Impact of AI in Education, Transport and Healthcare

Education Development
Impact of AI in Education

Artificial intelligence refers to a type of intelligence which is manifested by machines as compared to the humanly displayed natural intelligence. It is considered as the sub category of computer science emphasizing on the formation of such machines that operates in accordance with an individual. It can be said that a sub category of computer science that is focused on copying the cognitive functions of a human that are associated with the functioning of human brain including learning and proposing solutions to the problem, refers to the term artificial intelligence. Creation of intelligence machine is the primary goal of artificial intelligence.

Artificial intelligence is a broad term including the mechanization of the robotic procedures and the formation of actual robots.  Learning, forecasting and speech appreciation are some of the salient characteristics of a computer with artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence has revolutionized the capabilities of a simple computer and enabled them to perform like a human brain which has an ability to learn from their past experiences and change their actions according to the past experiences. It has enabled the computers to think like human brain.

Robots are considered as the most convenient and preferable devices for the tasks that are difficult and time consuming for the natural intelligence granted to the human being because of the cost effectiveness of the robots as compared to the human cost. The new robotic technology is not developed for replacing the human efficiency and capabilities but rather than that it has been developed for their assistance. The flexible and adaptive bodies of robots are more preferable for the scientist as compared to the convoluted biological structures of human body. After the revolutionary invention of cloud computations, the robots have now been identified as more convenient and advanced devices for accessing instructions and information.

There are numerous ways in which AI can have significant effect on the society. It can result in the augmentation of the human lifestyle with more effective generation of business in the society. It brings crucial advancement in the modern world which is mandatory for the rapid progression and increasing the efficiency of numerous systems of the modern world with the creation of innovative opportunities related to the generation of income, cost effectiveness and innovativeness related to the job opportunity.

Although having all these capabilities, the exhibition of human emotions is not a function of even superbly intelligent artificial intelligent machines. Like any other machine, AI has its positive and negative outcomes in the society. Different tasks were considered as a security risk when performed by a human are now an easy task for IA. Moreover, some scientists have considered IA as a risk for the humans because in the near future they will replace the human capital. Ultimately, it will result in the unemployment associated with depression and psychological problems of the human capital suffering from this innovative and revolutionary advancement.

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Occupations and Demonstration of Changes

AI in HealthCare Professions

In almost all over the globe, health care Professionals especially doctors are considered as the most respectable and chief profession related to the medical service. Doctors are considered as the major key player in the field of medical care. So, in order to provide an adequate and in time medical service to the population, provision of appropriate number of doctors is mandatory for a controlled and balanced health environment.

This profession has an important role in the economic and social growth of the economy because health is considered as the basic necessity and it is mandatory for every government to provide basic health services to every citizen of the country. In developing as well as developed countries the demand of Health Care professionals is always high and it has become difficult for humans to cop up with the increasing demands.

The inventions related to the artificial intelligence including the robotic surgeons and nurses will have positive outcomes in the field of medicine but it will negatively affect the doctor’s occupation. The new technological advancement of Virtual Health Assistants (VHA) will ultimately help in assisting the patients by giving suggestions to the patients about their health problems. AI will replace the doctors in the future but keeping in mind, the increasing demand of doctors in Australian society, and the doctors will not face any risks due the AI but rather it will assist the medical practitioners in providing better health services to the patients.

AI in Taxi Service

Taxi driver is considered as one of the occupations that is always being a famous profession in the every society. Taxi industry became one of the most advanced and technologically developed industry which is entirely focused on the customer demands and providing superior customer service globally.

Different training programs have been introduced in the market to comply with changing demands and skills of the drivers including dispatch services which are high-tech in nature, introduction of advanced GPS systems in the society and advanced security systems necessary for the security of the customer as well as the taxi drivers. These advancements in the profession became mandatory for every taxi driver for their progression in the society.

In this modern and technologically advanced era, taxi service has continuously occupied its position in the leading industries of the society.

