E-Learning Medical App Development: Cost, Future & Covid-19 Impact

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E-learning Medical App Development

The education sector has undergone a drastic change in its approach as more resources have been made available to make it prosperous. Among these resources, mobile e-learning medical applications have their value in gold. 

E-learning apps have become all the rage for the past 4-5 years. Since their arrival, the general landscape of education has changed forever. E-learning has garnered praise from parents and students worldwide for the learning methods it brings with it.

How COVID-19 Impacts Medical Education?

Medical schools have suspended the instructive interaction because of the COVID-19 pandemic. However, when understudies asked about their present enlistment status. And regardless of whether they suspended or stopped their schooling because of different causes. As per a leading mobile application development firm, the majority of students did not suspend their education. And were officially enrolled at the start of the pandemic (3,050; 91.1% ), while 8.9% suspended their education for various reasons. 

However, 3,251 participants reported having suspended lectures and educational programs due to the COVID-19 outbreak, while 86% reported that their medical school had suspended clinical training and training in the medical skills laboratory. In addition, only 4.8% of participants reported they were in training, and 274 (8.2%) had volunteered as allied health care forces during COVID-19.

Benefits of E-Learning in Healthcare

Less Expensive Than Traditional Approaches

The costs of traditional training methods are incredibly high. The trainer must be paid, the learning materials & the training venue can cost healthcare facilities thousands of dollars. Not to mention the lack of productivity that occurs when professionals have to spend a day or more away from patient care.

ELearning is much less expensive because there is no need to pay a trainer. Users with a desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone already own learning materials. There is no need to reserve a training centre, and professionals can learn as long as they are not caring for patients. This means that they stay productive while receiving the important education they need to provide quality care to their patients.

Allows Students to Invest in Themselves

Because of e-learning, medical services experts can stay up with the latest with the most recent turns of events and stay skillful in their field. In addition, E-learning enables people to acquire new skills, knowledge and certificates and ensure success in their current and future positions.

Improves Patients Quality of Life

Being informed and educated is essential to protect the people you serve. The more you know, the greater the chances that you will improve the quality of life of your patients. As per some medical app development companies, E-learning can help you to improve a patient’s quality of life. 

Types of Healthcare Medical Applications

  • Applications for Healthcare Providers

Patient monitoring

These apps help healthcare workers monitor their patients’ conditions and progress throughout treatment. In addition, these services can store patient medical test reports, which doctors can access anytime they want.

Doctor on demand

Also known as telehealth or telemedicine applications, these applications help provide remote healthcare services through online consultations and are especially critical for emergency intervention.

Healthcare database and referral

With these apps, doctors can keep all data on different diseases, medical conditions, medications, and prescriptions in one place. In addition, these reference apps can help clinicians stay up-to-date on the latest medical knowledge.

Professional Network

These applications are a social network for health professionals to exchange knowledge, ask and answer questions, and interact as a community.

  • Types of Healthcare Apps for Users

Patient health education

These apps can educate patients about different health conditions by sharing useful and up-to-date information.

Health surveillance

These applications help patients with chronic diseases such as cancer, type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular diseases to monitor their conditions 24 hours a day and take the necessary precautions.

Mental health

These include apps for meditation, good sleep, and stress relief, that people use to take care of their mental health.


These are important for preventive purposes as they help patients understand their symptoms and ask for help when needed.


These provide reminders to take medicine, rest and follow other healthy practices. They are also used to track and form healthy habits like staying hydrated, getting enough rest, etc.

Healthy life

These include exercise, weight loss, and  fitness apps that help people lead healthier lives.

E-Learning in Healthcare Benefits, Challenges, and Limitations

For most professions, e-learning is not something important. Still, for doctors, updating new technologies and diseases are really important factors since it is about death and life. In addition, E-learning can be cost-effective, time-efficient and a flexible way to access training. This can help ensure that learning is more accessible and not overlooked.

It is more important that doctors are up to date with the diseases available in the market to treat the patient, so they have to keep reading new research books and other things to keep up to date with what is happening in the medicine industry.

Now, a lot of diversity training is done through e-learning, but in general. It leaves no room for people to explore the concept interactively to work through their internal dialogues and achieve real change.

Cost of Healthcare Application Development 

The cost of developing a mobile e-learning application depends on three factors:

1. The complexity of the application

The cost of a mobile e-learning application will be high and low depending on whether it is loaded with basic functions or with advanced functions.

2. Number of platforms

An e-learning application developed on a single iOS or Android platform will cost less than one loaded with two or multiple platforms.

3. Application development region

The development cost per hour for an application differs from region to region; for example, in the US, the development cost per hour is $ 150 to $ 250. In Eastern Europe, this cost is in the range of $ 80 to $ 180. To know more about e-learning app development, check out the guide on healthcare app development

Future of E-Learning in Healthcare 

E-learning in Healthcare has evolved from simple text-based learning resources to interactive, multimedia and social learning platforms. Therefore, we can say that the future of e-learning is mainly mobile. Previously, healthcare e-learning content used to develop for desktop use, leaving mobile redesign for later. Now and more progressively in the future, students will expect educational programs to be primarily adapted to mobile phones. 

Mobile learning offers a lot of potential. Judging from the trends in educational app development, it appears that there will be even more formats available, more interactivity and the use of AR/VR in healthcare and gamification techniques. Also, as more immersive simulations and improved customization.

Final Thoughts 

Our professionals at AppStudio state that COVID-19 has changed the way the world used to operate. New regulations issued by governments worldwide strictly emphasize social distancing, making e-learning a hot prospect for current and future times. E-learning medical apps have already become popular, but it has become the focal point of education during this pandemic.

If you were looking to create a website or application that focuses on e-learning, these times are the best opportunity to start your journey. So, contact us to hire an experienced and reputable mobile app development company that can help you build a unique e-learning medical app.


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