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The old claim that the customer is always right is not exactly true, but for your business to succeed it is essential to listen to their opinion, however difficult it is to assume. Customers are those people who usually use our products regularly and their suggestions and opinions can be of great help when making business decisions. On the other hand, encouraging consumers to offer this feedback can lead to better business relationships and greater customer retention.

But asking, recognizing and organizing all this feedback is a huge task. Cards and suggestion boxes only leave a lot of paperwork to analyze, while email data is disorganized, offers little visibility and is difficult to answer formally. The tools listed below not only offer you a way to motivate your users to leave comments, but also offer technical assistance systems and direct communication with your users. In this way, you can avoid a negative review of your mobile application.


This tool allows you to establish a direct communication channel so that your users can report technical incidents and problems that your application presents. Your users can send you screenshots to help you better understand the problem.

Instabug has a section dedicated to statistics and can be integrated with tools that detect software errors. It seems to be a fairly effective tool because among its customers are SoundCloud and eBay.

Their plans start at $ 49 per month and offer a free trial for two weeks.

Help Stack

This tool for technical assistance is open source and allows your users to report incidents without leaving your application. You can communicate live with your users and receive screenshots so you can better understand the problem and solve it more quickly.

Each time one of your users reports an incident, both the application version information, as well as the device since it was sent, is attached to the message. It also allows you to create a “Frequently Asked Questions” section that is included in the same application.


UserVoice is an application that creates a very simple forum in which users can upload their opinion and vote on it. It is accessed through an application embedded in the website or through a forum page itself. Customers upload their ideas, problems or suggestions and others can rate these entries. For entrepreneurs, it is very useful since you can see what the ideas that customers want to be carried out and what problems are made isolated while other situations extend to a large number of users.

You can use it for free if you only have one agent. Plans start at $ 20 per month per agent included in the system, although functionality is limited.

Get Satisfaction

Get Satisfaction is a community of users in which I proposed consumers can create a page for any company that is not yet in the system. This means that it is possible that your company already has a page even without you knowing it. For companies, this application can be a forum for users to answer questions, launch ideas, receive advice and offer support. In this sense, companies can designate some employees to officially respond to customers. There is also an application for Facebook that can be integrated directly into the fan page.


Feedbackify! It is a web tool that allows companies to launch specific questions to customers, with scores from 1 to 10, and ask for opinions in other categories. The application focuses exclusively on getting feedback, although companies receive a lot of information about the user, so it is possible to respond to any comments that are released.


The application Kampyle enables businesses to make concrete while you can converse with customers through the application questions. Besides, an automatic system sends customers answers of interest concerning the feedback they offer. One of its key points is the analytical tools, which includes Google Analytics, Omniture and Nedstate, so companies can get an idea of how customers are participating in the page.


This tool allows you to communicate live with your users. Besides, you can receive attachments, that way you can better understand and solve customer problems. That’s right, Helpshift not only helps you get criticism but is also useful as a technical support tool.

You can send notifications directly to your users and conduct surveys to evaluate application quality. It also allows you to optimize your “Frequently Asked Questions” section with videos and images.

Your plans start at $ 20 per month and offer a free trial for 30 days.


This tool has a great feature: ask your users a simple question to find out which customers will give you a good review on the mobile app store. You can program when you want to recommend to your users to make a criticism based on their activity.

Like Helpshift you can chat live with your customers. The criticism system works based on 5 stars and can be done from the same application. You also have a reports section in your administration panel and can be integrated with CRM programs.

You can use Apptentive for free for up to 1000 interactions with your users and a concurrent survey. Their plans start at $ 49 per month and you can additionally take a free trial.


SuggestionBox is an application focused on asking customers for ideas and suggestions and, as in getting Satisfaction, users can create pages for companies without their prior permission. In the application users launch their ideas, other users can vote for them and, once they receive it, they can respond to the suggestions, or mark them with signs such as “coming soon” or “implemented”.

User Testing

This tool is perfect when you are doing beta tests before launching your application. User allows your beta users to leave criticism in video forms. You could even see how they use your application and if they have a usability problem.

User Testing allows you to record videos of 15 minutes or more. Also, it has a beta user base. You just have to specify the characteristics of your target audience, as well as the specific functions that you want to perform on your application. Based on this, you can get results in an hour and even conduct a survey and interact with users once they finish solving your questionnaire

Their plans start at 49 dollars per video.

Survey Monkey

This tool allows you to conduct online surveys. You can create your survey based on a template or create one from scratch. You can get real-time reviews and motivate your users to leave positive comments.

This new SurveyMonkey service has not yet been launched, although it has already been announced on the website. We can say that we are somewhat anxious to see what kind of functions they present to us since they have large client companies on their list such as Facebook, Samsung, and Yamaha.

Pricing plans have not yet been officially announced, but if you follow the trend of your other services, you could offer a free plan with limited features.

App Stark

This tool allows you to chat with your users and answer questions without having to leave the application. When entering your users choose from a series of options what type of comment they want to write, that is, if it is a suggestion, question or a topic of technical assistance, that way you can prioritize the comments you receive.

AppStark has a panel dedicated to the statistics about the service you offer and the degree of customer satisfaction with your application based on the type of comments you receive.

Their plans start at $ 10 per month for a single application or $ 47 per month for five applications. You can also access a personalized plan and try the service for free.


This service allows you to conduct surveys that your users can solve from the same application. Also, to avoid negative reviews in app stores, your users can send you a comment privately, that way you can solve the problem and leave your users happy.

This tool is in its beta version maybe that is why we did not find information about the price plans.

Opinion Lab

OpinionLab collects a series of tools to collect customer feedback through websites, mobile, social media, email, and stores. The application can collect feedback in multiple ways, whether by scores, multiple-choice responses or open responses and, once this data is collected, the application analyzes them algorithmically and offers a result.

Crowd Sound

CrowdSound, in practice, is very similar to User Voice. Clients click on the option to make suggestions or vote on other users’ suggestions. You can also leave comments on these opinions. Web owners can also moderate, organize and respond to customers through the application.

Idea Scale

IdeaScale is a service for companies to create communities of sponsored suggestions for consumers. These communities work like most of the tools on this list, with users uploading an idea and others voting on it and discussing it. Favorite ideas rise to the top positions and companies can answer them or mark them as “under review”, “in progress” or “completed”.

User Echo

UserEcho is another one of those applications that create communities around companies, accessed through a link inserted in the page, and where customers can leave their opinions and comments and vote on ideas and problems. Company employees can respond to customers and users can register through their accounts on Facebook and Twitter, among others.


Some of the tools we have seen previously included sending comments privately to avoid a negative criticism where it matters most: the mobile app store. Including an option to send comments via email also serves this purpose. Best of all, it’s easy to implement this option in your application and it’s completely free.

Of course, we have seen that the tools mentioned above offered you a series of functions so you can determine the quality of your service and even usability problem of your application. Only with the email you probably cannot achieve this goal, but it is still good to offer the user a greater number of options.


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