Top 10 Blockchain Development Companies Hamilton

Blockchain Development Hamilton

Looking for the best blockchain development companies? Here’s a list of the top blockchain tech companies of 2020. We have verified customer reviews and ratings to help you select your best-trusted blockchain developer. The development of Blockchain is an intriguing concept of being a distributed ledger of digitally recorded unalterable data. 

Blockchain technology was initially limited to protecting financial transactions as it is a global database that does not depend on a centralized administrator. With new case studies entering the scene, the use of blockchain technology has emerged as a new horizon for the I.T. Business market. Here find perfect blockchain or mobile app development company for your business idea.

What is Blockchain Technology?

Blockchain, sometimes known as distributed ledger technology, makes the history of any digital asset unalterable and transparent through decentralization and crypto hashing. A simple correlation between understanding Blockchain technology is a Google doc. When we create a document and share it with a group of people, then the paper is distributed instead of transferred.

This generates a decentralized distribution chain that gives everyone access to the document. No one is stuck waiting for changes from elsewhere. Also, all modifications to the paper are recorded in real-time. However, the changes it makes are completely transparent. As per Blockchain developers, it is a promising and revolutionary technology. Because Blockchain helps to eliminate fraud and provides transparency in a scalable way.

List of Hamilton Top Blockchain Technology Companies


Appstudio is the world’s leading blockchain development company. They are revolutionizing the future with next-generation blockchain-based products. They offer expert advice as pioneers in the industry from Blockchain applications to ICO development and Blockchain consulting services. Why is it ranked 1st? Check the Appstudio Clutch review to know more about this. 


Zazz is a leading blockchain development and consulting company. They help clients plan, design, and build innovative blockchain products. From smart contracts to mobile apps and everything in between, Zazz can handle your blockchain-related development needs.


From startups to Fortune 100+ companies, Bitaccess offers software services. They power businesses in more than 15 countries. Your customers rely on Bitaccess software and services to power their core infrastructure, security, support services, and compliance security and support services.

Blockchain Evolution

Blockchain Evolution owns the technology behind the world’s first ID-based Blockchain. Its mission is to participate in software development and commercialization of ID-based blockchains. Additionally, they deploy the technology to clients that can benefit from its wide range of potential uses.


Dexoc is a leading software development company offering custom software development, mobile app development, web development, and cloud services.We offers services such as requirements gathering, implementation, consulting and cloud computing, maintenance, and legacy software migration services.

eXeBlock Technology Inc.

eXeBlock Technology Inc. is a digital currency ecosystem and one of the pioneers in Blockchain. It intends to be one of the first Pure Play public companies focused on blockchain technology. The company has been uniquely positioned to capitalize on emerging opportunities in the blockchain segment.

Blockchain Acuity

Blockchain Acuity is a full-stack software development and consulting company. They help companies develop robust strategies to take advantage of Blockchain and distributed ledger technology. With a strong focus on product development, we can encapsulate entire industry verticals using Blockchain.

MLG Blockchain Consulting

MLG Blockchain is a global blockchain development, and consulting company focused on building next-generation applications using Blockchain and smart contract technology. They accelerate your team’s understanding of the Blockchain and its potential opportunities for your business. They help you create a blockchain strategy that one can use easily.

Colan Infotech

Colan Infotech is a Blockchain development company and a customer-centric technology company. It provides small and medium-sized organizations with a range of easy-to-use software and services. At Colan, they drive the success of companies and communities around the world through the imaginations of people and smart technology. 

 BTL Group Ltd. 

BTL offers enterprise-class blockchain solutions to companies with advanced trading and settlement needs. Having partnered with Visa, BTL built a prototype showing the extensive capabilities of a blockchain-based interbank payment.

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What Are the Best Blockchain Development Companies?

This featured list of the best blockchain companies has been identified based on their penetration. Moreover, all Blockchain development companies are proficient. Because their experience in delivering custom blockchain solutions. The other valuable parameter considered by the research team is the useful data science services and recommendations offered by genuine customers.

After an in-depth analysis, our expert researchers deduced the list of top blockchain technology companies 2020. Top 2 companies offer unrivaled blockchain technology solutions to meet the requirements of their clients around the world. The esteemed companies possess a team of trained blockchain developers who are up-to-date with changing tools and technologies.

Moreover, to develop an ideal blockchain technology solution, business owners must invest in the best blockchain development company. Here, we help prospective clients in this search by mentioning the best blockchain development companies in 2021.

If you think you encounter any problems, let’s discuss with us, to choose the best blockchain development company.

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