Which is the Best Android Gaming Development Company in Canada?

Android Game Companies

Mobile games have always been a big part of the mobile phone industry. The mobile video game design and development industry have been one of the fastest-growing companies in recent years. Many reasons could have had an impact on this. The first could be the rise of the smartphone revolution that changed the world we know. The second, the growing popularity of video games.

Canada is the number one destination for quality and unique mobile games, thanks to the world’s best mobile app developers and designers here. These are the Game development companies in Canada that are producing outstanding results:

Top Game Development Companies in Canada


AppStudio is the world-leading and Canada’s best mobile game development company. The agency provides all development and maintenance-related services in budget. Their strength lies in the agile process, outstanding team members, and great communication skills. There is no other company with hundreds of android games in the top lists.


It is one of the best game developers in Latin America with its base in Seattle. The company has got an award-winning development process and testing mechanism. Zazz guarantees the best results in record time. Zazz has been awarded by Silicon Valley and is working with the world’s leading brands.


Ubisoft is another company with great skills and expertise. However, they lack creativity. Their main strength is huge manpower and traditional resources. Ubisoft is considered a veteran, developing games for many years now.


Yet to register a good name in the best mobile games android, Beenox is very popular in developing games for Windows, PlayStation, and other consoles. The company has a good number of developers, designers, and tackle big projects.

How to Develop a Game?

Globally, over the past few years, there have been over 194 billion video game downloads worldwide. Crazy, right? The future looks bright for this industry, so let’s find out how you can contribute to it. The below-mentioned tips are very vital in the development of mobile games of any type and especially for a game developer for android:

  1. First of all, one of the most important things in mobile and other games is the user experience. If you want your game to be attractive to users, it has to offer the best possible experience, so that people want to use the application again. Make sure the game design is correct and does not pixelate by changing the resolution.
  2. The second most important thing is that the controls are as intuitive as possible. Games that are too difficult to play are often forgotten much faster. Make sure the controls are easy enough to understand, and if they aren’t, make sure that the tutorials you’ve incorporated guide the player through all aspects of the game.
  3. Try adding an argument. Stories are a good method of making android mobile games or games, in general, attract users’ attention and make them feel engaged. If the story is interesting and satisfying, then the player will be willing to continue the process and make sense of the game.
  4. One of the most important factors in the game is music. Music in games defines the atmosphere and engaging feel. According to Appstudio Canada, it is very important to create an environment that matches the style of the game. If the music is too annoying or out of sync, you can encourage the user to remove it completely or enjoy it less.
  5. Users hate mistakes. Losing all progress due to a developer bug could be a fatal blow to your game. One way to solve this problem is by doing a lot of testing. It is important to test android mobile games through all the different aspects and game modes. It is to be sure that there will be no mass uninstalls due to a bug.

How to Develop Mobile Games on Android?

Android is the most used platform in the world, thanks to its open environment. Android is present in most of the smartphones globally and is a distinctive platform that is used by many manufacturers. We have seen a variety of android mobile phones with different screen sizes, hardware, and processing power. The best mobile games android are different from iOS and demand a unique strategy and specific processes. You must consider:

  • Compatibility: As said earlier, there are a variety of android devices available in the market by different manufacturers. Your android mobile games must be compatible and accessible for every device out there with different screen sizes.
  • Performance: Unlike iOS app game development, Android mobile phones come in a variety of budgets. There are high-end phones and extremely budget phones with much less performance power. You must develop a game that is accessible to most of the android users.
  • Storage: Similar to performance, budget android devices have very little memory. You should allow the game to be moved on an SD card or the best game developers always ensure a small size of the game. It will help users to instantly download the game and never uninstall it due to storage issues.
  • Testing: Now it’s clear that android games demand huge compatibility scenarios. The only way to handle it and deliver an error-free product is to ensure quality testing mechanisms. For example, AppStudio Canada has world-class testing techniques and resources that ensure top results.

Top Gaming Development Companies In Montreal

Android Game Design & Development Tools

Although previously creating a game could take years, today it can be done in record times. One of the reasons why the mobile gaming industry has grown so rapidly has been because of the development of toolkits and programming studios. The most used engines used by best game developers are:

  • Unity
  • Cocos 2D-x
  • SDK crown
  • Stencyl
  • GameMaker Studio
  • CryEngine

Development agencies like AppStudio Canada are at the forefront of this entertainment industry creating amazing products. The android mobile game development ensures a huge Return on investment and is very safe even in the current time of lockdown. According to the experts, mobile games are in the future trends for upcoming years. If you have an idea, don’t just sit but talk to the experts. With the right Android game developer, your mobile game could feature in the top lists. If you have any queries, talk to us!


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