Top 10 Progressive Web App Development Companies in Canada

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Progressive Web App Development

A progressive web application takes advantage of new technologies to integrate a prominent solution. In the following article, we will be discussing why advanced web app development is integrating with various businesses & List of top PWA app development services provided by leading companies. 

Think of it as a website that uses web technology, but behaves and feels like an app. When opposed to a native application in the respective app stores, innovative web apps take advantage of the much broader web environment, plugins and community and the relative simplicity of installing and maintaining a website.

Why Progressive Web Apps?

Research has shown that, for every move between the first interaction of the user with the app. When the user begins to use the app, an app loses 20 percent of its users.

Push notification mobile apps gain up to three times more retention than their counterparts. Furthermore, since specific resources reside on the computer, a well-designed mobile application uses fewer data and is much faster.

Without the difficulties involved in maintaining a mobile application, a progressive web application takes advantage of the capabilities of a mobile app. It results in increasing user engagement and performance.

List of Top 10 Progressive Web App Development Companies in Canada:


With its outstanding capabilities and world-class staff, Appstudio is recognized as one of the best app development companies in the app room. Appstudio team is an industry-leading for web, device and mobile app creation. They are known for offering specialized progressive web application development services, creative technologies and mobile app interaction.


Zazz is a known market pioneer in the creation of mobile apps & progressive web apps for different industries with customers around the globe. To shape your mobile app & web applications concept into reality, they utilize the latest technologies. Comprehensive solutions focused on the committed end-to-end phase of development are their core competency.


IQlance is a team of designers, developers and testers who are highly passionate and innovative. Intense business growth must have a splendid website & interactive app. Via first-grade web design, creation and web app development services, the organization seeks professionals to achieve their business objectives for progressive web app development.

Appspring Technologies

For our customers, Appspring technologies develop highly personalized progressive web apps development and mobile application development. They will turn your requirements, desires, ideas and visions into fully functional and reliable applications. It includes a combination of a highly qualified team, a comprehensive software development approach and an off-shore platform.

Alpine Coding Labs

Alpine Coding Labs is a leading PWA company covering a wide variety of technology and business applications for innovations, expertise, and talent. Their mission is to provide clients needing expertise in programming, technology integration, project management, or operations with a coordinated, one-stop-shop.

Nile Bits, LLC

For each business size, they make highly adaptable digital solutions. Nile Bits offers the best digital platforms that provide digital solutions that are flexible, versatile, and cost-effective. A team of world-class professionals provides you with proven progressive web app development experience.  It ensure that the service team offers companies with consistency and efficiency.


Monadical is one of the top PWA companies delivering solutions all around the globe. Operating out of Montreal, NYC and Medellin, we are a full-stack tech consultancy. They collaborate with a wide range of clients and ventures, apparent collaboration and remote teams, and open-source projects.


S-PRO is a technology partner for development. They help start-ups build revolutionary products and enable existing companies to meet customer-centric economic needs with the digitalization of their core processes. The S-PRO 150+ talent team has the experience and skills to have a sophisticated personal approach and to produce complex PWA solutions for the industry.

Swenson He

Swenson He is a passionate team of qualified professionals providing progressive web applications. As a full-service organization, the team provides enterprise and supported start-ups with product advice, technical plan execution and ongoing support. By concentrating on the performance of our customer having the user experience at the forefront of everything, toconsistently achieve superior results.


MapleBrains is a team of Top PWA Developers in Canada. Their team is proud to be a global supplier of IT services and solutions with diverse technology experience. They  provide high-end creative, future-centred mobile applications, web apps, software to various consumer segments. 

Wrapping it:

More and more firms are now pursuing the concept of using PWAs. This is the right time for you to explore PWAs and improve the way customers communicate with your company. It is particularly for start-ups and businesses that do not already have a native app.

Talk with us to find out details as per the business needs and project requirements.


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