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Small, medium and even large multinationals are using the benefits offered by the enterprise app development for some years now. They are not only growing their business but also facilitating the entire process of their businesses with the help of this technology. If you are here to make an informed decision regarding the enterprise software development, check out the list of top 10 enterprise app developers here in Canada.

  • AppStudioAppStudio

     AppStudio is an award-winning full-service Mobile Application Development Company offering services in Native iOS App Development (Swift), Native Android app Development (Java and Kotlin), React Native Development, Software Development & Unity Game Development. They have collaborated with Fortune 1000 companies, Startups and Mid Sized firms across a spectrum of industries, ranging from Healthcare & Finance to On-Demand App Development Services, to create Mobile apps actively being used by millions of users across the globe. In addition, their services include strategic consulting, UI/UX design, development, Quality Assurance and maintenance.

    List of Services:



    Zazz is an American digital mobile agency that has been at the forefront of software design & development innovation. As an industry leader, Zazz team pride ourselves in adopting, iterating & investing in the latest technologies, seamless processes and creative talent.

    At Zazz leverage a bottom up approach to software development, whereby the user is the centre of our universe - It’s their journey, footprint and engagement metrics that define the over arching digital experience.

    List of Services:

    Be it a scaling startup looking to A/B test an MVP, an SME looking to optimize a set of processes, or an enterprise seeking a digital transformation, Zazz have the experience and resources to facilitate your project’s end to end needs.

    Zazz has architected and maintained digital solutions for hundreds of VC backed Startups, government agencies and fortune 500 companies. Visit our website for detailed case studies, or grab a coffee with one of our consultants (They’re always down to geek out on the latest tech).

  • App-Scoop Solutions Inc logoApp-Scoop Solutions Inc

     They are a full service Vancouver based development and consulting firm hyper focused on delivering polished Web and Mobile Solutions. They are a team of highly experienced and specialized software developers and business professionals excited to help elevate your business via custom software development.

  • Pieoneers logoPieoneers

     Award-winning web & mobile development studio in Vancouver, BC that delivered 50+ successful web applications, iOS apps with seamless & responsive UI. The team works with established businesses and ambitious startups in the US and Canada and creates high-value web applications, iOS apps, Android apps reinforced with great user experience, interface and product strategy.  

  • FreshWorks Studio logoFreshWorks Studio

     FreshWorks Studio is an award-winning Victoria, BC-based firm that specializes in designing and developing mobile and web apps for commercial and enterprise interests. FreshWorks take ideas, turns them into cutting edge designs, and unlocks the potential of the company’s young, passionate, and talented developers to deliver superior yet affordable web, Android and iOS app development for startups and governments alike.

  • MindSea logoMindSea

     MindSea Development delivers beautiful, entertaining, informative mobile apps, which are often featured by Apple and are highly rated by over one million users worldwide. MindSea’s approach is collaborative and multidisciplinary: the team includes experts in business analysis, project management, design, programming and quality assurance. All of them are creative problem-solvers who respond quickly to new requirements and communicate well with their counterparts in client organizations.

  • TheAppLabb logoTheAppLabb

     TheAppLabb is a product innovation firm – focused on strategy, design and development of intelligence and immersive app experiences that will disrupt the status quo and drive business outcomes. Through design and improving traditional processes, they’re able to develop custom mobile solutions that improve the end user experience with an app.

  • Synergo Group LogoSynergo Group

     The Synergo Group is a Canadian custom software development agency with offices in Canada, USA, U.K., Denmark, Romania, Germany, Brazil, and South Africa. They provide know-how for the software products in all phases: concept, design, development, deployment, support. They develop and manage the software for their customer.

  • Vog App Developers LogoVog App Developers

     'Vog App Developers was founded in 2012 based off of Vince O’Gorman’s vision to provide local entrepreneurs and businesses with high quality yet affordable custom mobile apps. The company has a dedicated team of trained and experienced designers, developers, project managers and consultants.

  • TTT Studios LogoTTT Studios

     TTT is an award winning Digital Innovation Studio, building custom software for more than 200 clients around the world. We work with industry leaders and challengers who have ambitious goals and see the value in re-shaping their industries through technology.  

Most of us are already aware of the countless benefits an enterprise app provides to the business. Here are a few of them:

Employee Training

Training employees is something necessary within the company but it can take a long time. However, having an application for companies with training material that a new employee can access at any time, can help redistribute the workload of managers or senior staff.

For example, if the area manager has to give priority to other tasks during the employee’s training, the worker could continue training without the help of the supervisor. Another example is that many companies have to spend a lot of time teaching new marketing employees about Google Adwords. However, there is a large amount of learning material available specifically for this.

If all this material were united in a single company app, it would be beneficial for the organization. This practice may work best for companies that work on a larger scale that receive new employees almost monthly. Likewise, these programs or applications can be adapted to the different needs of companies and their training programs.

Application for the Business itself

While an application for an offline company may be an obvious necessity, it is still more so for e-commerce. Since you will have to be where your customers are. In this case, the most normal thing is that your consumers make their purchases online with their smartphones and tablets, so companies must be available on mobile devices.

Another advantage of being available on mobile phones is that a new channel is opened to potential customers. However, companies will have to keep in mind that when working with a multichannel strategy, the same message must be transmitted within the application as in the other channels used to communicate with their customers. Business apps can also be used to follow a push strategy to customers and emphasize sales promotions.

In general, there are always solutions for companies that can be developed in the form of applications. These can be made for an external as well as internal use, as in the case of improving internal communication.

Control and Connection of the Company

The Integration of Business Applications is a great way to have complete control of the company. This is because there is better management of the information, since it gives an overview and allows, thanks to its different mechanisms, the total knowledge of what happens in it.

When you own or occupy a higher position, the entire network of connections ranging from software information to aspects related to employees can be managed and controlled.

Simplify Business Processes

If there is something in which EAI technologies stand out, it is in the streamlining and simplification of all the company’s processes. It doesn’t matter if the IT structure is complex or if multiple applications are asynchronous to each other.

Long-term processes or messaging, the relationship between applications and software are part of the WSO2 integration process. To do this they use elements as important as middleware.

In the market for business applications, there are still a lot of opportunities that, without a doubt, must be used to optimize processes. Therefore, as a conclusion, we can affirm that the mobile app development and use of an app for companies are beneficial when the goal is to solve business problems and help improve overall efficiency in terms of saving money, time, and resources.

Resource management

A custom application makes better management of your company’s resources possible, to meet all the needs for which it has been developed and thus saves considerable time on tasks.


These types of tools allow creating and working with adapted and optimized databases, achieving better commercial impacts and greater business opportunities.


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