Top 13 Mobile App Development Trends: Where The World is Going


Mobile apps rule the future. They influence the smallest aspects of our everyday lives. For virtually all human needs, there are smartphone applications. With mobile app trends and development patterns, it is more important to be updated.

2022 is coming soon, and not everyone can be involved in what this height of the decade gives us with its mobile technologies. In particular, what are the key trends predicted to be in mobile app growth in 2022 when it relates to the global IT community? Let’s look at some of the most popular features of next-year tech.

Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality:

In 2017, AR & VR in the gaming and entertainment field was groundbreaking. Games like Pokemon Go, iOnRoad, Sky Siege, and myNav are shining examples of AR games. However, popularity is gaining from VR devices such as Samsung Gear VR, Google Cardboard, and Oculus Rift.

Although VR does not expect to show exponential growth, however by the time 2022 ends, AR application development will run towards its peak. It can also be a winning factor for your company’s success to hire an app programmer.

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning:

The convergence of the mobile app with Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence has made our mobile environment even more popular. Moreover, AI and ML have dominated mobile apps growth patterns and made our lives simpler.

Different complex business processes can streamline and efficiency improves by companies. They quickly pick up on the recognition of customer interests, user-specific feedback, and online business simplification.

Internet of Things (IoT):

The most innovative technology that is taking the technology market by storm is the Internet of Things (IoT). These technologies have provided users with a convenient environment for connecting in real-time to various IoT-enabled gadgets.

A real-time example of that is Home Automation. Smartphone users can operate the many electronic devices that are accessible at home. The Internet of Things would become the preferred option for developers of mobile apps in the coming years.

Wearable Devices:

For years, wearable technology has gained traction upward, too. However, to provide their consumers with a seamless experience, many organizations have incorporated this technology into their ecosystem. In smartwatches, fitness bands, and trackers, the use of this innovation can see. Via these IoT-enabled devices, an app can monitor all of the individual’s activities in a day.

Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP):

The lower variant of an HTML page is Google Accelerated Mobile Page (AMP). In architecture, it makes the mobile pages light, resulting in quicker loading time. This is a development among mobile apps developers as complex websites design into a responsive interface that suits all mobile devices.

Moreover, this shows a great experience and overall efficiency for smartphone devices. Google has a Smartphone Browsing Index where the search for AMP Web pages is higher.

Cloud-Based Android Apps:

Smartphone users have recently created demands and wishes for cloud-based mobile apps. As a result, all mobile device plans have become complicated and highly highlight-based parcel plans. Mobile Apps currently needed more cell phone space, and space operating with the mobile application became part languid without the cloud. 

A cloud-based framework that straightens out the weight in piling weighty information is the best mobile app engineers looked for. A Cloud-based application’s superior advantageous role is its inherent actions to access it from wherever and whenever.

5G Technology:

The launch of 5G innovations has had a significant influence on developments in mobile apps’ production. Furthermore, 5G mobile phone technology projects to deliver a tenfold reduction in latency while improving overall network efficiency and traffic capacity. 5G would be up to 100 times faster and better compared to 4G, according to the different mobile network providers around the world.

In the end, the versatility of mobile apps will improve with 5G technology on mobile phones. Thus, without having a significant impact on the app’s quality and efficiency, developers would have to add more functionality.


The way companies communicate with customers through mobile phones is altered by chatbots. Chatbots allow mobile android app development services to respond quicker and better to the requests of customers. These demands include food storage facilities, transport networks, and online shopping.

Mobile Wallets:

The number of users of mobile wallets grew in 2022. Different industries are already using this technology to enhance consumer and company experience. The most frequently used mobile wallets and payment gateways are Google Pay and Apple Pay. The aim should be to enhance accuracy and protection in 2022.

Beacons Technology:

Beacons are small transmitters which by sending Bluetooth signals to other devices, simplify location-based searching. These are the components of positioning systems for indoor use. This technology will provide customers with more personalized service.

Your customer base can increase by a robust mobile app and a Beacon system, simple mapping built and a capable product display introduced. Your target audience can also identify through beacons, and tailored deals can extend to potential clients.

Instant Mobile Apps:

Instant apps are small software programs that allow users to use parts of a native app without installing them on a computer. These apps are native containers with connections to a device’s hardware and, since you do not download them, do not take space on the device.

For software demonstrations, native apps are useful. Demos allow you to get a preview of the full version of an app before deciding to buy it. Such applications reach out to inspire target markets to install the entire package.

Predictive Analytics:

Through analyzing vast quantities of data, predictive analytics predicts events in the future. The forecast focuses on statistics, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and data mining approaches.

To optimize user experiences around the UX/UI, companies like Google, Apple, and Facebook have already implemented AI-based predictive analytics.

Flutter by Google:

Flutter is a Google-developed open-sourced UI toolkit. Its helps developers to create either Android or cross-platform iOS application development. This kit contains everything you need for native applications built. It consists of ready-made widgets, APIs for testing and integration, command-line tools, and a rendering engine.

Wrapping Up Note:

Mobile applications are becoming more advanced in an increasingly digitized world. New technologies exploit each software upgrade and product version. A steady-state of change is the consequence. That does not mean, however, that you should be tempted to use all patterns. Select the technologies wisely. Your needed network bandwidth, storage space, and processing power can be affected by new technologies.

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