Top 10 App Development Companies in Dallas

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Dallas is one of the prosperous commercial cities of Texas, USA. The city is home to important industries such as defense, finance, IT, telecommunications, transportation, life sciences, etc. Today, every enterprise wants to do business through mobile apps, and Dallas is the place for it.

The city, which is home to many Fortune 500 companies, has seen an enormous increase in mobile app development companies over the years. It’s pretty comprehensive, as Dallas had already achieved 85% smartphone penetration in 2015, which was the highest in the US at the time. The top application engineers in Dallas are profoundly talented and behind probably the most mainstream applications, you utilize each day.

List of Top 10 Dallas Mobile App Development Companies

We’ll take a look at the emerging market-leading mobile app development companies in Dallas. All of these companies offer robust application solutions that help your business generate revenue.


AppStudio is a leading mobile application development company offering a wide range of services to clients of all sizes and industries. Its development team designs and builds mobile and web applications that are compatible with Internet of things devices and virtual reality software. They create innovative applications such as mobile games, AR, virtual reality, machine learning, and productivity software on behalf of their clients.


Zazz is a trusted app developer in Dallas serving clients around the world. However, the company offers web & mobile application development services that incorporate custom design & ongoing maintenance. Their team has experience building applications for all platforms, including iOS, Android, Windows, and Xamarin, and cross-platform applications that work on multiple or all platforms.

App Incubator

App Incubator is a web and mobile application development agency serving companies around the world. Its developers have experience in creating applications for iOS, Android, and Windows devices. Their team uses leading-edge technologies to create dynamic, easy-to-use applications that withstand minimal downtime. App Incubator has built apps like Event Slack and Shopwell. Other services include WordPress and Joomla website development, UX design, and e-commerce web development.

Semaphore Mobile

Semaphore Mobile is a custom application development company in Dallas. Semaphore’s mobile practice primarily focuses on mobile app development and provides UX / UI design, web design, and e-commerce development services. Despite a small team, clients range from startups to Fortune 100 firms.


ENO8 creates mobile applications that improve user experience and increase engagement on behalf of clients in Dallas. The company has experience in developing applications for iOS, iPhone, Android, and hybrid applications that work on multiple platforms.

The BHW Group

The BHW Group is a software development company that works with companies in Dallas. The company’s team of full-stack developers and UX engineers deliver mobile apps and software that improve engagement and drive ROI. The software development team has extensive experience working with iOS and Android platforms to create dynamic mobile apps.

Copper Mobile

Copper Mobile is a digital marketing and application development agency serving businesses in and around Dallas. Also, the company creates apps for mobile and web devices, including those running iOS or Android. However, additional services include web design and development, ongoing web and application maintenance, and cloud hosting.


Retrocube offers digital solutions for businesses of all sizes in Dallas. The company designs applications for iOS and Android and web and customer relationship management software, tracking applications, and chat applications. Moreover, the company offers services like website design and strategic consulting.


Epsilon is a web and mobile app development firm in Dallas. Its team of more than 36 employees provides custom software development, Custom Android Application Development, and web development services for businesses, medium and small businesses.

Touch Tap

Touch tap is a Dallas-based mobile application development agency established in 2015. Their team of 4 provides mobile application development services, web development, custom software development, and application management and support.

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Final Thoughts

We position the top mobile app development companies in Dallas to help potential clients make informed decisions regarding their Top iPhone app development company project and Android application development project. Our rigorous research process consists of analyzing several critical parameters, such as a company’s experience in mobile application development, total experience in the application market, application portfolio, market penetration, and many others. So you are an app development service seeker, please contact app developers to work with the best mobile app development company located in Dallas.


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