

Interactive Content

In 2020, we have already seen so many exciting changes in the ways that companies market and sell to consumers. One of them is the use of digital marketing services and creative content on basic sales pitches. In previous decades, many companies based their marketing efforts on advertising low prices and quality features. While that was effective before, it is much less effective now due to how different consumers are.

These days, most people have gotten used to consuming interactive or creative content from influencers and followers on various platforms. Because of this, many companies have been successful in mimicking this content in their digital marketing campaigns, in improving relationships with potential customers.

It consists of things like ads, AR games, quizzes, surveys, or photo and video content on social media platforms. All of these types of content provide an excellent opportunity for customer interaction, which will at least enhance your brand awareness and reputation.

Target Valuable Audience 

Targeting ads to local consumers can be a great way to get immediate attention. By doing so, you are removing the groundwork from user searches, letting them know that you are around and ready to help.

Remember that mobile users account for more than half of all digital media users, so take advantage of geo-targeting services to attract attention on the go. However, you can take advantage of PPC services, but do not oversaturate your goals with too many localized ads.


Capitalizing on winning in 2020 means understanding current trends and moving with them. Start formulating your digital marketing strategies around these points. You will be able to give your audience a personalized experience, and this means more sales for your small business.

Focusing on these trends will help you focus your resources in the right direction. It would be best if you kept reviewing your marketing plans, so you don’t waste your time on unnecessary activities. So if you run into any issues, let’s talk to us. We are here to help you.


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