10 Mistakes to Circumvent During The eCommerce Website Development

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ecommerce mistakes to avoid 2021

Learn about the top 10 ecommerce website mistakes to avoid when creating an ecommerce website for your business. In the current trend, e-commerce is ruling the Internet. There are numerous ecommerce startups available in the market in the current situation. 

Even though there are numerous startups present, only a few of them can survive in the field. So the rest of the companies will leave the market. This is due to some ecommerce website mistakes made by those ecommerce companies.

List of Top 10 Mistakes to Avoid While eCommerce Website Development 

#1 Begin eCommerce Web Development With the Wrong Platform 

The well-known and common mistake while eCommerce website development is choosing the wrong platform for website development. You must select a platform that suits your business requirements and has all the necessary elements to develop the web store. Most of the entrepreneurs choose Shopify, Magento and WordPress woocommerce, the main platforms for eCommerce website development, to build their online stores.

#2 Have No Images

Customers judge your website by its cover. If it is pleasing to the eye, it is interesting and therefore attractive to the visitor. Nobody bothers to read the lengthy blogs and extensive descriptions that he includes on his website. Images, video tutorials, and graphics work much better. Incorporating the logos and brands of popular companies into your store is a sure way to capture the attention of both current and potential customers. They are likely to be drawn to websites that feature well-known brands rather than those that don’t have images or logos to prove the product’s authenticity. Of course, you will have to obtain the companies’ copyright before adding their logos to your website.

#3 Not Guaranteeing a Responsive Layout

With more and more people (in fact 51% of adults) using their mobile phones to browse and shop, if you don’t make sure your site is responsive, you are on the fast track to failure. You must serve your mobile users and provide them with a seamless experience when they browse your e-commerce site on their mobile devices. You are likely to do better if you use a popular, fail-safe theme with just a few tweaks to customize it for your business. Only if a unique design is essential to your brand should you do it.

#4 Not Providing a Search Engine

When potential customers know exactly what they want to buy, they will likely use a search engine to focus on the product instead of going through filters and categories, which will waste their time, making a search engine essential for your online store. Again, you have to make sure that it is appropriate and that it offers the user options to filter some results because a search can return dozens and sometimes even hundreds of results, which means that the customer has to go through all of them. Depending on the digital marketing services provider, make sure your e-commerce portal has a built-in search engine that allows users to search using keywords and has filters that allow you to refine those results based on criteria.

#5 Not having the Native Mobile Apps

More than 50% of users access the Internet on their mobile phones. Therefore, every e-commerce entrepreneur should have a website designed not only for desktop users but also for mobile device users. IOS and Android applications are very necessary for all eCommerce stores. We build the mobile app and engage with customers regularly.

#6 Excessive Use of Pop-Ups

Ads are a great way to earn some extra money if you use them wisely. A study reveals that more than 55% of the visitors who enter your website leave it in the first minute. You have a really short period to convince the visitor and attract their interest. Pop-up ads are eye-catching and very effective in grabbing the user’s attention. The graphics used in these short ads efficiently advertise your product or related products. Plus, you can also earn some money by featuring these ads in your ecommerce space. Pop-up windows can be irritating and often overwhelm the user to leave the website earlier than expected if they cannot access the information on the website.

#7 Lack of Shipping Options 

More often, customers expect to have a shipping option. Please do your best to provide a variety of shipping options in terms of price and delivery time. It isn’t easy to convince a customer to purchase from your store if there is only one shipping option, and that also costs so much the amount of the product that he/she is buying. 

To provide more shipping options, because it will surely improve your business. Diversifying your shipping options also helps in the event of a natural disaster or another work stoppage; Even if a carrier is effective, he may still fulfil orders by switching to a different supplier.

#8 Incomplete Contact Information

According to most surveys, the About Us page is the most visited page on any website. Almost all visitors want to know the company’s geographic location from which products are shipped, even if the store is online. Instead of using a generic email address, it is better to create a separate email that includes your domain name and can be instantly recognized.

#9 Moderate Loading Speed

The slow loading speed of the website will put off customers, causing you to lose customers in seconds. The high website loading speed can improve user experience and help drive more traffic to your website, increasing sales of your products. It is better to ensure that your website is loading at a good speed by optimizing the website code and investing in a better hosting server.

Time to Wind-up

Today, tech-savvy online shoppers are not only looking for profitable product deals, but they are also expecting a convenient shopping experience. Therefore, when developing an e-commerce website, you need to know to make your website more attractive to visitors. Therefore, you should avoid making these simple eCommerce mistakes to expand your business globally and increase your website rankings. AppStudio is the renowned web and mobile app development company in Toronto, Canada, that provides eCommerce web development services with an amazing user experience for visitors.


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