Top 10 Enterprise Software Development Companies in Toronto

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The software has made our life more comfortable, and our businesses smooth and efficient. In today’s age, there is no concept of running a progressive business without software. More and more companies are looking for state of the art and unique enterprise software solutions to compete well in the market. However, it’s not easy to find the right developer and competent development agency with the right skills in a market full of saturation.

What is Enterprise Software Development?

Business software is any software designed specifically for corporate activities and gets proper results that different companies may need. This definition is general, but it is that a company’s software can be different from another, so, based on the concept, this is the best way to define it.

Benefits of Enterprise software development:

Improvement in management & data:

An agile development solution for enterprise applications provides access to full information obtained by business applications, eradicating data collection obligations.

Workflow Automation:

The EAI platform strengthens business processes as well as increases financial flow transparency.

IT infrastructure flexibility:

Software integration enables companies to quickly improve IT facilities and respond to the customer’s increasing demands in a timely way.

Developing new opportunities:

Enterprise software can help businesses cope with industry trends, problems with reputation management, problems with supply chain disruption from unique interface.

Increasing Efficiency:

Enterprise Framework will assist businesses from only one platform to fix the shift in consumer dynamics, their reputation management problems, issues related to supply chain disruptions etc.

In this blog, we will shed some light on the main characteristics of enterprise application and its salient benefits. Before we indulge any further, let’s look at the top 10 Enterprise Software Development Companies Toronto.

AppStudio | Enterprise Software Development

AppStudio is a software house that started its journey by developing unique digital products. They use most contemporary technologies. They are considered the most excellent developers in Canada. The success of AppStudio lies in its unique agile development process, support & maintenance services, and a grip over the latest technologies.


It is another company with a huge fan base and happy clients in the United States. Zazz is considered as the leading custom enterprise software developer with accuracy and an incredibly talented team. It has mastered the enterprise mobile strategy and uses these skills to develop highly scalable software solutions. The company is nominated for the best software house of the year.

Unified Infotech

The company started developing software solutions many years ago. Unified Infotech is still considered as one of the best in the market, having a strong team & project managers. The strengths include better communication skills, a strong understanding of modern technologies; however, they are a bit expensive.


Eleks understands what is enterprise software development very well. Its accredited for developing smart software solutions for budget companies. It is among the world’s top leading companies having a large team and productive resources.


Selleo started its journey some ten years ago with software development. Still, the company’s primary business is to offer custom software solutions to different industries. The company has a good repute among the technological sector of Canada.


It’s a large software house but with limited capabilities as far as tackling different industries are concerned. Iflexion is a famous brand and has developed many successful enterprise software solutions.

Open Geeks Lab

The company’s main niche is mobile apps and blockchain technology; and however, recently, Open Geeks Lab has started developing software. Still new, they have a lot to learn, but their future looks promising.

Open XCell

Another company with a great history but disruptive present due to the lack of modern developers and the right attitude. However, the company is quickly reshaping its skills and strategies according to recent times.

Power Code

Power Code has started developing software solutions for the healthcare sector with cost-effective budgets. The company has gained much popularity among different hospitals and clinics and is now planning to diversify its reach.


Brights are the newcomers as they have just eight years in business. However, they are quickly gaining momentum. The company has a startup type environment. its owner is well versed with the Characteristics of enterprise application and software.

The Desirable Characteristics of Enterprise Application & Software include

  • Scalability and flexibility. It allows us to start with less investment and making the learning process for workers gradual and straightforward.
  • Agility and accessibility. The moment we get enterprise software, we get full access to the programs from different devices practically. Hire an enterprise app development company for better integration with software.
  • Simplicity. When less bulge, more clarity. If you want to work in a better way, get a program or suite that is simple, not tangled, and has everything at hand very visually.
  • Measurement. We may be able to measure what we do and what we achieve, for which it is necessary to record everything. Thus, we can use this information to check if we are acting most efficiently.

Advantages of Using Enterprise Software

As you have understood what is enterprise software development, we end up telling you what benefits you get by choosing to use business software companies in toronto.

  1. Management is less expensive and more agile. Well, many processes are automated or done much faster than with other options.
  2. The public is better known, which means that we can achieve it in a better way. It is not a general advantage but is related to customer management software.
  3. We have scalable options. They allow us to work only with what we need, being more straightforward and cheaper than having complete and complete programs.
  4. Human errors decrease by having simpler and even automated processes.
  5. More straightforward decision making is allowed.

Types of Enterprise Software

  • Office automation– They offer resources for the most straightforward office work: preparation of texts, spreadsheets, presentations, etc.
  • Customer management – They are used to schedule appointments, have client files, and other aspects related to them. If you want more authority, use enterprise web development following your software product.
  • Remote working- It serves to carry out the work or part of it from outside the main facilities of the corporation.
  • Accounting- Enterprise software is designed to do all kinds of mathematical operations and digitize the account books.
  • Analysis- Business software analyzes various aspects of interest, throwing data that will be used to design and modify our actions.
  • ERP solutions- These are complete software that combines different options, and that, in general, can be customized and expanded depending on the needs.

This age belongs to information technology, and no company can progress without proper and efficient enterprise software. AppStudio is a leading development company with its regional presence all over Canada, uniquely our Toronto and Montreal offices have produced outstanding results. Hire top enterprise software developers in Canada for most scalable and productive products.

There is standard template software available, but we advise you to go for bespoke products as they will provide you with specific features. Moreover, custom enterprise software is more productive and unique according to your business niche. If you have any questions, talk to our experts for more understanding.


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