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Vancouver is a city conducive to being the “Greenest of the world”, since it enjoys a privileged natural environment, surrounded by mountains and ocean, has spectacular fauna and flora, lots of eco-friendly shops, supports local commerce, is the North American leader in sustainable transport , and has a culture that is environmentally conscious (which many other cities would like). If you are based in Vancouver or want to move here, you have taken the right decision.

Moreover, if you are here to apprehend the top and best android developers in the region, without wasting any of your time, here is our list:

Why Vancouver?

In the last 25 years, the population of Vancouver has grown by 34%, with an increase in employment of 30% and an increase in energy use by 15%, which makes Vancouver the fastest growing economy in Canada.  Vancouver’s vision for sustainability is presented in three parts: the Greenest City, Healthy City, and the Economic Action Strategy which makes it the popular destination for businesses related to technology, clients, and developers. That is probably the reason that you easily find efficient programmers related to android platform.

Today, we have several operating systems that give much more than an average user needs for day to day, or even forever. These operating systems give the user so many options for connectivity, personalization and/or as a gaming platform, that he does not know which system is best suited for him or his business. However, we are always here to help you decide.

The Usability of Android

Talking about Android, it’s a free development system based on Linux and open source. Anyone can pick up the code and adapt it to a smartphone or tablet. That is why many manufacturers choose Android as the first option to include in their devices. And of course, both terminal with Android of good quality has ended up making this a quite productive claim. Any company that takes out a medium-performance Android terminal gets good sales.

Android is not just for smartphones and tablets. Although not finish off the idea, Android is present in clocks (smartwatch), ovens, projectors, televisions, etc. It is so malleable and adaptable that we can model the code to work on almost anything. And although making our functional application in an appliance can be a somewhat tedious job, it is certainly an incentive that makes this operating system unique and unmatched.

Besides, in the field of smartphones and from Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, remember that the user interfaces (phone and tablet) were unified. The thing that does not happen in any other system.

Widgets aside (which can speak for themselves through images), Android is customizable throughout. We can change from the status bar to complete system (ROM) through keyboards, MODs for whatever you can think of, applications of a camera, audio, video, setting the processor, toggles, etc.

If we do not like how we have the device and, as I said above, we have put a ROM, surely there are different visual modifications for it. The great Android banner is customization. No two terminals are the same. And if there are, it is because they both agreed to choose everything.

Android is also a leader in the philosophy of the Cloud. Without a doubt, one of the best aspects of our operating system is data synchronization. Either from a specific application or applications between them. Synchronizing data between applications or with an external server is done easily and sometimes hidden from the face of the user. Android allows us to have our contacts, music, documents or multimedia and mail always at our fingertips natively. And if we include the options offered by third-party applications, it is a non-stop thing.

Social networks, GPS and/or location through networks, speech recognition, and synthesis, navigation, multimedia aspect … everything. Android stands out for its large number of services, both productive and multimedia. If you want to know more about the platform, you can always browse our blog where we have plenty of posts or just contact us for clarifications.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1.Why should I hire Android developers from Vancouver?

Since the last 25 years, Canada has witnessed substantial growth in terms of population, employment, energy generation, technology and much more. The Economic Action Strategy implemented by this capital city makes it a desirable destination for the businesses owners ready to invest in technology-related products and services. Evidently, Vancouver is an ideal place to hire proficient Android developers.

Q2.Are there any good android developers’ companies in Vancouver?

Yes, Vancouver has emerged as a technologically advanced hub with thousands of skilled professionals working phenomenally in the app development sphere.

Q 3.Why should I hire developers from AppStudio?

AppStudio is an award-winning Android app development company offering a wide variety of app development services to a diverse verticals. The deft team of android developers at AppStudio leave no stone unturned in excellently transforming your business digitally.


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