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Angular 8 is arguably the most popular open-source web application framework. It is widely use by developer all over the world. In 2016, when Google launched Angular, many developers migrated to this prominent and robust framework.

Today, developers in large numbers use Angular. The community of developers using Angular are always waiting for all the periodic updates that Angular presents.

This time, Angular has presented its latest version, Angular 8.0, which consists of a high renderer processor: Ivy. In this blog, we will discuss one by one what Angular 8.0 brings on the table. Let’s begin

The Top 5 New Features of Angular 8 

In this section, you will get the list of five new features addition in the Angular 8 framework. Angular has many features to help all web & mobile app development company in Toronto, Canada, all over the globe. Besides, these new features give you a reason to be excited about the future of Angular.

TypeScript 3.4

The Angular 8 supports TypeScript 3.4, and it is required to run your Angular 8 project. So, you need to update your version to 3.4. TypeScript 3.4 introduces a new flag, which is known as incremental.

However, the incremental tells TypeScript to save information about the project graph from the last selection. Every time TypeScript is invoked with progressive, it will use that information to detect the least expensive way to verify and issue changes to your project.

Creative Web Workers Class

Angular 8 makes it simpler than ever to use web workers to handle CPU-intensive tasks in your applications. Version 8 of the Angular CLI contains a new schematic used with the ng to create command to design and update the essential files in your project to add an improved web worker.

The new and advanced files consist of a precise template for your web worker. You can worry less about pattern syntax and more easily focus on writing the code you require to run on a background thread.

Differential Loading

Differential loading is also a prominent feature that allows you to use version 8 of the Angular CLI to generate two different production bundles of your app. Attributes on the script tag in your HTML file enable the browser to request the most proficient package; modern browsers will require a bundle that uses ES2015 JavaScript syntax. It will be smaller than the legacy bundle that uses ES5 syntax to retain support for older browsers.

The differential loading is enabled by default while developing new apps with version 8 of CLI. But you can simply enable this feature on your existing apps by upgrading to Angular 8. To do so, you have to add a browser list configuration file, and setting the target option in your tsconfig.json file to es2015.

The results in your users with modern browsers get a smaller bundle that loads faster and puts a smile on their face.

Lazy Loading

The feature called lazy loading modules has been a best practice in Angular for quite a while. That hasn’t changed in edition 8.0, but instead of the proprietary syntax to allow lazy loading, the framework has adopted the most common dynamic import syntax widely used in client-side web development.

The new syntax builds less on parsing class names from strings and enables editors and IDEs to check that you are importing the correct elements.

Some best app developer companies in Canada, USA, UK, etc., explain that the lazy loading feature is the proficient one compared to others. 

  1. Availability of Ivy & Bazel 

After the release of Angular 8.0, a preview edition of Ivy is now obtainable for testing. Ivy is the new translation engine that produces small bundle size, and Bazel is the new build system. These both are correctly ready for use with Angular 8. 

The preview of these two should be available shortly. Ivy is a new compiler of Angular, and Angular 8 is a first release to provide a switch to opt-in into Ivy officially. To use Ivy in your assignment, you can instruct the Angular CLI to enable Ivy in your project using the enable-ivy switch. 

Ivy is presumed to be a by default rendering engine in Angular edition 9.

Bazel provides one of the advanced features of Angular 8 as a possibility to build your CLI application quickly.

The Prime Advantages of Bazel are:

  • The incremental build and tests.
  • Dynamic imports for lazy-loaded modules
  • It facilitates a chance to make your backends and frontends with the same application.

Concluding Thoughts on Angular 8 

Summarizing all the previous features of Angular 8, the team has undoubtedly done a great job of making the framework developers much more accessible and uncomplicated. The Angular 8 version seems a much more affordable solution focused on modern technological trends. Some people are searching for Angular developers in Toronto, Canada, etc., to design an eminent app. 

Thus, the added features like Ivy, route settings use Dynamic Imports, new build API in CLI, support for web workers, etc. With every new version, the framework is getting smoother and improving the Angular platform.


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