How to Build an E commerce Application Like Amazon?

Ecommerce Development
Online Shopping app like Amazon and Wish

Do you want to grow your business online through applications like Amazon or Wish? You must know a detailed process for creating your shopping app like both or even better in such a case. Well, for that, your application must be user-friendly or must be able to handle huge deals.

As per the latest data, people do about 14% of global retail sales online from various e-commerce platforms. And it is supposed to be increased to 22% by 2023, as per the growing trend. Therefore, this is the right time for eCommerce application development to bring your shop online for its customers.

Points to be Noted while Creating an Online Selling App

Given below are some essential points that every app developer must keep in mind while creating his app to sell things locally or globally.


There should be proper planning before designing any online selling apps. You must know which type of business or what you want to sell through your app. Planning must also include the goods and services you want to sell in an easy to use way.

Advanced Technology Integration

While designing the application, mobile app developers should focus on future technologies integrated into that app. Developers should consider technologies like voice command technology, AR/VR, Internet of Things, etc., while developing apps. These technologies will boost your existing app by making it more user friendly.

Provide user-friendly logins

Any application must be user-friendly, making it attractive when a visitor visits it for the first time to buy something. Customers avoid using applications that ask for personal information from them again and again. The application must allow anyone to browse it as a guest and open an account while buying goods/services.

Search Feature

While creating a free Ecommerce app, developers should ensure the template they are using must have search features embedded in it. It allows customers to find the product that they are interested in buying quickly. It will also help you a lot to learn what customers are expecting from your app.

Good Customer Support

Customer support is significant to improve the user’s experience. There should be a proper structure of the app that may help its users to complain about any problem. Users must complain about problems encountered while logging in or searching for the right product or payment option. It would be more beneficial if your app has a chatbot that will help the customers to fix their issues at the earliest.

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Quick Steps to Create a Mobile Shopping App

No matter what kind of mobile app you are making, developers should follow some general steps in each case. Given below are some steps that developers should follow to make their application easy-to-use for its customers:

Market Analysis

Whenever you are planning to do your business online, check your customer base, and integration. Try to identify the audience’s needs for showcasing your commodities to be assured of success. 

Features & Prototype

Once you are familiar with what you are designing and whom, get the app’s specification and prototype. Finalize features and functionality of the application as per the target audience. 

App Designing

Designing the shopping app is an important part that can need high market research. There should be proper UI/UX Design to help the app users interact with the app intuitively and understand the app better. 

Selecting the Right Platform

You must choose the perfect eCommerce platform while creating your shopping app to grow your business the most. Best iOS and Android app developers can help you to select at best one for the mobile app market.

App Development & Testing

Both development and testing play the most vital part in the creation process. Any professional software development company can make your task more straightforward. An application must be tested regularly and updated as per market requirements.

How much will a shopping app cost for you?

Are you worried about the cost of designing apps for your business? There are several factors responsible for the cost of your application. These factors include the complexity and time duration for app development, location, the eCommerce platform to release that app, etc. Given below is the basic formula that any mobile app development company uses for estimating its cost.

Total cost = Total Development Hours Spent x Cost Per Hour.

There are some post-release expenses as well that developers need to consider while building the app.

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