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Machine Learning Development
Machine Learning

Machine Learning was one of the most sought out technologies the previous year and the trend will remain the same this year too. Large enterprises, as well as small businesses, are using it to achieve new goals. If you are looking for exceptional and experienced developers, have a look at these top 10 machine learning development companies in Montreal.

Linear Regression

Linear regression is one of the multiple algorithms of supervised artificial intelligence. This algorithm allows estimations or predictions to be made through automatic calculation exercises. In order to forecast the demand or the valuation of some service or product through a series of independent variables.

Supervised & Unsupervised Learning

When a machine is equipped to develop processes through Machine Learning, its learning can be governed through supervised or unsupervised learning. When machine learning is carried out in a supervised manner, the system receives instructions from a human. Through a series of algorithms that create a training line. On the contrary, unsupervised learning is not governed by human action. If not, for the autonomy of the machine, which is “ organized ” based on the information it receives.

This organization is carried out through repetition patterns, which will help you learn, understand and analyze the data that was provided at the beginning.

Decision Tree

Machine learning is based on decision trees, but what are decision trees? Decision trees are a series of graphic representations that show us various solutions to solve a particular problem depending on the conditions determined.

It should be noted that the decision trees operate under the probability modality through a set of attributes to which a variable is granted. Subsequently, the algorithm analyzes them autonomously and positions them in the correct decision tree to determine the probability closest to the final result.

NASNet (Neural Architecture Search Network)

This may not seem so impressive because it is a model of classification and identification of objects in photographs.  But the truth is that very surprising.


In the previous point we named you the AutoML, a system created by Google. Which was responsible for creating one of the most powerful algorithms for identifying and classifying objects in photographs, by simulating a neural network.

But what exactly does it do?

It is responsible for designing artificial and specialized neural networks, which can be applied for the development of various functions. Previously, these artificial neural networks were designed and created by human work. But, little by little, the AutoML system evolved until it was able to create them.

Through a training and trial and error process, which allows the machine to make its own decisions to improve.

Deep Learning

Deep Learning is another field of artificial intelligence that is closely related to Machine Learning. And like Machine Learning, it is based on machine learning. But, with the difference that it is developed under artificial neural networks that are very similar to our neuronal system.

These artificial neural networks are made up of a set of unsupervised algorithms that form layers of artificial neurons so that, when combined, they can predict and determine an accurate result.

Artificial Neural Networks

In the previous point, we told you about artificial neural networks, which make up Deep Learning. Now, artificial neural networks are an algorithm that is based on the human neuronal system. And they have the ability to rapidly increase their learning capacity autonomously.  They also work under an unsupervised learning system. And they are governed by computational units, which are positioned in layers that receive information for the system to make a wise decision.

PLN (Natural Language Processing)

This processing is super related to artificial intelligence. It allows it to understand and imitate the fluid and natural language that human beings express, through the analysis of feelings and responses. It should be noted that the PLN, is feeling increasingly important in these artificial intelligence systems that we see every day. Which has led to the inclusion of new terms in our language to identify situations where artificial intelligence is related.

Here are some of the new terms that will be part of our language:


Brotherism is based on the use of artificial intelligence that aims to monitor and predict human behavior.


This term refers to the use of artificial intelligence that allows the simulation of human behavior.


It has to do when the life of a machine is opposed to biological life.


This goes hand in hand with the imitation of human behavior. Since, the machine by imitating human behavior can cause the human to feel feelings towards her. This case can be seen in the movie Her, where Theodore, falls in love with artificial intelligence Samantha.


This is more common than you think. This is the question that arises when you are interacting online on a services page or on a website and do not know if you are talking to a real person or a chatbot.


This term is part of all the robotic laws that are currently being developed. When presenting technologies so advanced that they have ” own thought ”, moral and ethical implications that protect the human being must be used. A clear example of this is seen in the movie “ The Bicentennial Man ” where Andrew (an android) has a human personality and his greatest desire is to be recognized as a human. However, there are robotic laws that surpass it.


They are decisions based on the ” thought ” of artificial intelligence and which many times a human being does not understand. For example, when you do a search on Google, the algorithms are responsible for ordering the web pages that are relevant to your search. And it may be that many times, that ranking of pages makes no sense to you. Sooner rather than later, these terms will be part of the language we express daily and will be so common that we will all handle them easily and naturally.


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