Google Go Exceeds 100 Million Downloads on Play Store

by appstudio July 24, 2019 Time to Read Blog: 5 minutes

Google is certainly eyeing to tackle the markets of developing countries by innovating its platform to adjust with the requirements of countries with little to least resources. The launch of Android Go and apps like Google Go back in 2017 was the continuation of the same well-thought agenda.  If you wonder what makes the Android […]

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All You Need To Know About Chatbots

by appstudio July 23, 2019 Time to Read Blog: 6 minutes

A bot is an artificial intelligence software designed to perform a series of tasks automatically such as making a reservation in a restaurant, marking a date in the calendar or collecting and displaying information to users. The most frequent model is that of the chatbot, a robot capable of simulating a conversation with a person […]

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Top 10 Blockchain Developers Canada

Best Blockchain Developers

Indeed, even today in the wake of seeing such a great amount of headway in innovation, the possibility of Blockchain is still viewed as remote and scaring too many. Much like developing innovations, for example, voice acknowledgment, IoT, AR, VR, mechanical technology, AI, blockchain is the humming term rising as Industry 4.0 – the period […]

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Top 10 Blockchain Developers Toronto

blockchain development companies toronto

Blockchain innovation is most connected with cryptographic monetary standards, however, all signs point toward it turning into a significant apparatus in the portable designer’s weapons store in the new year. Any association or business that requires recording and additionally sharing of advanced information through their application can profit by executing blockchain in their versatile applications One […]

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Top 10 AI Developers Toronto

AI Development companies toronto

Artificial intelligence is one part of software engineering that is centered around the advancement of astute machines that capacity and work like people. With AI, machines are getting to be competent to perform human-like errands and acclimate to new data sources while gaining as a matter of fact. The center issues of partner iPhone application […]

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