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Contemporary Technologies

Technology has been a fundamental actor in the lives of human beings for many years now. It has invaded practically all areas of our day to day to facilitate almost everything. The sport is not a field that escapes the constant technological advances that every day try to perfect our way of practicing it. Both at a competitive level and a recreational level, technology has been used in sports to improve many aspects of it. It seeks to improve qualities attached to it such as precision in the registration of marks, the performance of the athlete, the recovery of injuries, sports materials, etc.

Technological advances related to trademark registration are more than striking. It is intended to achieve the highest possible accuracy, to refine to the thousandth of a second to such an extent that, we can perfectly differentiate who has won a swimming race, although three swimmers have arrived at the same time. It’s about nothing left to chance and everything is controlled as much as possible. Big contributor of it is technology. The famous ‘Hawkeye’, not only helps us to see the winner of any type of race, but has also adapted to tennis to see when a ball comes out, or when the ball completely enters the football goal.

Sports Clothing and Equipment

Precisely clothing is another of the sports fields that have been very positively affected by technology in sports. Undoubtedly, the use of synthetic fabrics has been one of the greatest advances in sports technology. This has allowed to create lighter, more adaptable, more breathable, or even with humidity or temperature control of the athlete. Also, the use of resistant materials, plastics or special gels for the production of footwear has allowed athletes to choose to maximize their performance looking for the shoe that best suits. And if we talk about sports equipment, we are not far behind. From soccer balls to badminton flyers, to surfboards, or even Formula 1 cars, everything is subject to improvement,

Technology is used so much for sport, that we have even applied it to the athlete himself. Known are already the training with electro stimulation or the search for extreme situations (as with the use of hyperbaric chambers) that allow to improve performance in the future. Nor are supplements left out for athletes, who by the way of food seek the same goal. It is about applying the technology, in this case, to the athletes’ diet to obtain better results.

Minimizing Injuries

Similarly, modifications are applied in the way of preventing and treating injuries. Thanks to nanotechnology and biotechnology, much progress has been made especially in the treatment of serious injuries, which some years ago could mean the end of the sports career of the athlete. As a recent example we find the advances in the intervention techniques of a broken internal lateral ligament, it is no longer necessary to resort to grafting, but the ligament itself is used to regenerate it, accelerating the recovery process of the athlete. Besides, it is worth highlighting the importance of technology in sports for people with disabilities. New materials, innovative designs and, advances in engineering and surgery have allowed many people to enjoy recreational sport.

If we pay attention, on the other hand, to the way of enjoying sport for non-professional people, a substantial change is perceived. The development of mobile applications that measure our performance, plan our workouts and even control our diet, is quite common today. Also, sports cameras have been launched that allow us to record our first-person experience or wristbands that follow our activity and even record the quality of our sleep. Everything is valid today for us to live the sport like never before.

More Entertainment

Technology has even managed to make people who do not play sports feel part of it. We refer to the new sports information technologies. More sports-specific channels, use of new platforms and social networks for greater interaction with the viewer, more audiovisual content on demand, etc. The large communication groups are aware of the great mass of audience that move the main sports of each country, so they use technology to offer their viewers more, more and more.

But it is not only the fans that benefit. The clubs and sports organizations themselves have also been graced by the tremendous advances at the communicative level. In a globalized world like the one we live in, it is easier, faster and more effective to reach more people and make yourself known. Therefore, at AppStudio, we work every day to provide tools to fans, athletes, clubs, leagues, sports centers or federations to maximize their chances of reaching a wider audience, always offering a professional image.

Technology does not discriminate against any sector and the world of sport is greatly benefited by its progress. This is something that can be verified in a multitude of examples that we will be detailing in future occasions and that will allow us to see how sport can change and improve thanks to technological advances.

Contextualization, technology and sport more and more united

Numerous technological inventions are applied to the sport sector successfully and that benefit when enjoying this type of activities. In the world of tennis, for example, hawk-eye cameras are used that allow you to create a three-dimensional map of the court to check where the ball has fallen and knowing exactly what the trajectory has been. Gradually, this type of technological innovations makes sports more precise and provides a greater level of competitiveness.

The technologies applied to sports

Some of the most beneficial technologies for sport include:

  • Thermography
  • High speed cameras
  • Artificial vision systems
  • Free dimensional
  • Material reactivity
  • Robotics
  • Measurement equipment
  • Thermography
  • Artificial Intelligence

Sports medicine is the one that takes advantage of thermography to take the safety and protection of athletes to a new level, since it allows to prevent all types of injuries. They are manageable technological equipment that can be taken anywhere and that help detect pain that would otherwise be difficult to diagnose. By detecting them in advance, injuries can be avoided, since it offers an image of what is happening inside the athletes’ body.

High speed cameras

Technological systems such as GoalControl-4D, which applies very advanced cameras to motion detection, help the results in sports always be accurate. This technology is applied to the Brazil World Cup so that you can know at all times if the ball has entered under the sticks.

The positive thing about this system is that it does not influence the ball or the goal, since its work is focused on processing the images. A set of highly accurate cameras record everything that happens in the goal and the data is transmitted to a computer for proper analysis.

Artificial vision system for biomechanical analysis

A technological combination with the latest in the market allows participants to be monitored at all levels in sports competitions, as in recent events. Mako cameras and the In The Pool 2.0 tool take care of capturing everything that happens on the field and analyzing the information for the benefit of the organizers and even the coaches.

This information helps create a better experience in all aspects. The organizers of the competition can know to the millimeter what happens on the pitch thanks to the artificial vision. The coaches will know what the performance of each athlete is and the journalists who broadcast the games will also have deeper and more complete information.

To achieve these results, high-performance cameras such as the Mako from Allied Vision Technologies and good software such as In The Pool are required to work with the data provided by the images.

Free Dimensional

The FreeD system is a platform that is based on the application of an artificial vision system aimed at providing new ways to enjoy repetitions. It has been used in the Super Bowl and has achieved great results thanks to a combination of nothing more and nothing less than 36 cameras of a power of 20 megapixels, being Spark SP-20000 models of the company JAI.

These cameras are combined with a state-of-the-art algorithm to create an image map of everything that happens in the field without resting at any time. When the plays are over, they are recreated through the use of a virtual camera for viewers to enjoy the show in all its splendor.

Material Reactivity

The technology also applies to how new materials are created that allow athletes to have clothes that are more resistant to contact and speed of movement.


Robots help test new sports movements and check the levels of tension that athletes could withstand in certain practices. They do not suffer or complain, so they are perfect as a testing ground.

Measurement equipment

Technology and sport crosses borders thanks to 3D-based measurement systems that offer professionals and spectators everything they may need to know about sports. These are just some of the demonstrations of how sport changes and evolves in a very positive way thanks to technological advances. In future publications we will deepen it.

AppStudio and its Contribution towards Sports

AppStudio believe that sports play a vital role in the development of healthy human body, mind, and proves to be vital in the progress of any nation. The countries which have prioritized sports are now not only economically more advance but also are more healthy and tolerant. There is no doubt that sports make you learn discipline, tolerance, patience, and a temperament to accept your defeats.

With the continuous advancements in the field of technology, AppStudio is making sure that sports enjoys the benefits of contemporary methods and equipment. From IoT to mobile applications, we have been giving sports enthusiast the modern way to adopt sports and making the games more refined and more competitive.

On the one hand our IoT systems and mobile apps are helping sports persons to have unrivaled training and analysis while on the other, we have created systems that have helped umpires, fans and even coaches. If you have anything in mind regarding making your game one step higher with the implementation of modern technology, leave us a message. We will surely turn you or your idea into a sensation.


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