E-learning In Covid-19 Pandemic: Turning A Crisis Into An Opportunity

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Mobile educational apps are bringing a boom to the education market. The tables have now totally shifted, and innovation has come up with creative concepts to make e-learning exciting for students with apps’ help. Technology has focused more on making learning visually attractive with the aid of educational app development.

With the different features in these apps, students can learn within their speed and take their effort to consider things according to their capabilities. The benefits of mobile applications are ideally outlined in the points set out below.

A New Idea of Learning:

With the advent of educational apps, mobile app development company in Canada introduce a new learning form. Students can learn all their courses from mobile apps that help students understand the problem from a different viewpoint and encourage them to participate in ideal brainstorming.

Fill Communication Gaps:

With educational communication apps, parents and teachers can create relationships outside the school wall and respond to inquiries and questions regarding their child’s development.

Fun & Entertaining:

With the advent of educational software, lessons have to turn into games that are changing the nature of education. Educational games and quizzes help students develop their curiosity and attention.

Easy Availability:

Unlike the usual e-learning experience, Students won’t have to think about their schedule as they can study anytime. Students should reach out for apps at any moment they feel like they’re learning.

Stay Highly Connected:

Students will remain linked to their instructors all the time with the support of several educational apps. They can question their teachers about their doubts at any time through these applications.

Portability & eBooks:

Online learning applications have emerged as a reliable student travel companion. Lessons can be shifted by students if they go on a trip. This is where eBooks and library applications come into the picture. The app holds them closer to all the books that they can read at any moment, anywhere.

Key Features of Mobile E-learning Apps:

Developing innovations are in the process of reformulating the education system, and the best educational software plays a vital role in this radical transition.

A range of apps claim to have the best functionality, but only a few excel the rest. So, if you, too, are planning to create a e-learning app, include features below, which will help your users and your company.

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Transformational Features For M-learning Applications Success:

Video Set Content:

Educational apps are one such medium where students can access and listen to scripted lectures or chapter-wise classes taught by mentors.

Video-based content is a pivotal moment in the education app sector and is useful to students and teachers. In reality,  mobile app developers continuously work towards increasing demand for learning applications.

Highly Interactive Lessons:

An extensive range of educational applications are now available in the Play Store and the App Store to ensure students’ intuitive learning.

The quality has to catch the attention of the consumers. Here are a few key points:

  • Accessible on mobile phone
  • Emphasis on the target audience
  • Include stats & fun features
  • Understanding & Reading Value

Live Tutorials & Learning:

The Education App must host immersive live sessions as well as lessons to help students polish their skills.

Build a virtual classroom environment by adding the ‘Talk Now’ function to add instructors/tutors. This helps to make the app a total learning experience.

Examine Knowledge:

The educational app developers must build a section where mock tests and quizzes introduce based on different topics and subjects. Add teachers’ exams, videos, or audio files, including valuable tips before the examinations.

Offline Availability:

The app must interest in providing an offline mode where learners can download the units. This will keep their interest alive in your app, and they’ll revisit the app whenever it’s needed to check for offline details as well.


Gamification of the app is essential to gain the highest number of users and give them a great user experience. Its helps a student’s cognitive growth and enhances the degree of interaction with the app.

Push Notification:

Push notification is also found to be an integral part of almost any on-demand service app. With the help of push notifications, the app lets you have detailed information or action taken in the potential. Hire an application developer to make it work effectively in the system.

Personalized Experience:

Personalization plays a vital role in mobile apps in improving the user experience with your mobile app. The app must provide mock assessments, reviews, corrections, and custom learning during the learning process.

Top Learning Apps Playing Key Teaching Role In The Canadian Market:

Letter School:

Letter School is a famous award-winning mobile application that helps children to practice writing letters right on the phone. It offers children a fun and engaging way to learn letters.

Image Src – Letterschool

Reading Rainbow App:

Reading Rainbow App is another prominent & highly recognized app in Canada for kids learning. It’s an app that offers children access to hundreds of games and instructional videos for children aged 3-9

Img Src : – ReadingRainbow.org


Udemy is an educational program that provides a wide variety of courses on everything from web creation to personal development. The Udemy app helps you to view all of your videos and teaching activities on the go from your mobile device.

Image Src – udemy.com/

Google Classroom:

Google Classroom helps teachers create an online classroom area where they can handle all their students’ documentation. Documents are mainly stored on Google Drive and edited in Drive applications, such as Google Docs, Sheets, and so forth.

Image Src – Google ClassRoom

Winding Note:

Result of rising technology, the e-learning industry has expanded steadily over the past two decades. It continues to expand with improved connectivity and enhanced educational applications that meet the needs of people of all ages.

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