MEAN Stack vs MERN Stack: What’s the Difference?

MEAN Stack Development
Mean vs Mern Stack Dvelopment

Web development is a vast space filled with a wide range of tech stacks, MERN and MEAN being the most popular ones. Whether you are an IT expert or organization head, when discussing MEAN vs MERN stack technology, the decision will always be difficult. This confusion must have taken you to understand the difference between MERN and MEAN stack at some point in time. 

The technology is expanding every day, and we regularly come across new market demands and features. Hence, it is essential to know the right tech stack for your business in this digital era. These stack technologies play a vital role in developing software for various industries. This is why learning about which stack works with your application or software is necessary. 

Choosing the appropriate stack technology for your business will impact future goals too. So, your mind might be exploding with the thought of comparing MEAN stack vs MERN stack and choosing one. Or you might be wondering about what is the difference between full-stack and MERN stack? You are at the right destination. We will help you select the right tech stack by suggesting ideas and explaining the difference between both of the technologies. So, let us dive into the blog to understand the difference between the MEAN and MERN stacks. 

What Is MEAN Stack? 

Mean Stack Development

MEAN stack is an open-source and free Javascript software known for building web applications and pages. MEAN can only be written in one language for both parties. It is generally written in Javascript. It is a full-stack technology that is widely used in the development of web applications and can also be utilized for hybrid mobile application development. A MEAN stack application development company or developers can provide a faster time to market due to the tools and plugin support MEAN offers.

The fact that the MEAN stack is a fully Javascript framework proves beneficial for both parties involved: the client and the developer. Usually, developers must use a separate database, front-end, and server languages whilst creating online or mobile applications. However, with MEAN Stack app development, JavaScript is used for everything from database configuration to front-end and server-side processing.

This means less time required for the client to develop their application as the development company doesn’t have to source developers with specific expertise in servers or language. If you are still facing the dilemma between MEAN stack vs MERN stack development, you need to learn about the other software, i.e., MERN Stack. 

What Is MERN Stack? 

Mern Stack Development

MERN is a Javascript stack that functions to deploy full-stack web applications for multiple software ranging from a higher level to a lower level. MongoDB, Express, React, and Node.js are the four technologies that make up the MERN Stack. It’s intended to make the development process go more smoothly and efficiently. The users interact with the UI of ReactJS at the front end server of the application provided in the browser. The front-end is served by the backend components provided through AngularJS running above the NodeJS. This whole chain of processes goes to creating an application using MERN stack development services. Various software and app development companies provide these services; one of them is AppStudio.

MERN stack is a variation of MEAN stack only. MERN is a reliable and fast operating stack technology opted for developing small scale applications, whereas MEAN is better to develop large end applications. MEAN stack application development has few benefits compared to the MERN stack. MERN stack is fast and gives high-end technology goals.

MERN consists of a 3-tier architecture system mainly comprising of 3 layers:- 

These layers are as follows:

  1. Web as front-end tier
  2. Server as the middle tier
  3. Database as backend tier

Benefits of Choosing MEAN 

MEAN has multiple benefits over another stack. It all depends upon the need of the application. For example, if you want to develop a small scale application, then MEAN should not be your priority stack development script. For this, using MERN is more suitable because it is fast and effective. 

1. Effortless Coordination between Client and Server

It helps users develop multiple applications easily because MEAN operates on only one language for all the applications. A JavaScript specialist can use MEAN to quickly deploy web apps to a server. It saves time and effort to do the same process separately. 

2. Cost-effective 

MEAN is a very lucrative stack for businesses. Large application developers use it to operate large scale applications at very cost-effective services. One of the best AngularJS development companies, AppStudio provides cost-effective application development services that drive more sales in all verticals. 

3. Time Saving Tool 

The most crucial feature of MEAN is the massive directory of node.js modules for easy converts. The developers don’t need to develop everything from scratch when creating modules. Other features like automatic testing help send notifications to the developers. This fantastic feature of MEAN is beneficial if developers have made some mistakes and want to correct them quickly.

Benefits of Choosing MERN 

When it comes to choosing MERN, it is an excellent choice for developers who want to develop high-quality large scale web applications. This stack has the advantage of producing high-quality, top-notch web applications very quickly compared to the MEAN stack. Moreover, the delivery and development speed are the two main concerns of software development companies. Using the MERN stack reduces these issues effectively. Software development organizations mostly prefer it.  

1. Open Source Technology 

Most startups prefer the MERN stack because it is an open-source code that tech experts around the world can update and improve. All the sources of MERN are extensively open code through which you can produce some robust web applications. 

2. Free Templates are Available Online 

There are multiple templates available online that can easily save your time. You can consult the Angular development company you have hired to choose the template you prefer. Apart from this, many platforms and communities help you online solve designing doubts regarding the MERN stack development. 

MEAN vs MERN: Which One is Better? 

AN vs MERN: Which One is Better? 

Here comes the most critical question. Many of you might still be confused about the difference between MERN and MEAN stack development. This section will make you understand the significant difference between the stacks from scratch. 

1. Performance 

Both Angularjs and ReactJS are responsible for providing and constructing the layers of UI components and helping in rendering them by using optimum code. Over time Angularjs has undergone several changes and come up with stable versions. The significant changes are applied on version 1 to version 2 transformation. Today, it helps create high web applications and manage the files in a better way. On the contrary, ReactJS is faster and works on speed performance. It helps you to develop codes at a faster rate. Furthermore, AngularJS, in many aspects, works better than ReactJS

2. Architecture 

The enterprise-level projects prefer the MEAN stack over MERN. This is done to maintain the architecture of the web application. Although the MERN stack makes UI rendering easy to process, still it is a library. It just paves the path to make rendering simple. On the contrary, AngularJS provides the proper intensive framework for web application development. It supports MVC architecture rather than MVW.


As web development becomes a necessity for business worldwide, there is a greater need for solid tech stacks like MEAN and MERN. Both stacks are dependable frameworks for swift front-end development that result in seamless JavaScript applications. AppStudio is the top-notch application development company in Toronto that provides several web application development services and specializes in both MEAN stack and MERN stack development. We serve our clients with the best services, which help drive more traction and engagement. We would advise that you choose between MEAN and MERN depending on your project requirements and the efficacy of the technologies for the required solutions.

Q1. What is the MEAN stack suitable for?

MEAN stack is suitable for building all types of applications.
Although the MEAN stack is suitable for building all applications, developers prefer it to create complex enterprise applications.

Q2. When to choose MERN stack?

MERN stack is your best bet for full-stack web applications.
If you’re looking for a tech stack for faster and easier deployment of full-stack web applications, the MERN stack is the best choice.

Q3. Is MEAN stack scalable?

Yes, the MEAN stack is highly scalable.
MEAN stack’s architecture allows it to be more scalable than other development tech stacks. It can easily handle large volumes of data.


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