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Mobile App Development

In the last decade, mobile apps have positioned themselves as one of the most effective tools for companies, especially in the field of e-commerce. And it is not for less, because the applications facilitate the life of the users, promote the interconnectivity and improve the experience in the acquisition of products and services.

In short, the use of apps changed the market dynamics forever. Therefore, the implementation of these systems in business models is a fundamental pillar for the growth of any startup. Mobile applications are the reason why users spend more and more time on their phones, as these simplify much of everyday life processes such as shopping, communications and entertainment. The implementation of mobile apps is a powerful strategy to innovate in the UX, improve the buyer journey, and maintain fidelity and good brand positioning.

Since the inception of mobile app business in North America, Appstudio has been achieving milestones every now and then. Our growth in North America compelled us to open new offices in Winnipeg which is swiftly becoming a new hub of technology here in Canada.

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iOS App Development

Your project is unique and as explained above, the possible functionalities in iOS application development are vast. So, you need to define the features you need and that will meet your expectations. In case of difficulty, we will help you build the architecture of your iOS application. Currently, there are over 1.2 million iOS apps on the market, so it is necessary for consumer use to stand out. Differentiation through an iOS app custom made and quality. In this context, we must create an iOS application that meets criteria in terms of ergonomics, security, quality and usability. To develop an iOS application, we use the Swift programming language. Successor to the famous Objective-C language, Swift is a modern and efficient language for developing quality iOS apps. Despite many similarities between the two languages, such as the use of NeXSTEP libraries to manage objects (texts, numbers, windows), we prefer to use Swift which is currently in full expansion. At the same time, we use Xcode. It is a development environment (IDE) for Mac OS (exclusively) in order to produce iOS / Mac OS / watchOS applications. It is Apple's exclusive tool for iOS / Swift development.

Android App Development

To facilitate the handling and use of the Android application by the public concerned, the Android application must meet several criteria in terms of speed, ergonomics, security and usability. The term "Android application" turns out to be somewhat incorrect since Android does not have its own programming language. Our Android applications can be developed in Kotlin language and JAVA language. The main tool for developing Android applications is called Android Studio. This tool will create the graphical interfaces with which the user will interact. Android Studio will also allow you to compile, debug and sign an application. Android applications must be solutions adapted to each company and each specific need. It is with this in mind that Appstudio supports you throughout the project: Project start-up phase: we give you our advice in defining the need as well as in the structure of the Android application. Development phase of the Android application: during this stage, we deliver a demo version of the Android application to you every week so that you can see the developments and make your feedback, if necessary. Android application monitoring phase: once the application has been delivered and deployed, we can assist you with corrective and evolving maintenance of your application.

Mobile Backend Engineering

Successful apps have an eye for the complexity of the back-end. A somewhat hip and fashionable app juggles with data from different sources and increasingly consists of a combination of all kinds of pre-delivered services. This creates a jumble of devices and operating systems at the back of the app and the complexity increases exponentially. And of course also the number of "single points of failure". With virtualization software it is possible to automatically test numerous combinations of devices and operating systems for regression and to eliminate that single point of failure from the definitive app. Appstudio has got a team of efficient programmers who excel in mobile app backend engineering.

QA and Testing

The right mobile application testing strategy is specific to each company. Appstudio offers solutions that generate great results throughout your development process to launch versions faster, save time and money, and launch with confidence. The purpose of localization tests is to verify that your applications are accessible and adapted to the local context in multiple regions and markets. Appstudio gives you access to testers anywhere in the world, allowing you to test in specific geographic areas or in markets that are particularly important to you. The UX tests to verify that each user removes much a positive experience for your application. Each user is different, so each experience of an application will be different. Crowd testing with Appstudio allows you to create test groups like your target audience in order to obtain exploitable feedback from real users.


Functional testing

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White and black box testing

Our App Development Approach

Native Applications

A native app is platform specific, which means that it is an app that is specifically developed for a given model or operating system. The best known platforms are iOS and Android. Chances are that you yourself also have an iPhone or an Android phone (such as Huawei, Samsung, Sony, etc.) in your pocket while you read this. Before we go any further it is important to know that these two platforms work in a completely different way. A native app has been developed (also known as 'born') for a specific platform, so either for Android or for iOS.

Hybrid Applications

Hybrid apps are applications that are very similar to native apps. Just like a native app, they can be downloaded from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store. The big difference between hybrid and native apps is that a hybrid app works directly on both Android and iOS. So you don't have to build two separate apps.

Cost Effectiveness

The startups require a solid sales strategy to enable business growth and economic sustainability. In this sense, the importance of apps in companies lies in their versatility to generate income and optimize the purchase. With a mobile application you can acquire income through advertising, regular or single subscription, premium services and downloads.
Likewise, different digital methods can be offered to the user to make the purchase quickly, safely and easily. This favors the return of customers and a good flow of sales.
Always stay present and accessible on the user's phone, without having to force him to enter the web or third-party servers Acquire notoriety in other corners of the internet with a wide audience, such as Google Play stores and itunes. Acquire notoriety in other corners of the internet with a wide audience, such as Google Play stores and itunes.
Innovation and current affairs All successful companies have something in common: they are geared towards technological innovation and go hand in hand with market trends. In a world where the user demands immediacy, simplification and hyper connectivity, apps have the ability to meet the needs of the current customer in any niche market. Similarly, they are such versatile programs that allow companies to develop disruptive ways of presenting their services to the public. With this, scalable startup models can remain valid over time.
Innovation and current affairs All successful companies have something in common: they are geared towards technological innovation and go hand in hand with market trends. In a world where the user demands immediacy, simplification and hyper connectivity, apps have the ability to meet the needs of the current customer in any niche market. Similarly, they are such versatile programs that allow companies to develop disruptive ways of presenting their services to the public. With this, scalable startup models can remain valid over time.
Differential advantage App downloads increased 8% in 2017 and the sector is projected to continue to boom steadily in the coming years. Although the figures show the potential of these programs, there are still many companies that are reluctant to implement them in their business models, either because they are unaware of the scope of the apps or because they fear disruptive changes.
In this rant, businesses that dare to experiment with new technologies end up taking the baton of the market, able to obtain a differential advantage compared to companies with traditional models and are positioned in the minds of a new generation of consumers, the millennial.
Extensive user knowledge Understanding consumer behaviors and needs is an essential job for the growth of new businesses. Mobile applications, in addition to generating benefits in user experience, also provide startups with up-to-date data on customer movements and characteristics. With this information you can improve products and services, assess their quality, as well as make decisions about the direction of the company with greater precision.
Customer retention Finally, all these benefits of the use of apps by the customer, are reflected in the ultimate goal: customer retention after purchase. Why? If your customer makes a purchase in your e-commerce and does not know you again, it is much more complicated to repeat a purchase since the market is flooded with companies and brands that a priori are similar to yours.
The aforementioned benefits will allow you to customize the user experience, due to the more information you have about it. The result will be to achieve a greater identification of the brand by the user and, therefore, a greater probability that it will make a purchase again, significantly reducing the costs of customer acquisition.
It is already clear that the growth of startups requires the use of new information technologies. While implementing apps in business models is an essential task, it is also essential to keep these applications updated to avoid obsolescence and ensure their durability with the advancement of technology.
It has been determined that users want, in addition to a reinforcement in privacy, the simple and fast handling of it so as not to compromise their experience in the application. Security updates that best meet these requirements are biometric access systems such as facial recognition, voice identification and fingerprint.
Biometrics systems are especially useful when apps require the use of sensitive data such as access to financial products, card numbers and fast payments.

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