Top IoT developers in Montreal

Top IoT developers in Montreal

For some years now, IoT (Internet of things) began to be talked about, being nothing more than a bet for the future and now becoming an absolute reality. Here is the list of top IoT developers from the city of Montreal which could help you in reforming your business.

Since the arrival of the Internet in our lives, it has evolved in a fast and overwhelming way, from those rudimentary 56 KB modems to the very fast and effective fiber-optic lines today. Today we can connect to the Internet on our mobile phones, printers, Smart TVs, cameras via IP, GPS, and many electronic devices that have this functionality, but have we hit the ceiling or this is just the beginning of a new Internet era?

It is increasingly common to find new devices capable of connecting to the Internet and allowing the user to control and operate remotely from anywhere in the world, but this has only just begun.

What are IoT devices?

We could define the Internet of things as the consolidation through the network of networks of a “network” that housed a large multitude of objects or devices, that is, to have connected to it all the things of this world as could be vehicles, appliances, mechanical devices, or simply objects such as footwear, furniture, suitcases, measuring devices, biosensors, or any object we can imagine.

Like the vast majority of technological advances, the objective of this technology is to make our lives more comfortable as well as provide greater security in various fields. Let’s give an example: Imagine a refrigerator that would be able to notify us when it lost temperature or indicate that some food has expired or has passed. A desk that will record where each item has been left, or that we could know where each object is located, that belongs to us, at all times, or control our entire home from a smartphone or PC (from the entrance door to the WC chain). And we are advised of allergens and their concentration in the air in a wristband, or millions of scenarios to discover.

Thanks to connected things, people and business networks, the Internet of Things is changing the way companies handle their processes. Companies can now transform their operations and reinvent their business by adapting fully automation while reacting to their needs. For example, establishing logistics systems that optimize operations based on a network of sensors that communicate geospatial information to trucks, trains, and vehicles.


If you want to hire a company to develop IoT for your business, make sure that it is necessary to have an infrastructure that is resistant to attacks and unauthorized access attempts. Otherwise, it could cause a catastrophe.

The Internet of things has also been referred to as the fourth industrial revolution (industry 4.0), as it allows the physical and digital world to converge in all layers of production to transform how production operations are executed. This is important for several factors: First, the requirements are changing. As customers become more expert, they also become more demanding that products meet all their expectations. Second, companies are forced to increase production and, at the same time, be more competitive in terms of prices.

To bring these two factors together, all layers and phases of production must be closer than ever to obtain the highest levels of efficiency. The Internet of things has arrived, the future demands it, and we should not be left behind in taking advantage of the possibilities it offers. From Appstudio we offer you the renewal of your business processes with the most avant-garde technologies.

Should I choose Montreal?

Montreal is the most populous city and the real economic capital of the Francophone region of Quebec (the administrative one in Quebec City). A city with a much more European structure than other large Canadian cities, very young and very lively. If you are based in the city or want to acquire a developer for your project of IoT, you have taken the right decision.

Montreal is not only famous for its rich French historic heritage but is also home to famous startups and seasoned companies. The companies here not only have sufficient expertise in the technology area but also have the required energy and the spark of creativity which a novice possess.


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