Apple’s M1 Reportedly Can Run Windows 10 Faster Than Surface Pro X

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Apple's M1 Chip Can Run Windows 10

Recently, Apple launched Mac devices powered by the company’s new ARM-based M1 chipset. Everyone, consisting Apple skeptics and fanboys, was surprised by this new Apple Silicon powered device’s enhanced performance.

However, one of the drawbacks of this new device is running the Windows operating system and even Apple’s official method of doing so. Using Bootcamp is not available at this time. This is because the Windows OS is built for the x86 chipset, whereas the new Apple M1 is based on ARM.

Glance on Benchmarks Show M1 Runs Windows 10 Faster Than Surface Pro X

The OS from Microsoft is supposed to run technically at Apple, but it’s entirely up to Microsoft to make it happen. Developers are trying to run Windows 10 on ARM on Apple M1. However, a Canadian app development agency, virtualization technology to run Windows 10 on Apple hardware, was successful, and the results were much better than expected.

At Geekbench, the Apple Mac Mini with Windows 10 ARM scored 5,450 points. Meanwhile, the Surface Pro X was able to score 3,113 points.


Apple M1MS Corporation Pro X
Single-Core Score1515793
Multi-Core Score49983113

Now looking at the performance, it’s possible that a lot of M1 Mac customers will be happy to have Windows 10 as the OS on their system. There is still no official support for running the operating system on the Mac platform. Appstudio says it is possible to run Windows OS on this Mac M1, but Microsoft’s final decision is to turn that possibility into reality.

System Information

S.NoQEMU Virtual Machine Surface Pro X
Operating SystemMicrosoft Windows 10 Pro-insider preview (64-bit)Microsoft Windows 10 Enterprise (64-bit)
ModelQEMU QEMU Virtual MachineMicrosoft Corporation Surface Pro X
ProcessorVirt-5.2 @1.00 GHz 8 Processors Microsoft SQ1 @ 3.00 GHz 1 Processor, 8 cores
Processor IDARMv8, 64-bit Model 0 Revision 0ARMv8, 64-bit Model 805 Revision D0E

Developers can virtualize Windows 10 ARM on the Apple M1 chip using the open-source QEMU service. It turns out that the M1‌ chip is capable of running Microsoft operating systems faster than the Surface Pro X.

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QEMU Apple Virtual Machine
-Apple M1 (-5.2) 1000MHz (4 Cores)
MS Corporation Surface Pro X-Microsoft SQ2 3142 MHz (8 Cores)Windows8023104
Microsoft Corporation Surface Pro X-Microsoft SQ2 3148 MHz (8 Cores)Windows8013101
Microsoft Corporation Surface Pro X-Microsoft SQ1 2995 MHz (8 Cores)Windows7663009

The Surface Pro X is the only full Windows ARM PC on the market. However, MS uses a particular version of the Snapdragon processor called SQ1 for the Surface Pro X. The results don’t look great for Microsoft and Qualcomm, considering Windows 10 goes through virtualization on the device. 

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Step by Step Procedure to Run ARM Windows on M1 Mac

A well-known YouTuber shared an excellent video about the procedure of running ARM Windows virtualization on Apple M1. Also, a real-world look at the overall performance is impressive, considering this is an unofficial solution.

Apple M1 Tested with Windows 10 Surface Pro X

Two separate sources have tested Windows 10 on a new Mac with the M1, and the results have been impressive. Apple’s new M1 chip has been covered a lot, and for a good reason: it delivers results. The M1 recently ran a stint running Windows 10. The benchmarks show that it’s not even a tough competition between the M1 and the Surface Pro X.

Over the past weekend, benchmarks were posted showing the test results. The developer posted Geekbench versions 4 and 5 scores comparing Windows 10 on ARM on the M1 and Surface Pro X computers.

Windows on the M1 has a single-core score of 1288 and a multi-core score of 5,685. Surface Pro X has about 800 and 3,000, respectively. The Surface Pro X benchmark was created when it used the SQ2 ARM-based chip developed by Qualcomm and Microsoft.

Final Pen Down

Despite this, competition is always good, and Apple could push Qualcomm to do its best. Both Microsoft and Qualcomm should refresh their hardware soon, perhaps in the second half of 2021. After reading the article, and feel free to share a review with us by commenting. So you run into any problem and want to know more, then let’s discuss your issues with your troubleshooter.


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