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Top Medical App Development Company in Toronto

by appstudio July 9, 2020 Time to Read Blog: 5 minutes

It is not easy for users to find out which apps are legitimate and which are not. It is important not to forego a medical diagnosis in the event of illness. There are now both health apps for smartphones and wearables in the form of watches or chest straps. The University Medical Center Canada states that there are already 87,000 fitness and 55,000 medical offers. It can sometimes be difficult to distinguish between information and lifestyle applications and medicine.

We will provide you with all the details in this article and will also share a list of best medical mobile apps 2020 development companies.

What are Medical apps?

In principle, a distinction must be made between different applications from the health sector. On the one hand, there are typical health apps that help you lose weight, offer various mindfulness and breathing exercises, or simply help you maintain a healthy lifestyle. On the other hand, there are the popular fitness apps, in which runners can duel, for example, or in which exciting workouts are demonstrated. With all of these apps, there is generally no health risk.

Frequent use of advice apps in everyday life

Often these are “advice apps” that can be easily integrated into everyday life and used accordingly. For example, as a reminder and as a guide. The situation is different with medical apps that go beyond the nature of advice. Some applications not only give information but are said to replace the doctor’s visit as a “doctor in your pocket”. However, it should be noted here that an app and a remote diagnosis can never replace the real doctor and the on-site examination, including diagnosis. In case of doubt and especially in the case of severe symptoms, a visit to the doctor is essential.

Ideally, the use of medical apps takes place after consultation and together with the doctor. In this context, doctors must deal intensively with the topic. Not just for sharing, but also as a referrer. Did you know that several times patients panicked to the emergency room because the pulse tracker and blood pressure monitor delivered a terrifying result? Not only the apps failed here – but the respective patients also took additional resources.

Medical apps support the doctor

In addition to diagnostic apps, there are also quite practical applications that even support the doctor. We are talking, among other things, about heart rate monitors, sleep trackers or food diaries. We can control Medicinal reminders using adhere users app. Such everyday solutions can definitely be regarded as flexibly usable helpers who also support the family doctor significantly. Patients who deal with their own health over a long period and, for example, regularly measure their pulse, can provide the treating doctor with constant facts with which the doctor can continue to work.

Stop smoking with smoke-free apps.

Regular pulse recordings are quite exciting and helpful for diagnostics and examinations, to stay with this example. Diabetics can also use individual medical apps to collect records that support the doctor in further treatment. We should never neglect applications that support the user in combating addiction. There are numerous “smoke-free apps” that make it easier to jump off. Diaries that present information to the practitioner are also included here. Using appropriate journals – regardless of the app selection – doctors can find risk factors and not least causes of illnesses.

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Which medical app is best – iPhone or Android?

To avoid disadvantages and to benefit from the advantages of medical apps, doctors have to regularly deal with the different offers. In principle, we even recommend specialized training courses that inform the practitioner about the options and introduce them to the app market.

App stores don’t just offer recommendable solutions. Unfortunately, there are also numerous senseless apps. Due to the enormous variety, it is almost impossible – especially for laypersons – to choose the best solutions. In this context, training courses make it easier for doctors to select suitable offers for their patients and for their own work.

Doctors have to adapt to digitalization

Without a doubt, most doctors view medical apps with scepticism. This is understandable, after all, not everything that glitters is gold. Nevertheless, professional applications make everyday life in the doctor’s office much more comfortable. Thanks to the various records, doctors can quickly and effectively get an overview of the health situation and the habits of their patients. This makes diagnoses quicker.

With the help of the practical helpers for smartphones, doctors save time and at the same time, respond to the needs of patients—a win-win situation.

Enter the app market as a doctor

If not, now then when? It is only a matter of time before medical apps become commonplace in everyday practice. The earlier doctors deal with the topic, the more promptly they can react to the trend. But that’s not all: There are also numerous advantages for doctors. Did you know that around 50% of all patients do not adhere to the therapy guidelines? A terrifying number. The reasons are varied. However, many patients find prescribed therapy too complicated or simply forget to take medication, keep a record or the like.

Even health insurance companies recognized this. With some apps, health insurance can cover costs. Doctors also save a lot of time by using popular medicine apps. Ideal for time management. However, it is a prerequisite that the applications are professional.

Benefits of fitness and medical apps

Apps can measure Heart rate and blood pressure quickly. People with chronic illnesses can be reminded of their medication. To answer, which medical app is best – iPhone or Android? We have to describe the phenomenon. There are also apps for Parkinson’s patients. There are also applications for people with sleep disorders, diabetics or asthmatics. However, experts warn against misinformation and diagnoses. It should help those affected to correctly recognize the symptoms and call the doctor in an emergency.

List of Best Medical Mobile Apps 2020 Providers


AppStudio is one of the most prominent brands concerning iOS app development agencies. The company has started producing healthcare and medical apps as soon as they began to business in Toronto. AppStudio has the world’s best app developers in Canada and always prioritize clients.


Zazz is another company having the latest frameworks and up to date technologies in its arsenal. The company is looking forward to building long-term relationships with brands. Zazz provides all of the leading medical app services under one roof. The company has brilliant medical app developers and designers.

Brilo Co

Brilo Co has started developing mobile apps for startups as soon as Android got famous in the country. The company is one of the best developing agencies for Android mobile apps and hybrid apps. Brilo Co uses technologies like Flutter and React Native to produce best results.

Slero Inc

Slero Inc is among the newcomers in our list of best developers in Toronto. The company has not such significant portfolios, but they look committed.

Sky Apps

Sky Apps provide the most cost-effective native iOS development services, as the company is popular among startups. For small businesses, Sky Apps give digital quality services using modern frameworks and technologies.

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