Rise of The On Demand Apps Amid COVID-19

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On Demand Apps

Not too long ago, when we searched online for an on-demand app development service provider, we needed to call or email them, wait for them to get back to us, schedule a convenient time, wait for the provider to turn up and then pay them with cash, credit card or by internet payment later on.  This process was exhausting and time-consuming!

The success of Uber in creating a market for technology-enabled, on-demand transportation has encouraged entrepreneurs to look to other, often humdrum, daily tasks that tech-savvy users would be happy to offload.

The ability to order services online will result in an explosion of on demand services over the next few years.  On demand apps can be anything from food delivery, home services through to babysitters, ordered by the customer using their mobile) and delivered to their door in a short space of time.

What are the On-Demand Apps?

In simple words, on-demand applications are mobile solutions that allow you to access and enjoy a service in real-time at the physical location of your choice. On-demand app services include food and grocery delivery, entertainment, healthcare, education, etc.

The idea behind the on-demand mobile app development is to provide users when they need it. Since on-demand apps are designed with a particular service in mind. They include a wide range of useful features like tracking, wish lists, digital payment portals, multiple reservations, reviews and testimonials, etc. Therefore, on-demand applications promise speed and convenience for users.

The applications-on-demand market includes three key elements: service providers, IT companies, and consumers. The role of IT is critical here. While the service provider designs a product to meet specific needs, IT companies act as intermediaries between the service provider and the customer. The on-demand app development company understands the user requirements and the service provider’s goals to develop the ideal application to appeal to the target audience. The goal is to take advantage of the best technologies to create an application on-demand in which users can easily access the service and even pay for it in real-time.

Why On-Demand Apps Are on Rising During COVID-19 

On-demand applications have made our lives much more manageable and comfortable. Thanks to on-demand applications, we can enjoy a wide range of services from the comfort and safety of our homes.

Enhanced Customer Engagement

On-demand applications assist with saving time and offer true serenity, comfort, and security without the need to leave your home. Additionally, on-demand applications provide the opportunity for direct promotions and loyalty programs to improve customer engagement.

Competitive Advantage

On-demand applications have a full suite of features such as real-time tracking, wishlist creation, and various contactless payment technologies. Currently, only a few small businesses are successfully leveraging the mobile application platform. Companies that venture into on-demand application development gain a competitive advantage.


One of the main reasons for the success of on-demand applications is that they are easily scalable as required by consumer demand. They are adaptable to the changing conditions of marketing in scalability and security & meet the diverse needs of the business.

Great Opportunities For Business Growth

On-demand applications allow small businesses to increase online visibility, explore new opportunities and revenue streams that would otherwise be inaccessible. As independent companies move online to arrive at new clients, on-demand applications can help further advance organizations.

With access to a database of valuable information on consumer addresses, interests, & online shopping behavior, small business can make more informed decisions for strategic growth.

Contactless Delivery

Considering that we must limit contact with outsiders as much as possible to break the chain of transmission, contactless deliveries are of great help. You can order what you want and have it delivered to your doorstep without contacting the delivery person.

Building on-demand services require creativity, a passion for technology, and a love for efficiency.

Successful on-demand services make people’s lives easier, are loved by users, and can widen employment opportunities in a stagnant industry. By creating the Uber of a new market, founders can reap enormous rewards & add tremendous value to their local economies.

Impact of On-demand Solutions in Different Industries

As we mentioned earlier, the COVID-19 pandemic affected companies in different sectors differently. While businesses that require face-to-face interaction seem to fall apart, businesses that can offer their services online are a hit with customers. For example, retail, travel and tourism, fashion, real estate & sports are some of the industries at the adverse end of the pandemic; they opened new opportunities for the education, health, food and e-commerce sectors.

How do On-demand Apps Make Money?

When deciding to develop a custom solution on demand, you should ask yourself how I will build my application on-demand and how I will monetize it.

The most common way to monetize an on-demand app is to charge a commission for each order. Many applications work with cash. However, the commission must be paid even with cash payments. Another form of app monetization is subscriptions, but with software-on-demand solutions, it’s not used much.

What’s your next Big Idea?

In the wake of the pandemic, times have changed dramatically. The world around us at this point is something similar. is no longer the same. Adapting to changing times is essential to survive and prosper. Just as we have made numerous changes to our daily routines, companies must also adopt new technologies & trends to move forward.  

While it’s everything except how long the pandemic will last. One thing is no ifs, ands or buts: on-demand applications are waiting with the assistance of mobile app development services.  Businesses and organizations that have already embraced the on-demand model are reaping the benefits.
If there’s one thing business owners learned during the pandemic, it’s the fact that mobile apps are no longer optional; they are an integral part of the modern business model. So if you are looking for a reliable partner, please contact us. We are an eminent and professional on-demand application development company in Canada. We offer excellent on-demand development services around the world.

For inspiration on how to create the next big on-demand service, founders should consider these questions:

  1. In what areas can a little bit of technology & organization save a lot of time and deliver a painless experience for the customer?
  2. What markets have been stagnant for years, and are on the cusp of uberisation?
  3. Can you build momentum among early adopters with digital marketing?
  4. How attractive is the idea to investors and the end users?

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