Google & Qualcomm: Announced 4 years of Updates to The Future Android Phones

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Google and Qualcomm teamed up and announced

Qualcomm and Google have collaborated and are working to expand their project Treble. Google made a big announcement that your future Android smartphones will be provided with the upcoming Snapdragon 888 and supports four years of security updates.

The collaboration aims to simplify OS updates. Many mobile manufacturing companies can easily upgrade phones and tablets to new Android versions. These companies don’t worry about any Qualcomm’s chipset-specific software. 

Moreover, this alliance also focuses on making the update process quite easier for their users. They also focus on the latest updates of their Android phones to ensure whether the new Qualcomm chips supports them or not. 

Quick Glimpse on 4 years update to Android OS by Google & Qualcomm

The joint announcement made by both companies was quite misleading, and there’s a little more subtlety than we have expected. Google and Qualcomm teamed up and announced that they are focusing to provide three Android version updates and four years of security updates.

Google has designed many smartphones like Pixels that can meet that requirement and can easily update to the latest version. However, the latest announcement of four years of security updates made by Qualcomm and Google can enhance the current policy. Any other mobile company hasn’t made any such announcement till now.

How four years of Android OS updates Benefit its users?

The Android update process has created a lot of mess and trouble for its users. But Google’s latest push for Project Treble has divided Android OS into different parts. These parts make it easier for Android OEMs to update as per user requirements quickly. 

Earlier, it was relatively slow uptake for a few Android app development company, but OEMs have boosted their upgradation speed. This can be easily seen in Android 10 OS. After the improvement in the Android update process, both companies have decided to expand Project Treble to make Android update process quite better and easier.

Highlights of Google Qualcomm Partnership for Project Treble

Google has been working with Qualcomm from the last few years to provide faster Android updates. These updates are considered as the USP of Project Treble and results in the development of Android phones with Snapdragon chipsets.  This might bring four Android OS versions (including launch version and three updates) and four years of security updates. 

This results in the increased life cycle of upcoming Android smartphones and advancement in the mobile app development process. They are also designed to offer improved security features for a longer duration. There are some chances that Qualcomm can offer up to four major platform updates on a case by case basis as per its customers’ requirements.

Future Qualcomm Chips offer 3 Android OS upgrades

With the new collaboration between Qualcomm and Google, users can easily upgrade their older phones. All they have to do is install the latest Android versions and updates on their Android device. The alliance also focuses on bringing the Project Treble modularity that may result in the latest Android updates including security support. 

Three years of Android OS upgrades come only with the latest Qualcomm chips, including just-announced Snapdragon 888 processors. All the Android flagships that depend on the Snapdragon 888 platform could assure four years of security support in addition with three years of OS upgrades.

AAs of now, companies like Google, Samsung and OnePlus are leading and supports the phones updates for the longest. Just like Android, Apple also offers five years of OS updates along with security updates. 

It doesn’t mean that every phone will now get three major Android OS updates. Because it is totally dependent on the mobile manufacturer company whether they want to deliver new updates to old phones. All Qualcomm users are offered an advantage of this stability that can reduce the costs of upgrades.

Final Words

AppStudio won’t guarantee that the current changes will end in a more durable Android phone. The professional team members of the company try to have acquirable results and solutions as per user requirements in the IT sector. It offers a good and proper coordinating partnership between the internal environments of organisation and external IT surrounding.

If you have any issues regarding the latest updates in Android OS, feel free to contact us. Our experts will assist you as soon as possible.


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