AMD Allegedly Working on Apple M1’s Rival Chips: What Rumour Says

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Rumors: Apple has rocked the processor industry with the arrival of the M1-powered Mac, offering incredible performance despite having a low-power chip. But could other Arm-based competitors be on their way? According to new rumors, rival AMD is almost ready to open the lid on the Apple SoC version.

This rumor came from a Mauri QHD hardware leaker via NotebookCheck. They concluded that AMD was working on two versions of the chip – one with integrated RAM and one without. The practical prototype is ready.

Glimpse on AMD is Working on ARM CPU to Rival Apple’s M1

AMD had explored the possibility of an Arm-centered chip from the start. In 2014, word got around that they were building a custom-built 64-bit ARMv8 CPU core codenamed K12. And by the end of 2016, it clearly announced the K12 Core.

Principal AMD CPU architect Jim Keller would lead that work, but the SoC was suspended. Perhaps in May this year, therefore, leaker Komachi Ensaka drafted an AMD roadmap providing the K12 FFX with an unclear launch day between 2017-2021.

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EmbeddedN/AGreat Horned Owl FP5Great Horned Owl FP5Grey Hawk FP6???
Embedded LPN/AN/ARV2X FP5?RV2X FP5/FT5?River Hawk
HEDTWhiteHaven SP3r2Colfax SP3r2Castle Peak SP3r3Genesis Peak SP3r3???
MSDTSummit Ridge AM4Pinnecle Ridge AM4Matisse AM4 RidgeVermeer AM4???
APU DTBristol Ridge AM4Raven Ridge AM4Picasso AM4Renoir AM4Cezzane AM4
APU MBBristol Ridge FP4Raven Ridge FP5Picasso FP5Renoir FP6Cezzane FP6
Unknown APUN/AN/AN/AMero (VG) FFXN/A
Cat APUCarrizo-lite FP4N/AN/AA9-9820???N/A

Surprisingly, AMD boss Lisa Su will be at CES on January 12, 2021. We can expect to hear about the Zen 3-based Ryzen 5000 cell chip, codenamed Cezanne. On top of that, to the Epyc Milan line of servers and possibly RDNA 2-based cell GPUs. We should all be present and see if the K12 will score points or not.

Like all rumors, take this one with a pinch of salt. But given AMD’s history with the K12 Core and the way the M1 Mac’s well-received has proven, there may be more than just a hypothesis. Some iOS developers have stated, with AMD reducing the dominance of Intel CPUs in the latest Steam survey, introducing its personal Arm-based SoC might be an ingenious transfer.

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What’s New?

Unaware of Apple’s M1 chip’s success, rumors have it that AMD is close to launching a rival of its own. Even though Apple was the first foray into computer chips, the M1 has threatened Intel and AMD dominance with incredible performance while helping you reduce your electricity costs.

With a ball firmly in front of the two processor giants, AMD now looks poised to reclaim some of the lost market shares, and that too with ARM’s help.

AMD wants to focus on high-performance computing – Watch Live Representation

Final Verdict

The rumors have emerged from notorious hardware leaker Mauri QHD. As per the source, AMD is working on two nearly ready versions of its M1 competitor. However, the Apple M1 is an essential benefit to individuals today as it provides them with several advantages over keeping them tied to their personal and professional communities.

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