How Wearables & mHealth Apps Trends are Hitting The Industry Together?

Wearables Technology
wearable technology in healthcare

Not many individuals noticed a thing as wearable technology began to hit the market. Suppose it’s a Bluetooth headset, glasses from Google, or an Apple watch. The regular “not-so-tech-savvy” consumers were not very excited about engaging in these devices until linked to wearable tech’s innovative applications in the healthcare trend.

Users have been using mHealth apps for a long time now, thanks to the advent of smartphones. But they now have a hands-on way of monitoring different aspects of their wellbeing in real-time through wearable devices.

Key Statistics:

  • According to recent reports, the wearable market is worth over $50 billion in 2019, double the size in 2014. 
  • Allied market research claims that global fitness trackers will reach 62.128 million by 2023, growing at the CAGR of 19.6%
  • 96% of users use only one health and wellness service, according to Flurry. This implies that they quickly become committed to it once they begin using it.

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The wearable health monitoring devices link and share details. Although the benefits among popular users of well established mHealth apps and wearable , the benefits of its usage among healthcare professionals are still unknown. Health wearables are transforming by the health app developers in different ways, streamlining diagnosis and treatment.

Here are a few explanations of how the evolving wearable technology in the mHealth app supports professionals in the field:

Efficiency During Surgery:

The incorporation of wearables allows surgeons to conduct even the most complex procedures reliably. The invention of the wearable robotic arm for surgery, or the easy application of Google Glasses, the wearable technology in mHealth apps, makes it much easier to navigate the otherwise complicated field of surgery.

Wearable IoT:

The IoT market is now an incredibly successful technology trend. And if you apply that to the healthcare industry, mHealth trends & Wearable Technology, you have plenty of successful healthcare wearable IoT applications.

The wearable IoT devices allow healthcare professionals to detect doctors while in an emergency within seconds. It is safer for medical professionals to recognize the patient and treat them with precision with these devices.

Wearable Biosensors:

For mHealth apps, wearable biosensors are one of the most revolutionary wearable technology applications. Healthcare practitioners can calculate the biochemical markers in biofluids such as sweat, blood, tears, saliva, etc. These sensors keep track of the patient’s health and enable doctors to provide better treatment.

Working On Proactive Health:

It can be a fantastic way to turn the healthcare system into a proactive one by using healthcare wearable devices so that health monitoring devices for the elderly find issues ahead of time.

Healthcare practitioners can maintain a soundtrack of the patient’s health through responsive healthcare services and respond rapidly when any irregularities arise. This way, before any medical emergency, doctors would be prepared to make the situation much worse.

Easy Monitoring:

The impact of wearable technology in healthcare has now made it much easier for healthcare professionals to track the patients’ vitalities. Health patches, such as the ECG tracker, are the ideal gadgets for tracking vulnerable patients in real-time.

And while they are at home, health care providers may monitor their rehabilitation. This way, patients do not have to spend a lot of time recovering in the hospital.

Closing Note:

While mHealth apps are still a relatively new market for this technology, it has bright potential. The scope for innovation is enormous, and every year the demand expands exponentially. As the demand for automation grows, more and more healthcare institutions will gradually incorporate healthcare wearables to provide quality healthcare, including in the medical industry.

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