Top 10 Data Science Developers in Toronto

Data Science Development
Data Science Developers

Data Science will remain in trends throughout this decade and will continue to benefit businesses and entrepreneurs. More and more companies are getting aware of this marvelous technology and looking for expert developers and scientists. However, the problem is saturation.

At AppStudio, we always look for new ways to help our readers and investors, as our goal is to transform businesses digitally. We are here presenting the top 10 data science developers Toronto that have experience and competence level to handle many industries. Before we move to the compilation, let us comprehend what is data science & data analytics.

Is Data Science in demand in Canada?

It is essential to understand that data science’s ultimate goal is to solve a problem in a specific area. That said, it is essential to have a perfect knowledge of the field of application before embarking on the development of a model.

Note that the fields listed below do not represent an exhaustive list of the disciplines involved in data science. Indeed, the end is justifying the means, we can do data science in various ways as long as we are in the context presented above. We will also shed some light, answering: Is Data Science in demand in Canada.

Fields Involved in Data Science

In general, data science involves the following disciplines:

  • The field of application: By field of application, we must understand the sector (The environment) in which we wish to produce a data product or solve a problem. For example, it could be the stock market. If we are to establish a predictive model for traders based on past stock prices.
  • Mathematics (Statistics, Probability, Linear Algebra, Analysis…): Mathematics is heavily involved in data science. Indeed, we translate problems into mathematical models before solving them.
  • Computing: Computing is the basis of data science in that models are implemented with code and/or computer tools. The data being digital their acquisition, data processing monitors all the storage and other essentials.
  • Machine learning: We use Machine learning techniques in data science and big data.
  • Algorithms: The mastery of this science is essential since all models are in the form of algorithms. It is essential to understand concepts such as complexity.
  • Common sense: This is by far, what we need most when faced with a complex problem. What do you think? Is Data Science in demand in Canada? Common sense provides all the answers.

Obviously, being a data scientist does not imply being an expert in all these fields (even if the more knowledge one has in these fields, the better). Indeed, a data science project is very often complex and composed of several stages. Therefore, we can find in a team people with different profiles, each being in charge of a specific stage.

What is the Difference Between Data Science and Data Analytics?

Data science is a general term for a set of fields used to exploit large data sets. Data analytics is a more targeted version of it and used as part of the whole process. This is not concerned with responding to specific queries but focuses on analyzing large data sets to reveal information. Data science offers more general information that focuses on the questions, while Big Data analytics portraits answers.

What is Data Science & Data Analytics?

More importantly, data science is more concerned with asking questions rather than finding specific answers. This area favors the identification of possible trends based on existing data and the improvement of data analysis and modeling.

However, data science raises essential questions that we did not know but did not provide concrete answers. When you think about data science and data analytics, it is essential not to compare them. These are actually two essential elements for understanding not only the information but also how to improve reviews.

Now, as we have understood what is data science & data analytics, let’s see the top data science developers in Toronto, Canada.


AppStudio is the best data science development company in Canada, thanks to their efficient team and development process. The company is nominated for the top big data developers in Toronto due to their professionalism and innovative skills. The company has adopted the most contemporary frameworks and tools of data science. It is an accomplished agency and recruited by the top enterprises.


Zazz has a similar reputation as AppStudio but in the United States. The company could be an excellent choice for startups and reputed businesses in the United States. Zazz is among the top data analytics companies in the world due to its unique strategy and techniques. In the lockdown, the company has a record number of new clients due to its cost-effective proposals.


Keyrus is a big data development company having talented data scientists and an efficient team. It has the right name producing some productive results for many enterprises. The company has its office in Toronto but lacks a regional presence.

Synergo Group

Synergo Group is a renowned data science development company. The company has an excellent history but lacks current contemporary portfolios. However, it is still among the best and could be an excellent choice.


LeftWryte has quickly carved his share among the top digital agencies. The only drawback is that the company has limited team members. Although the company looks small, it can handle big enterprises with small projects.

Rock Your Data

Rock Your Data has opened its Montreal office after its initial success in Canada. The company has an agile development method and produces average to good results. The company has adopted modern tools and recruit talents from all over the world.


Rapidops is a big brand in Charlotte and is one of the top digital agencies in the United States. They have an international footprint and are thinking of exploring the Canadian market. In data science, the company is developing some out of the box solutions.


LaunchCode adapts to your needs quickly and is famous for accommodating last-minute changes. The company has competent data science developers and uses its unique strategy for good results. We strongly recommend LaunchCode to those who are looking for cheap development.


CrucialLogics provides data science products and promises excellent results. The company has its presence all over the United States and Europe. CrucialLogics use modern tools and always prioritize the clients for effective delivery.


noBSdigital knows what they are doing and are experts in the field of data analytics. They use illustrations and machine learning to predict the analysis in a sophisticated manner. The company has limited team members but an outstanding work culture.

How did you find this list? Do tell us in the comments section. If you are looking for a data science development project, contact our experts. We will guide you without any obligation.


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