Booming Demand For IoT Applications Changing The Market Dynamics

demand for IoT Applications

IoT technology fundamentally connects smart devices and material things to create a remotely controlled network for real-time data exchange and communication. The IoT-connected devices control by automatic capabilities and can function effectively and remain accessible to the users 24/7.

These embedded ‘stuff’ networks include electronic devices, analytics software & servers, mini-sensors, and database management systems that cleverly allow objects to gather and exchange data.

Individuals can turn the current state of disengaged elements into a much-regulated and coordinated link using IoT-enabled solutions where interactions between different objects remain uninterrupted. 

IoT Market Segmentation

Internet of Things ( IoT ) penetration also is on the rise in our daily lives. IoT and Android developers are working to make IoT applications as user-friendly as possible. The global market is about to reach $520 billion by 2021, representing an increase of around 50 percent in each successive year since 2017.

Some of the significant segments of the IoT market are-

IoT in General

Connected devices form part of an ecosystem in which each device talks to other connected devices in a home automation network. The devices related to customers include smart TVs, smart speakers, toys, wearables, and wearable watches. Smart meters, safety systems, and technologies

Smart Home

IoT home automation is becoming slowly but gradually a part of everyday life around the world. The global smart home automation market expects to reach USD 40 billion by 2020. Most intelligent IoT home automation devices allow you to control the devices via an app or even voice commands.

  • Scheduled light turns on / off, and their intensity may change.
  • Smarter Doors by an app or facial recognition will make this possible.
  • You can remotely control your home thermostat via Apps
  • When you wake up, smart alarms will play music or even tell you the news. 

Industrial IoT-

The sensors in Industrial IoT work by measuring a given machine’s sound frequencies, vibrations, and temperature to tell whether operating in its usual state. This method – known as condition monitoring – is time-intensive when it is performed manually by humans. Prediction becomes easier by using sensors to gather and quickly analyze data points in the cloud.

IoT platforms-

IoT platforms emerged as IoT middleware, acting as a mediator between the hardware layers and the applications. Its primary tasks included collecting device data over various protocols and network topologies, configuring and controlling remote devices, managing devices, and updating firmware over the air.

IoT Security-

IoT helps to create safer cities, homes, and businesses by providing smart security and surveillance solutions for both private and public organizations to monitor facilities and open spaces securely and remotely in real time.

  • To remotely monitor, manage, and control surveillance devices.
  • Make smarter decisions to take based on safety conditions in real-time.
  • Determine false alarm occurs without having to inspect physically
  • Collecting and analyzing data to enhance security processes and applications significantly.

Significant challenges in the IoT industry-21

Along with the protection of IoT software development as a concern, a few more key instances should consider while designing an IoT app:

Data exchange security-

It is critical to understand that transferring information from IoT sensing units. Systems to a network or entrance kept in the cloud afterward. Ensuring that the data file encryption protocol will follow during device creation is essential.

Cloud storage security-

It is difficult for IoT app developer to ensure that the IoT devices  are protecting and capable of data security. The IoT developers also address appropriate gain access and permission.

Connectivity issue-

The relevance of the development of the Internet of Things application is the transmission of data in real-time. Lousy communication is a  significant issue in the  IoT industry. In which IoT sensing units are called upon to track, process data, and provide information.

Cross-platform compatibility-

IoT implementations will generate in the context of future technological adjustments. IoT development thus requires a combination of the functions of the software and hardware.

IoT in the healthcare sector-

Healthcare industries can benefit greatly. Consultants can speak to patients very quickly with wearable devices. Some immersive mobile healthcare applications such as help around, Insight Optics, & Medicine to bring doctors on your doorstep.

Personalization in retail-

The implementation of IoT will make this system even more successful in retail. Advancement in retail with IoT will bring a new shopping era, which will make it a better customer experience.

Cloud computing-

Cloud computing is one of the vital security developments that will be the future of IoT data protection. Computers with internet connectivity can sometimes be dangerous, and spyware downloads may be at stake with your data. With cloud computing, smartphones, vehicles, and wearable devices various malware records.

IoT sensors & security-

IoT not only made its benchmark in the technological world but also entered our house to fix our smart solutions problems. With IoT’s help, the integration of sensors in aircraft, warehouses, and vehicles will make it operate extremely smoothly and rapidly.


The demand for IoT app development set & merge with other technologies to make life easy and intelligent. While these above emerging trends in IoT technologies will be a good beginning, you will still need someone to help with the process with a full-fledged IoT app development.

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