Twitter Hack 2020 – Hackers Tricked $100K from Twitter Users

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Twitter Accounts Hacked

Do you hear the news about Twitter hack 2020? If yes, then you heard the correct news. Some famous personalities’ Twitter accounts got hacked on Wednesday. The hackers used accounts to spread cryptocurrency scams (some have millions of followers).

Kim Kardashian West, Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates, Barack Obama, Wiz Khalifa, Warren Buffett, YouTuber MrBeast, Wendy’s, Uber, CashApp, and Apple are among the accounts compromised in the targeted Hacking.

These accounts and many others have posted messages promoting the Address of their Bitcoin wallet. Some tweets happened by those hacked accounts are as follows:

  • I am giving back to the community.

All Bitcoin sent to the address below will be sent back double. If you send $1000, will send back $2000. 

  • I am giving back to my community due to Covid-19.

All Bitcoin sent to the below-mention address will be sent back doubled. Send $1000, I will send back $2000. Doing this only for half an hour.

So, after considering this issue, we have come up with this blog. Today, we are going to explain everything about twitter accounts hacked and the well-known Bitcoin scam.

Simply read the article carefully to know everything about it in depth. Let’s begin:

What’s The Bitcoin Scam?

As already mentioned for the famous profile name, hackers broke and sent fake tweets offering $2,000 for every $1,000 posted to anonymous Bitcoin addresses.

For example, a message sent from an Elon Musk account states: Send $1,000 and get $2,000 back.

Similarly, the information disseminated from Apple’s Twitter account says, Everyone is asking me for a refund, and that’s when. Doubles all payments sent to BTC addresses in the next 30 minutes. 1,000 If you send a dollar, you’ll get $2,000 back.

So, after understanding the Bitcoin scan now, it’s time to know how you can understand about your hacked account? Below is the upcoming section, we are going to mention the significant hints you will get after the twitter account hack.

How to Find About a Hacked Twitter Account?

Knowing that your Twitter account got hacked can be stressful. If your account has been hacked, or someone else seems to have accessed your Twitter account, here are some simple checks. Let’s have a look:

  1. Received notification from twitter that your account may be compromised.
  2. Unintended messages sent from your Twitter account.
  3. Notice that your password is not working.
  4. Unexpected tweets by your precise account.

How to Keep Twitter Account Safe?

While an App developer designs an application, they consider all the facts related to the user’s security purpose. But still, sometimes we have to take some precautions from our side. So, to keep our twitter account safe from the eye of hackers, you have to follow some majors. A few of them are listed below. 

  1. Change your password occasionally.
  2. Set a unique and robust password.
  3. Ensure that you add a secure email address – preferable change your mail address password also.
  4. Try to not to click unwanted links.
  5. Revoke third-party authorizations.
  6. Always update passwords with trusted third-party applications.

Concluding Thoughts

These days Twitter hack 2020 is prime news. Twitter is a mobile and web application Which has users worldwide. Some of the major app development companies like AppStudio, Zazz, etc., dedicatedly work on designing safe and secure applications. After this, Bitcoin scam incidents almost every single app development company working on the security major for their trusted users.

  Lessons For You!

There is no easy or free lunch available without working & investing in anything. As an investor, you should always doubt the information and schemes that allow you to make quick money within minutes.

People should be more careful. Most cryptographic giveaways seeking donations are fraudulent. We hope this helps raise awareness and that Twitter users will never reencounter this type of scam.

After the Twitter hack viral news companies become more careful for their applications. If you are one of them who needs a company to develop the safest app, so Contact us. Our experts will help you to get the best.


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