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Educational technology is currently one of the fastest-growing sectors in the world. India, also known for many famous education institutes, offers a comprehensive platform for education technology companies in India to grow.

Individuals think little of the significance of schooling in view of the shame of exiting; instruction is indispensable. The pupil-teacher ratio is skewed in India. To counter this problem, educational technology companies offer online learning platforms and applications with engaging games, personalized interactions with students for better understanding, and a solid foundation for fun learning.

Before moving towards the best educational technology companies, you must first understand what educational technology companies are and their business.

What are Education Technology Companies?

Edtech is a fusion of two words, education and technology, which means changing the way of learning by using IT in student learning. Enhance student learning by making them learn through various fun activities and improving their educational outcomes.

Since many educational technology companies come up with the same concept with some different features, below are the best educational technology companies to know in 2021.

The Explosive Growth Potential of the Educational Technology Market

For 2018, US educational technology companies alone raised $ 1.45 billion in investments. In addition, investments in the Chinese EdTech industry represent 44.1% of the $ 16.34 billion invested globally during 2018. Growth in the Chinese EdTech market has been exponential, where the number of education users in line exceeded 423 million in March 2020.

As the EdTech market proceeded to develop and make new instructive stages, more new businesses joined the market, offering custom items that by and by resound with end-clients. The already growing demand for online education was further fueled by the COVID-19 pandemic when schools and universities were closed worldwide.

By January 2020, there were a handful of EdTech companies valued at more than $ 1 billion. The US educational technology industry raised more than $ 2.2 billion in funding in 130 deals, according to the EdSurge fund database. It is also estimated that by 2025, investment in the EdTech sector will grow to $ 8 trillion globally.

10 Top Education Technology Companies to Know 2021


Coursea offer classes from more than 150 major universities, including Stanford and Duke, in an open online format. More than 20 million students have explored fields including data science, philosophy, and fashion through the platform’s suite of video conferencing, self-graded homework assignments, and discussion forums.


Schoology learning the executives framework, planned basically for K-12 study halls, accentuates joint effort and fun. The system allows children to work and chat together. Also, it  offers teachers a single portal for administrative tasks, including lesson planning, grading, and administering quizzes.

Course hero

It is an online learning centre that ensures students are prepared for graduation through online courses and exam preparation. The educational technology platform features specific study materials from small campus courses and many of the world’s leading universities alike, with textbook resources, 24/7 homework help, and infographics, all available through Course. Hero too.

Teachers pay Teachers

In an online marketplace called Etsy for Education teachers buy and sell worksheets, lesson plans and other educational resources for grades pre-K-12. Moreover, since its inception in 2006, the site has become even more relevant as districts across the country embrace the Common Core Standards learning objectives.

Guild Education

Guild Education helps working adults continue their employer-funded education with online courses from more than 80 colleges. Walmart, for example, pays everything but $ 1 a day in business titles for its employees. Disney offers a similar plan.

Black Spectacles

Help educate and inspire architects around the world to prosper in their careers. are an online learning platform, offering ARE® preparation, software curriculum and professional insights from the best and brightest in the industry.

Snap! Raise

It simplifies group fundraising for sports teams and youth groups, replacing the hassle of door-to-door sales and flyers with customizable online campaigns. Also, its interface expands the reach of digital campaigns, requiring less time and workforce. 


The Remind app allows teachers, students, and student families to send text and voice messages over the phone, avoiding the hassle of privacy of exchanging real phone numbers. Moreover, with 31 million monthly users, the platform simplifies the communication of school-related deadlines and goals.


On Seesaw’s student engagement platform, children complete assignments, which teachers can select from a built-in library of activities through drawing, photography, video recording, and writing.

Rosetta Stone

Through Rosetta Stone software and web services, students can acquire proficiency in 30 languages, including English. Furthermore, the curriculum, which combines listening, speaking, and writing, often returns to fundamental concepts.

List of Top Education App Development Companies 

Here, we will discuss the best educational app development companies. These companies help you out in finding the perfect partner for EdTech app development.


Founded in 2009, AppStudio is a 150-employee company with a decade-long track record of engineering innovative, robust, and scalable applications. From ideation to execution, strategy based on innovation, design, architecture, development and maintenance services focuses on your business. In addition, AppStudio is a mobile app and education software development company recognized among Clutch’s top app development companies and top developers.


Zazz is a reputable application development company serving education, food, healthcare, e-commerce, etc. The experienced team in the industry provides solutions that are not only cost-effective but help their clients to stay strong in the competition. Furthermore, they have more than 300 Live Apps in both the App Store and the Google Play Store. Zazz has been awarded and recognized among the Fortune 500 companies.

App Incubator

App Incubator is a multi-award-winning digital solutions provider for its expertise in building robust web- and mobile-based systems and applications. Appincubator offers simple to complex cloud-based mobile applications with the help of developers who have experience across a broad spectrum. Moreover, they have served almost every industry, from healthcare to education. In addition, they have excellent management and quality control processes to ensure fast delivery.

Clear Bridge

Clearbridge has been delivering innovative solutions to industries for over a decade. The application development team constantly pushes your efforts to deliver next-generation application solutions. However, while the design team ensures that the application looks impressive, intuitive, and generates maximum engagement.

TWG – The Working Group

TWG is an established IT services company that provides enterprise-grade web and mobile application development solutions. Also, they deliver projects for unique business processes. The team has gained experience in vast and fashionable technologies.

How About Your E-Learning Startup?

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