10 Major Mobile Application Development Challenges and How to Overcome Them

challenges in mobile application

Mobile application development is a tedious process. Although it seems easier, it requires a lot of brain and time.  Have you ever had a question in mind as to what is mobile application development in detail? Or have you ever gone through a process of mobile app testing challenges? If not, you should probably think about it, especially if you’re planning to develop a mobile app for your business.

Less than a year ago, people used mobile phones to make calls and send and receive messages. Now, mobile has everything in it that you ever wanted, from ordering food to shopping. Moreover, every company is bringing their business online via mobile apps. But creating a mobile app and making a mark in the application industry is not easy.

There are many challenges in the mobile application development path because many things can go wrong. However, to resolve these challenges, it is important to accept them openly and develop a variable solution.

Below is the list of mobile application development challenges every business faces and how you can overcome them. 

  1. Challenge 1: # Developing a user-friendly interface

The biggest challenge for app developers is to provide a user-friendly interface in mobile apps. An app’s interface must be so intuitive that it attracts users easily because of its interface. No matter how problem-solving your app is, a confusing design and interface can deter the users. It causes irritation and inconvenience. 

To tackle this issue, try to understand the layout by considering how your audience will perceive it. Avoid using extra explanations and loading unnecessary ideas from interface and functionality perspectives. Apart from this, always prioritize user-centric application development.  

Developing a user-friendly interface
  1. Challenge 2: # Compatibility Issues with Various Devices 

The main idea of developing a mobile application is to make it compatible with every device. It should perform seamlessly on all the devices with enhanced functionality. 

Most applications can provide such compatibility, but few lack such features. It becomes a great concern for the users and app developers too. If you’ve created a native app, it should be compatible with the native operating system. If you’ve created a cross-platform app, it should be compatible with all operating systems. The app having these features becomes more reachable and used. However, any app lacking this faces various drawbacks due to poor performance. 

To overcome compatibility challenges, you should focus on mobile app testing. The quality assurance team should develop the test cycle and generate an automated script. The QA team should effectively perform- 

  • Hardware compatibility testing 
  • Operating system compatibility testing
  • Network compatibility testing
  • Browser compatibility testing 
  • Device compatibility testing
  • Software version testing 

Performing these checks efficiently will ensure that the developers will overcome challenges in mobile application testing and resolve compatibility issues.

  1. Challenge 3: # Restriction in Proposing New Ideas 

Nowadays, users are smart, and they know what they want from an application and what features an app generally has. That’s why there’s no room for mistakes when it comes to mobile app design. The configuration and marketing should be top-held, and the developers must come up with something new to stand out. However, it is an arduous task to bring new ideas every time on the plate.  

To bring the app into the top 10 list, there has to be a set of rules and ideas. Researching and following some competitors can bring out good ideas into the play. Getting inspiration from competitors and people who know how to start a mobile app business will help overcome this challenge.

Restriction in Proposing New Ideas
  1. Challenge 4: # Choosing Outdated Technology 

We know, developing a mobile app is a daunting task. It requires a lot of information, time and technology to process it. As a leading mobile application development agency, we adapt to new technology aspects to bring out good products. The worst decision made by any development company is to choose outdated technology as it hampers the performance of the product and makes it less viable to the audience. 

There are a lot of applications that are working at higher frequency levels. Matching their technology adoption can help others to bring creativity to the market. Every user wants to work on the latest technology. The use of the latest technology increases the market value of the product. However, it is always preferable to use the trending technology in your product to earn the customer base easily. 

  1. Challenge 5: # Selection of Models and Development Tools 

There comes various mobile app testing challenges when developing versatile applications. Poor testing results in an incomplete model strategy. Before developing the mobile app, the quality assurance company verifies the optimization, strategy, tools, and models used in the process. It is important to check the application architecture and models before writing the code. 

Code is developed in segments consisting of sequential tools. The mobile application development challenges start when the tools used to write a code are not linear. It is always advisable to use correct models and tools to optimize the response of codes. 

  1. Challenge 6: # Wrong Marketing Strategy 

Many mobile app development companies think that the last step to build a successful app is to create a user-friendly application. No. The real challenge comes after this. A proper marketing layout can make or break the reputation of the product. A strong marketing strategy is as important as creating a robust and high-performance application. 

Apart from fulfilling the application development criteria, marketing the product is also important. To reach out to the target audience, a proper plan is executed. For many mobile app development companies, marketing strategy becomes a major concern. 

Wrong Marketing Strategy
  1. Challenge 7: # Less Productivity 

Another significant obstacle is the lower productivity of the product. The average issue is that most mobile applications drain the battery life and performance of the devices. It happens because of the lower productivity and heating of the device. It is essential to produce technical parts in bulk and check them regularly before handing them to the developers. Less productivity results in poor performance of the application, and it can become one of the major issues. 

  1. Challenge 8: # Inappropriate Advertising 

Misleading or inappropriate advertising leads to the rejection of the application in the global market. This happens because the product does not reach the target audience. It reduces the market value of the application leading to its downfall. However, the advertising gurus advise working on content advertising. 

The concept and content you put out in public frames the application’s image and the company. The non-technical steps can change the value of the application in seconds. Advertising plays a major role in putting out the image and features of the application by using content strategy. If the mobile application is advertised correctly, the outcomes can be magnificent. 

Inappropriate Advertising
  1. Challenge 9: # Low Data Privacy and Authentication 

How can we forget this? Nowadays, the world is dealing with aggressive low data privacy and data leakage. This concerns the users, becoming the major challenge for mobile app development companies. If this may not be taken care of, it can become challenging for developers and the company. Low authentication will bring unwanted malware issues and leaking of data. 

It is suggested to keep the software and hardware information open to the public. Also, one should handle the fragmentation in data security with care. It is also advisable that app development companies focus on developing high-end-to-end encrypted applications for mobile phones. 

  1. Challenge 10: # Hiring Inexperienced and Incompetent Developers 

Application developers are the key to the success of any mobile app. Hiring experienced, and skilled developers can pool off the issues with the development process. After all, it would be best if you had the right talent to get the desired results. The developers must know every step of the development process, the risks involved, the programming languages and libraries used and how to resolve various technical issues. 

Hiring an expert team can lead to less damage to the application. One wrong code can crash the application within seconds. Also, the functionality of the application is damaged. Various technical casualties can occur while writing a code or creating the architectural concept. A single incorrect code can alter the meaning of the output. Developers can save it, and hence, hiring appropriate developers is the key to less damage to the application.

Final word

The path to the best mobile app development can be bumpy if you don’t consider these challenges. It is essential to overcome these challenges to bring new adaptive measures. This will develop new technology and ideas to grow in the field of mobile application development. There are various ways to streamline the app development process. However, it requires a lot of knowledge and experience. 

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