Positive impact in the taxi industry by the artificial intelligence. This is primarily because of the new technological advancements and introduction of innovative systems in the industry which have provided confirmed revolutionary changes in the experiences related to the taxi services. Some of the new advancements include the new technologies related to the security of the customers.

These devices have encouraged the customers to enroll themselves in the taxi service experience who were hesitant in availing this facility due to safety concerns. Security alarm systems are introduced in the taxi that help in quick access to the security institution and provide immediate help to the customers as well as the taxi drivers. The security systems are beneficial for the customers as well as the taxi drivers because they are developed for the assistance of both of the parties.

However, the introduction of autonomous cars has made the future of this occupation risky because it has eliminated the use of Taxi drivers. These robotic cars will have sensors in their systems which will provide an ultimate risk free drive to the customers in the future. In addition to the sensors, they will be having lasers, infrared, radar and other technological advanced features that will help in providing tremendous experience to the customers in difficult weather conditions including raining, foggy and extreme poor lighting conditions.

Road accidents are a major concern for every society and it has been estimated that more than one million people suffer from road accidents resulting in major injuries and expiration of the victims. This new advancement will provide road safety to the customers and the probability of road accidents will be reduced to the minimum level.

Artificial intelligence associated with this occupation will provide cost effectiveness, increasing the profitability of the business. It will reduce almost all of the cost associated to the taxi service including gas cost, insurance and maintenance cost of the vehicle because it will drive the car in a very controlled manner ultimately reducing all the costs. A continuous pick and drop service will be provided to the customers which will be more safe and cost effective for the customers as well as the businesses.

AI in Teaching Profession

Teachers are the one the most important occupation of every country. It has been playing a vital role in enhancing skills and knowledge of the children. The demand of the teaching professions has shown increase in every society. Demands of teaching profession have shown a rapid increase.

The technological advancements in the field of teaching profession will incur numerous benefits. It has been observed that the artificial intelligence will help the teachers in delivering more efficient and competent knowledge to the students through more effective means.

The robotic tutors will play a vital role in observing and invigilating the students all the time without any issue because a single teacher is not capable of invigilating all of the students at the same time. Every student is different from the other; some students require more attention as compared to the others, in this situation artificial intelligence will be very beneficial in providing extra time and assistance to the weal students. This assistance will result in academic improvement of the student as well as it will increase the performance of the teacher as well.

Artificial intelligence has been observed to be an effective medium for enhancing the performance of the teacher by providing assistance and this will ultimately make their lives easier with the help of their ultimate help and provision of educational and academic assistance.

Impact of AI in Future

The technological advancements associated with the AI revolt will led to creation, innovation relation to the human assistance. This artificial intelligence will ultimately provide help in almost every field of life. Human capital will not be needed for most of the work but these robotic inventions will help in performing the task quickly and more efficiently as compared to the human. This artificial intelligence has eradicated the safety risks associated with the human in performing some specific tasks.

The full time contracts involved in the human capital will be shifted to temporary and selective employment contracts. Artificial intelligence will ultimately become the compulsion for every filed of life. In almost every occupation, including doctors, taxi drivers and teachers will have a negative as well positive influence of these technological developments.

The negative impacts of this technology is the issue of unemployment. Unemployment is a major concern in most of the developing countries… It will replace almost all of the human capital in future resulting in a massive unemployment issue. The easy and respective task performed by the human capital will be replaced entirely by the robots. This will increase the demand of competitiveness of the human capital.

In future there will be an increased demand for executive workforce with special skills and social capabilities. Creativity, innovativeness and flexibility will be more preferred in the future because of the competition created by artificial intelligence. The culture of innovativeness and creativity will be promoted and in order to cope up with the demand of the future the leadership of the companies should have essential technological knowledge and the challenges of this artificial intelligence should be kept in mind in order to excel in the future. Flexibility in the management will be mandatory because adaptation towards the change is the basic principle to be successful in the future.


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