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Android Developers

The ability to choose from many models is by far one of the greatest virtues of Android. Customize the screen, size, colors, manufacturing materials, internal specifications, and even the customization layer. This advantage is because Android is an open operating system, and everyone can take advantage of it.

If you want to hire Android Developers for your next project here in Toronto, Take the help of this compilation.


Not only is it important to be able to choose what we want at the hardware level on our device, but also that customization at the software level is even more. This customization says a lot about how we are, and therefore, we can turn our phone into a simple mirror of our personality: wallpapers, live wallpapers, icon packs, fonts, lock screens, etc.

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Open Operating System

Unlike many other operating systems, Android is open. This allows us to modify this at any time. Hence the custom ROM calls are born, which are nothing more than the operating system modified by a ROM cook as they are usually called. Thanks to this we can find some famous custom ROMs like Cyanogen or MIUI completely free of charge, which many people prefer even before Android stock. Apart from this, we can root our device to access new options.


Google is one of the most important companies worldwide, and if you own the Android operating system, much better. Not only can we have installed and updated any service that Google offers us, but it also allows us to fully synchronize with the network and your Google account to access your data whenever you want: contacts, photos, music, mail, web bookmarks, etc.

The Android universe does not stop growing. Although the world has heard aspects related to this operating system for more than five years, it was in 2010 that its name made the leap and positioned itself as a favorite among mobile device consumers. Today it is not only the mobile environment with the highest sales growth but the one that is the best project in the long term.

This is demonstrated by recent studies that show how this market has evolved in different countries of the world. The first, prepared by the research firm Canalys and published at the beginning of this year, revealed that Android was the best-selling smartphone operating system during the last quarter of 2018 with an overwhelming market share and record growth 615% compared to the same period of 2015.

The following are some of the features that make thousands of new Android devices sold daily in the world.

  • The great benefit that Android offers is that it is not just another operating system, but that it is a complete ecosystem that has captivated users, developers, manufacturers and operators in a win-win relationship.
  • It is developed under an open-source platform, allowing extensive interaction by app developers and users.
  • Android has the advantage of having the largest developer community, which has generated a busy environment of events, forums, participation groups and competitions that optimize the services and applications offered to users.
  • Despite being an open operating system created by a single firm, several manufacturing companies support it through the Open Handset Alliance and include it in the new phones that are launched on the market.
  • Since there is a wide market of products with Android, the prices of the devices are lower than those offered with other systems. Similarly, in the Android market, there is the equipment of all prices and different ranges.
  • The operating system is present in mobile phones, but also other devices (for example tablets, wearables, and others) so it is very easy and ‘friendly’ to continue with the benefits of the system in other environments.

Toronto city has been on a roller coaster since the administration has grasped the economic benefits of technological advancements. Developers here are not only talented and qualified but they are also open to creativity and can work according to your requirements. If you want innovation, there is no other place on earth compared to Toronto in our humble opinion. Appstudio wishes you best of luck for your future endeavors regarding integrating technology into your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1.Name some of the leading android developers’ companies in Toronto?

While there are several android developers companies out there, the premium ones are AppStudio, Guarana Technologies, Leadweb, Vooban, Synergo group and many more. Hiring android developers from the said companies will help you in skyrocketing your business.

Q2.Are there any good android app developers in Toronto?

Toronto has been observed to be a rapidly growing city in terms of technology, opening several avenues for the developers to channelise their technical know-how in creating exceptional applications and software. So, if you are in a quest to hire an app developer for android applications, Toronto is the place to be.

Q 3.What services does AppStudio offer?

AppStudio is an end-to-end mobile and app development company offering diverse digital products and services to their broad clientele base. Be it small-scaled businesses, start-ups, medium-sized organizations or industry giants; AppStudio has been exceptional in aiding them with excellent solutions.


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