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We all go with a mobile phone in our hands or use a tablet often. Therefore, these media gadgets offer great advertising potential for advertisers to reach their consumers. The target of the brands has been mobilized and we must go find it wherever it is. Mobile Marketing is a set of actions and online marketing techniques aimed at mobile devices.

This new variant of marketing is given by the success of mobile telephony, the ease of internet access it offers, and the great ability to attract customers and retain them.

Online marketing strategies have had to redefine and think in mobile format, to continue connecting with mobile consumers and obtain good results in the final conversion, both in eCommerce and in the real store.

Mobile Marketing in Data

The latest edition of the Mobile Marketing study published by Telfer School of Management, University of Ottawa, offers very interesting figures on the state of mobile marketing in North America.

  • 5 million people use mobile phones in North America, most of the smartphones.
  • Smart mobile phones are used for an average of 4 hours and 34 minutes a day, about twice as much as the tablet. It stands out among women and younger, from 16 to 30 years.
  • The most prominent apps are WhatsApp and Facebook (smartphones) and Facebook and games on tablets.
  • 45% of consumers use their mobile phones regularly while watching TV (multiscreen). 28% with the tablet.
  • A third of users perceive that the emails they receive are not adapted to the mobile and this means that 31% do not open it on another device.
  • 9 out of 10 respondents have used their smartphones in the purchase process.
  • 71% of people have made purchases from their mobile. The most purchased categories are fashion, leisure, travel, and electronics.
  • What slows when buying online? 41% prefer a large screen and usability while 23% lack confidence.

Types of Mobile Marketing campaigns

Several types of mobile marketing actions are available to marketers and advertisers today. But which is the most effective and offers the best ROI? For many professionals, this new marketing discipline implies a paradigm shift that distinguishes it from traditional marketing by its constant contact with technology and also by the new actions used to reach the consumer.

We are going to comment on some of the ones that have more traction at the moment:

The Vertical Video Marketing

More and more time is spent on browsing via mobile phones and tablets and this type of media has a vertical screen. Vertical videos are simpler and work better than if the consumer is forced to turn the screen horizontally. Creating this type of audiovisual content is a creative challenge and a booming tool that is still little exploited, this being a point in its favor. Snapchat and Periscope are social networks that already use this video format. A plus is to put explanatory texts in the images because many times users cannot reproduce with sound.

Mobile Applications

Brand applications favor the perception of innovation, the improvement of sales results via in-app, customer acquisition and loyalty of regular consumers. But it is not enough to launch an application and wait for customers to install it, it is necessary to develop a good dissemination marketing strategy.

In-app Ads

Many define advertising within apps as the future of advertising. Rather it has already landed a long time ago. They are 100% adapted formats and only visible on mobile phones. Many apps include in-app ads to cover expenses and make the mobile application free for the user.

Local Mobile Marketing

SMEs will see their opportunity in the geolocated keywords. 30% of searches have a local purpose to know where to eat, sleep and more, and half are actions that you want to do in the next hour. The acronym that defines this marketing technique is SOLOMO (Social – Local – Mobile).

Mobile Email Marketing

55% of emails in North America are opened from a mobile device. This is almost half of the annual volume. Email marketing is one of the actions that best ROI offers advertisers, however, efforts in email marketing are lost by not designing responsive emails. It is important to always design your email creative thinking about mobile.

Social Ads

Investment in social media advertising is growing. It’s easier than ever to launch micro-segmented ad campaigns aimed only at the targeted audience. Also, more and more marketing agencies use tools based on artificial intelligence that facilitate the launch of hundreds of campaigns at once, discarding those that do not work and enhancing those that do.

An Example of a Mobile Marketing Campaign

Delta Airlines continues to boost the growth of reserves in all its top routes originating in the United States and other European and North American markets.

To optimize its mobile marketing campaigns on Twitter Ads, the airline decided to use a Social Ads technology solution developed by a renowned agency that uses artificial intelligence to create micro-segmented campaigns. These obtain optimal results due to their machine learning and their operation in real-time.

The geolocated campaigns in the United States had a high number of national and popular routes, in addition to some international destinations such as New York, Hawaii, Toronto, and Santiago de Chile.

These were the results that were obtained:

  • 2000 segmentations became active in all campaigns in life.
  • More than 90,000 visits to the different landing pages were generated from the ads.
  • The average CTRs at that time were around 0.25%, especially highlighting Delta’s premium destinations with representative CTRs that exceeded 0.60%.
  • The reactivity of the users who arrived at the site was high in performing searches. There were almost 37,000 requests for availability from the forms (38.5% conversion from the visit).
  • The profitability per search based on unique users and uni-device, according to data tagged by Google Analytics, were unit costs below $1.

Mobile penetration has changed consumer habits and marketers and advertisers need to be molded into this reality. Companies must analyze and improve the design of their mobile marketing- oriented strategies, to continue to connect with customers and obtain good results in conversion to purchase.

Keep the focus

There is an impressive number of advertising options within the apps, including advertising networks and direct advertisers, all competing for a piece of cake. Development companies should concentrate on creating unique and attractive apps as possible, without neglecting any of the existing advertising networks, dealing with technical integrations and screening through eCPM.

To manage all this, it may be useful to take advantage of third-party mediation services that act as arbitrators by filtering low-performing ads and helping to choose the ones that offer the highest eCPMs. In summary, mediation services help ensure that when advertisers compete with each other to place their ads in an app, application developers win and get paid quickly and easily.

While mediation services can help significantly, development companies can benefit if they have an intuitive understanding of advertising and it’s public. This can improve collaboration with third-party mediation services to help guide the most profitable decisions.

For example, do the ads on a given network have higher performance, so that this network should be prioritized over others? Are the users of the application predominantly male or female, young or old? What formats work best for different types of ads?

Once again, this knowledge should be easily accessible and decipherable, which will help developers implement intelligent movements in the shortest possible time and with the least effort.

Gartner estimates that more than 200 companies are creating mobile application development platforms, and millions of developers creating apps. It is a highly competitive market. Creating an innovative application is just the beginning. Finding out how to make it profitable is a challenge and requires a great effort.

Therefore, for startups that create apps that want to experiment with premium advertising, it is essential to address this issue in the right way. Negotiate the appropriate metrics, keep the focus on the development of apps and access key information to help guide the most profitable results are key that development companies must take into account to optimize the monetization of their applications and, ultimately, for the success of your business.

Advertising within applications is so attractive because, if you compare ads on mobile websites, you can provide a better solution to capture the attention of consumers and encourage them to interact without interruptions. Ads within apps also work well because advertising can be optimized thanks to location data that allows you to understand the context and increase commitment. But what about the application development companies, which are dedicating time, work and energy to investing in the construction of this advertising network?

According to Gartner, at the end of 2019 less than 0.01% of mobile applications will be considered a financial success by their creators. This is because a lot of app developers do not monetize their traffic and assets correctly. So there is a need that you hire those who have comprehended the market properly and offer you solutions keeping in mind the future.


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