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React Native developed by Facebook is offering multiple benefits over traditional methods of app development. It’s more agile and offers unique advantages over its competitors. If you are looking for an agency to develop a new project, have a look at these top 10 React Native development companies in Vancouver.

When Developing Mobile Applications We have several options:

Native Apps

Go on the native side, that is, create our app with Objective-c or Swift if it is for IOS or Java if it is for Android. So if we want it to work for both IOS and Android platforms we have to have at least two developers, one for IOS and another for Android which implies a double cost when developing a single mobile app or having a single developer for both platforms which is not recommended in terms of time for development; In addition, we cannot reuse any of the components between platforms (double work).The great advantage of this option is that our apps feel and behave in a completely native way.


Choose the Cross-Platform path with options such as Cordova that basically what they do is wrap and run the application in a browser that is inside a native container (Webview), which implies that a web developer can create mobile applications using web technologies, you already know very well. The great advantage of this option is that a web developer does not have to learn new languages ​​and tools in addition to what he already knows (HTML, CSS, and JS) to create mobile apps. The disadvantage of this option is that running in a browser and not in a native environment loses that “charm” that native applications have.

Choose React-Native which is a Cross-Platform option (almost like Cordova) but still offers us that “charm” of native applications.

What is React-Native?

React-Native is a platform developed by Facebook, open-source for the development of completely native cross-platform mobile applications using React and therefore our beloved JavaScript. At the time of writing this article, we can create applications for IOS, Android, and Ubuntu.

To start creating mobile applications with React-Native we have to keep in mind:

  • React-Native is not a Webview, everything that runs is absolutely native
  • Our applications do not run in a browser so we do not have DOM, CSS, etc.
  • By not having CSS, how do we design our application? React-Native solves this problem using a subset of CSS properties.
  • The application being written in JavaScript, allows us to have access to the large number of modules that are available to us in package managers with NPM. The only restriction is that libraries do not depend on the Browser or Node.js.
  • We have to use React and how to do things to react, which is good.
  • React-Native offers us some polyfills or shims for Fetch, Sockets etc.
  • Testing an app made in React-Native is like testing any JS code.

On What Basis Does We Shortlist Top React Native App Development Companies

When it comes to the shortlist process of top react native development agencies, our experts make sure to check all the necessary requirements. Also, we mention the fact that the above-stated top react native app development companies style=”font-weight: 400;”> are not mentioned in any particular preference or order. Now, let’s look at the various parameters on which we have completed the listing decision:

Our team of analysts makes sure to regularly release exclusive annual reports with the latest insights and highly informative content. However, we feature only the top react native development agency from various industry verticals such as Flutter, Blockchain, E-commerce etc. Moreover, we ensure that only highly skilled developers should be selected.

Why Choose React-Native?

The great advantage of React-Native is that it uses the world’s most used programming language (JavaScript). The world’s largest package manager (NPM) which makes it very accessible & with a very low learning curve, in addition to offer developers access to any feature that native SDKs offer us.

Can we use it in Production?

Ok, all this sounds wonderful, we can use Javascript, NPM, React, Reduxetc and everything is completely native. But are you really ready for production? Are you ready for thousands or millions of people to use it? The answer is a complete yes, there are many applications, companies that are currently using it in production, including Facebook itself.

AppStudio is one of the major company handling contemporary technologies in Vancouver. We have long ago captured the major market share of app development in Vancouver, thanks to our skilled & experienced team members. If you want your project to be glitch-free and top-notch, do contact us for a road map and pricing.

If you have any questions about the top React native app development companies in Vancouver that are mentioned on the above list, connect with our team, we provide you an excellent solution.


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