Top 10 Magento Development Companies in Toronto – Comprehensive Reviews

Magento Development
Magento Development Companies in Toronto

Magento is one of the highly successful and enticing e-commerce platforms in the world. More needed by e-commerce firms, it provides a variety of features that can make it a must-have framework on sites. 

Let’s discuss to hire magento developer from the top 10 Magento development services in Canada. It can help to leads a significant increase in your sales and revenue growth.

Top 10 Magento Development Companies in Toronto:


Appstudio honored to be a leader in the global  Magento developer in eCommerce network. Dedicated to digital transformation, we work as an eCommerce app development firm specializing in B2B and B2C deployments. 

AppStudio includes technology innovation and channel integration to expand your eCommerce company and employ a  mobile app development company. They have the most creative strategy for ensuring continuity and positive results.


One of the world’s top ecommerce application development firms, Zazz, has hand executed various projects to brands and marketers around the globe. Pioneers on the Magento Platform, Zazz has engaged in-house professionals working to turn client eCommerce needs and objectives into reality.

Hire app designers from Zazz as they offer full professional services. It includes strategy, UX design, development, optimization and system integration such as Magento hosting, application installation, site maintenance.

Unified Infotech:

Unified Infotech, indeed an award-winning Magento development firm in Toronto working with multinational corporations, SMEs or forward-thinking Start-Ups. Their services end-to-end includes access for customized software, web and mobile applications.


Eleks is the top 100 global outsourcing company in the world. They work with business clients and small and medium-sized companies to maximize their value through creative technologies. These include custom software creation, product design, quality control, R&D, smart groups, maintenance and support services.

Dot H Digital:

Dot H Digital is well known for creating the most creative & eye-catching smartphone applications & websites. They provide a wide range of personalized services in mobile applications, website development, AR-VR advancement, game design, blockchain technology and more.

Backbone Technology:

Backbone technology is a full-service technology consulting firm specializing in digital product creation and focusing on helping businesses maximize their true market potential through strategy, design, magento updates and technology solutions.


Web4You is a premium digital transformation consulting and software development firm that offers cutting-edge innovative solutions to help Fortune 500 businesses and business customers unravel challenging problems that often occur during their data visualization journey.


Symetris are project leaders and developers accredited for system design. Their project leadership and validated approach are the outcomes of 15 years of dynamic web solutions. Symetris has professional developers and designers authorized for system design. 


Optasy is a Canadian digital business, marketing and web development services. They have delivered online solutions to a wide range of Canadian and international companies with excellent results. They have diversified magento ecommerce solutions and become specialists in a wide variety of in-house expertise that meets a strict process designed to produce best-in-class performance.

Quantum mob:

At Quantum Mob, they help address complex business challenges with digital solutions. Their world-class team is here to help clients to introduce, scale and transform the work that millions of people have done in more than 150 countries around the world. 

Top 10 Magento Development Companies In Canada

Concluding Words:

Hundreds of small and large companies participate in e-commerce design and development through recruiting software designers. We are Appstudio, Talk with us & our prominent team to give you loads of reasonable strategies for Magento’s website & store technology solutions on schedule and within budget.

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