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It looks like the Cupertino giant, Apple is not working from Home as we are seeing spectacular releases one after the other by the company. Last week we saw the release of a new gem in Apple’s arsenal, the iPhone SE. Today’s news is that the company has just released a beta version of iOS 13.5. The stable version is still iOS 13.4 and before we indulge any further, have a look at some of the fascinating features we got with 13.4.

Best Features of iOS 13.4

Dark Mode

Who is not a fan of a dark mode? We loved it on the Android devices and the same goes for the iPhone. iOS 13.4 has given an efficient dark mode so you need to tire your eyes. It works for the whole iPhone even on the apps installed.

Improved Performance

iPhone was always quick and free of glitches. Right? Now multiply that speed with 2. Yes, with iOS 13.4, now we have a better-optimized device with a lot of speed. iOS development companies can also take advantage from these advancements.

  • Updates and downloads could be 50% smaller.
  • 30% faster FaceID.

Trackpad and Mouse Support

Probably one of the star novelties of this update and that has been a surprise for everyone since it was not present in the first versions of the beta. The presentation of the iPad Pro has revealed this really interesting new feature. We have already thoroughly analyzed the improved mouse and trackpad compatibility that includes iPadOS 13.4 and all the available tricks. We can assure you that it is a real revolution in using the iPad in more productive functions.

New Memoji Stickers

With iOS 13 came Memoji Stickers, a way to bring Memoji closer to all users without having a device with Face ID. We can also share these Memoji Stickers in any application, such as WhatsApp. We can integrate these Memoji in our iPhone app development process.

Design Change in the Mail Bar

The lower bar of the iOS 13 Mail application has been widely criticized due to the absence of buttons and the closeness of these. Fortunately, Apple has rectified this update and reorganized all its icons to make it easier to delete, reply, archive, or write a new Mail.

CarPlay Improvements

iOS 13.4 includes some important improvements in CarPlay, for example, now the third-party navigation applications will appear on the main screen until now only the official Apple Maps app appeared. We now also have information about the incoming call in the main panel of CarPlay.

CarKey: iPhone is the key to your car

Although it is a function that has barely been leaked, it is not yet official, we have already seen this new function that will make our iPhone become the key to our car thanks to NFC technology. We can even share the “virtual key” with our acquaintances so they can drive our car.

Universal Purchases Between iOS and MacOS

A more than interesting novelty, now developers can put a single price on their applications and if you download it on iOS you can also download it on macOS. As an iOS mobile application development company, we consider this has been the best news.

Sharing Files from iCloud

Sharing files from iCloud Drive works more or less the same way as Microsoft’s Dropbox, Google Drive, or OneDrive. It allows, through a link to transfer any file or folder to a third party very easily. Say hello to teamwork!

iOS 13.5 beta is Already Here

iOS 13.5 beta is released amid the coronavirus crisis today, same as we saw Google releasing its Android 11 beta a couple of days earlier. We are expecting a stable version of iOS 13.5 somewhere in mid of May as we know Apple is always quick with it.

What’s New in iOS 13.5 beta?

  • Improvement in Face ID for people wearing masks.
  • For app developers in Canada and other parts of the world, contact tracing API is here.
  • Group call in FaceTime was hindered by the automatic Face Zooming, now you can turn it off manually.

Impact of iOS 13 on App Development

We, the developers, especially in our company are always looking for new technological advancements and loved the idea of evolution. iOS 13 Canada is providing us with more tools to play with our iPhone and iPad mobile applications.

  • We can play with Dark Mode and integrate it into our existing and future iOS mobile apps.
  • iPad apps can be exported as macOS apps with Xcode 11.
  • There is more privacy and security for iOS app development and we are integrating these benefits into our amazing apps.
  • Xcode includes SwiftUI, which is a new and powerful way to design apps with tools and frameworks.

AppStudio Always at Forefront

AppStudio is always at the forefront of creating marvelous mobile apps, especially native iOS apps. Our products are unique and we never compromise over the quality. There is a reason that our iOS mobile apps are always featured and recommended by the industry giants. We always rely on modern technologies and our talented developers and designers to provide an inspiring experience to our clients. If you want to know more about how we are engaging these new developments by Apple into our mobile apps for iPhone and iPad, feel free to contact us!


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